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Meta-communication or metacommunication, is a secondary communication (including indirect cues) about how a piece of information is meant to be interpreted. It is based on idea that the same message accompanied by different meta-communication can mean something entirely different, including its opposite, as in irony. The term was brought to prominence by Gregory Bateson to … [Read more...]

The Big Question

In the world of BDSM, there are a number of questions that will instantly start a heated debate. No, I don’t mean, “Is President Trump a submissive?” – although that can start an argument in a New York minute. What I mean are questions like, “Slave versus submissive?” “What makes a Master?” and “Is BDSM play integral to a D/s relationship?” (I have addressed some of these … [Read more...]

Event Review: Pandora Play Party, Sydney

I’ve just returned from the land down under. It was actually a dual trip stopping in New Zealand and then heading on to Australia. It was my first time in Australia but a repeat for New Zealand. You can read my review of some kink events I’d previously attended in New Zealand here. I knew being my first time in Australia I had to make the kinky most out of it! Luckily there was … [Read more...]

Video: It’s time to play

We keep seeing some great stuff coming out of Italy-beautiful rope work and people too. The BDSM Bologna Project is one group doing some wonderful things. Keep up the good work! Its time to play from BDSM Bologna Project … [Read more...]

Erotica: Silence

We'll leave it up to you, the readers to decide what exactly the ending of this one may mean.... They sat in the board room, two dixie cups from the water cooler and an open bottle of champagne between them. The merger had been a success - one six months in the making. The sun had gone down and the last of the staff had long logged off and gone home, probably to celebrate … [Read more...]