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This week in kink, December 11, 2017

A couple weeks ago we highlighted a studio that was combining yoga and kink. This week we have a Dominatrix who is combining her love of fitness with BDSM to create kinky exercises classes. Click Here to read the whole article. New BDSM Club alert!!! Okay, we don't mean that kind of club. Actually its a college level club at the Princeton. "Princeton Plays is now even … [Read more...]

Slow Down by Anatoly Yakovlev Photographer: Anatoly Yakovlev Models: Katya & Eli Song: Serebro - Sound Sleep 2015 … [Read more...]

Different Levels of Protocol

I’ve written before about protocol – but this article is to go into the subject a little further.  I want to talk about different levels of protocol.  Low (or everyday) protocol, medium protocol, and high protocol.  Keep in mind that one person’s “medium” can be another person’s “high” or someone else’s “low”. Also, some D/s relationships may choose to maintain medium or high … [Read more...]


Although New Years Eve is a couple of weeks away, it creeps up on you faster than a Ninja on speed. I remember when Prince was singing about 1999, I thought 2000 would never come. I was so wrong. Soon it will be 2018. Thus I will submit my usual New Years Resolutions a little early. I will skip the ones that everyone makes and usually ignore - to go to the gym, … [Read more...]

Part 2: How Slavery Can Reduce Anxiety

Last week (click here for article), I briefly touched on how being a slave can reduce anxiety. This week, I would like to go further into this topic. As I mentioned previously, my anxiety was one of the major reasons that we decided to enter into this kind of dynamic. I was afraid that without my Master’s complete control and guidance my anxiety would overtake me for the … [Read more...]