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This week in kink, March 5, 2018

BDSM on the red carpet? Adam Rippon, a 28 year old figure skater, added a touch of bondage to his Oscar night flare. This harness was sewn into his suit jacket. He dared to wear this fashion statement and many folks took notice. Read more about it here. If you're in need of sex tips, why not get them from professional dominatrixes. If you are looking to embrace your … [Read more...]

The Recipe for Imparted Presence

Hi everyone! I am writing this article to educate readers about one of the most essential things needed (in my opinion) to have a long-term 24/7 power exchange relationship. A lot of people believe that M/s relationships are about micro-management leading to macro-management. What I mean by this is that at the beginning of a dynamic and/or during training phrases, the slave … [Read more...]

Orgasm Control, Teasing and Denial.

Over the last decade or so, the concept of orgasm control has become ubiquitous in Kink. It has been a staple of the Femdom/malesub world and has become more and more prevalent in other relationship dynamics too.  Maybe it is something that you have played with at some point, even only in fantasy. It is a perfect case of masochism, of blissful anguish and exquisite … [Read more...]

Chastity Belts

Rather than just title this article “Chastity,” I thought a title with a little more grabbing power would be “Chastity Belts.” Additionally, little is written about chastity belts, as opposed to cock cages. I am here to correct this! What is Chastity? First, let’s examine the appeal of all forms of chastity. Usually it is about control.  Speaking as a Dom, the hottest thing … [Read more...]