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Be Cool

Kimber Fox and Sabr A Johnsin shot by Danny Stygion In the tradition of my last two articles, I will again tackle a submitted BDSM question that I think is important to answer. This was sent to me via email. So, let’s go! “I'm new to the lifestyle, and am not even sure whether I’m a Top or bottom! I’ve been invited to a play party by a friend, but since I’ve never … [Read more...]

My Journey From Vanilla to Kink

(© 2018 Shawn Flint Blair Photography) Let me introduce myself. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Brooke and I was a Disneyland Singer! Today, I’m Hudsy, and I am a Hollywood Dominatrix. And I’m coming out. Well, the truth is, I’ve been somewhat “out” for quite a while now. The  recent premiere of my musical memoir pushed me all the way out of my … [Read more...]

Interview with Mistress Eva

Mistress Eva- Please tell our readers a little about your experience in the Kink community. My interests were very much an introverted endeavour up until 2012. This is when I started training at the Salon Kitty’s dungeons to become a Pro Domme. It was here where I started to meet those with similar mindsets, and who encouraged me to … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview with Hudsy Hawn/Brooke Wilkes

On April 29th, 2018, filmmaker Henrick Vartanian of Exhibit LA shot a pre-show interview of Hudsy Hawn literally moments before her Musical Memoir "From Vanilla To Kink" hit the stage at The Colony Theatre in Burbank. Take a peek inside the mind of our newest KinkWeekly contributor and stay tuned for this BDSM Educator, writer and singer's next show, coming soon to a town near … [Read more...]

Why It Broke

Dirk Hooper Professional Photography- I know now why my marriage was a short one. Time and distance have given me insight. I was naïve; I thought love was solely sacrifice. I thought love was staying even when things weren’t okay. Most of all, I thought that love, once promised, could never be revoked. I truly believed I had no right to … [Read more...]