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Your How-to Guide to Playing with a Disabled Kinkster

More people living with chronic pain, illness, and disabilities are getting into kink and BDSM. There are so many reasons, ranging from relieving pain to owning our bodies to fun. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that half of all adult Americans have one or more chronic illnesses which could be disabling. With so many people using kink with health issues, … [Read more...]

Girl Across The Bar

I lean into our kiss, pushing her gently against the wall of the room. Hands gliding slowly over her body. She's already moaning into my mouth. She puts her hands through my hair, grazes them over my breasts, my nipples hardening under her gentle touch. My mind flips to earlier when I watched her from across the hotel bar. Watched her closely as she took the glass and … [Read more...]

Medieval Torture Methods That Are BDSM-Friendly

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This week in kink: September 24, 2018

Dominatrix Kristina Rodriguez shares her journey and how it has positively affected her life and motherhood Click here to read more Check out these Dominatrix-style outfits worn on the NYC runway! Click here to see more A recent study found that sexual violence and other non-consensual behaviors are increasing due to porn Click here to … [Read more...]

Nature or Nuture

Much of what is written about this lifestyle concerns the underlying basis of Dominance and submission. Are they inherent or acquired characteristics? If they are acquired, how does one go about attaining them? Can anybody learn to be a Dominant or submissive or is it "in the genes?" Most of my observations here are the result of interviews with lifestylers I personally … [Read more...]