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Ask Baadmaster-“Insta-Collars”

Reader: I am a female submissive and am relatively new to BDSM. After our first meeting, a Dom I met at a party put a “temporary collar” on me. On our second meeting, he “collared me” and said he wants me to move in and serve him along with another slave. This makes me nervous and he sees it. I do not want to make him mad, but how can someone collar a submissive on the second … [Read more...]

Rika’s Lair – Fulfilling the Needs of the Submissive: Without Obligating the Dominant

Since it’s the first I’m writing to you this year, Happy New Year! I hope you had a festive turn of the year. Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019! I hope you’ve had the opportunity to read my previous three installments in Kink Weekly and are anxious to move forward with your journey into dominant-centered, service-oriented power dynamics! If you haven’t read … [Read more...]

Excerpt from Peeper The following is an excerpt from my novel PEEPER, which won the 2012 Bondage Award for Best Bondage Story. (To read the entire novel: Https:// Jacek’s cloak went down again and a lesson began in how to properly stretch a hard-used slave. Preece named every muscle, described how it was being activated, where it … [Read more...]

The Benefit of Kik As a female who identifies as a submissive and tends to be a little nervous around new people, joining our local community was a challenging experience. The first time I went looking for it was back in early 2000.  I had a kinky partner and we were interesting in learning more, but the only advice we could scrape up at the time came in the form of … [Read more...]

The Truth About O-Here At Last!

First, my thanks to those who have continued to inquire about and wait patiently for my long-promised novel to appear. Most of the delay was occasioned by technical problems setting up the website to sell it and transact the purchases. I’m happy to report that those hurdles have been cleared.  You can now by a full PDF copy of The Truth About O at for … [Read more...]