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Accepting the Humanity In Our Community

We all understand that we are imperfect creatures.  Whatever this mysterious "perfection" is, it is nothing attainable by humans.  Our art will not be exactly symmetrical, our live music will be flawed in some manner, and even our bodies are not reflective from one half to the other. Yet we find beauty in symmetry, both in nature and in each other.  We hold up examples of … [Read more...]

Lawnmower Man

Her fingers worked against her own swollen slickness, faster then slower as she tried to reach orgasm.  Frustrated, she repositioned to her stomach, shoving her arm underneath her body to begin again. Her clitoris was completely engorged, and she flicked desperately at it with her fingers, legs spread and ass elevated slightly as she moaned. It was driving her crazy.  She … [Read more...]

Can We Recognize Each Other

Names of people and places changed to ensure anonymity. I believe that people in “The Lifestyle” or fairly serious into BDSM can recognize each other. I mean in everyday life, not in a club. For me it’s little things that give it away. I am talking about everyday objects, clothing, behaviour or things people say. I can be wrong, but personally I have a number of occasions … [Read more...]


So what else is new? After two years immersed in The Dark Lust of “The Truth About O (” with all it’s grim realities I felt the need to write something purely entertaining and sexy with no pretensions to profundity whatsoever. I teamed up with ace BDSM CGI artist Gina Harper to create an illustrated novel about a secret prison for misbehaving CNC … [Read more...]

This week in kink: April 29, 2019

Should states legalize consensual sexting between minors? Click here to check out an intriguing article on the matter Check out this article about Crunch, Cornell's kink and BDSM club Click here to read more Don't miss Netflix's Bonding, a queer, BDSM comedy Click here to view the trailer Have some kinky news to share? Tell us about … [Read more...]