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No Easter Bunny For Me

Like most people I started practicing rope in the bedroom long before I realized there was an active community. Trying my best to replicate what I had seen in porn or in photos. My long suffering partner at the time kindly sat through incompetent hours of practice. There were no terms for the two of us involved and certainly there were no names for the unrecognizable patterns … [Read more...]

Wedding Present-Part 2

Jason lay back on the couch, nude from the waist down, his half-hard cock still dribbling the tiniest traces of his cum on his leg as he watched Jessica sashay into the bedroom. As the door closed, he turned to look back to Phil, who was still bound to the chair, naked except for his restraints and the cock cage which contained his diminutive manhood. A ring gag pried Phil’s … [Read more...]

There Is No Bad Blowjob

Every person who takes the liberty of going down on a someone thinks that their technique needs no work. That the receiver, should be grateful that someone even went down on them. All of this is true but there's even more. Let's review what can be done to enhance your blowjob experience no matter your role. So let's dive in: FACT Blowjobs are a lot a work but can … [Read more...]

4 Sex Toys That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Ask Baadmaster- On Poly

Here is a submitted question that really is in my wheelhouse. I have tried poly over the years with varying degrees of success.  From it all going PERFECTLY to having one of the subs throw – and break - a chair at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. So let’s try to help out this slave! Reader: I’m a fulfilled alpha slave, but I worry about my beloved sister slaves. They say they’re … [Read more...]