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Club Awakening- June 29th!

New to kink? Not new but want to brush up on skills or just enjoy a play party with fresh energy? CLUB AWAKENING is what you’re looking for! Club Awakening is a party that was designed for newbies in the BDSM scene. It’s been a monthly party since March 2016 at Sanctuary LAX. This party includes 4 set tasting booths plus one surprise booth each month. The set booths are … [Read more...]

When Communication Feels Like A One Way Street

Communication. We've done our personal introspecting.  We know what we want.  We've calmed down about things that we're upset about. What do we do when we continue to struggle with communication roadblocks either in our romantic relationships or in our friendships?  Do we get frustrated, blame ourselves, and quit trying to build these new healthy habits, or do we … [Read more...]

4 Main Types Of Polyamory

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Rika’s Lair – The “Type-O” Submissive

The term “compatibility” pops up a lot in discussions about dominance and submission. “Difficulty finding a compatible partner with whom to establish a power dynamic” is the focus of many of the questions and letters I receive. It’s natural to highlight common tastes as requirements for your relationship search. Finding a partner for a lasting relationship (assuming it … [Read more...]

A Piece of Property

Master’s voice outside the door, greeting the familiar guard by name, drained the strength from Property’s legs. He went down to his knees, bracing on shaking arms. The knob turned and the door swung inward and his thighs. Boots first, black with short block heels. Master’s favorite pair for shit-kicking a slave who had pissed him off. Property had known those boots many … [Read more...]