1. As an experienced Queen of Spades and Interracial swinger I have drank different black guys piss several times. I’ve never been forced to, just been persuaded to by guys who want to push my limits. Drank it from glasses and guys have pissed in my mouth. I quite like it, ultimate submission for a white wife to drink a black strangers piss, especially in front of hubby!

  2. My owner started with well hydrated urination splashing my body whilst laid in the bath and the occasional aimed stream in my face and mouth. Iover the months I have now learned to take even his morning strong urine as a gift and to please him. His control is impeccable unless he wishes to make me work harder and then splash me with it. He intends to develop this further in to urinating on my clothes and me pissing myself too. He is systematic and develops my obedience slowly to break down any limits and it is a wonderful sensation slowly losing my inhibitions to him for his pleasure.

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