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You know in the movies when they show the biggest asshole in the room, with the most money and the most power, then they pan to him being stepped on, tied up, and getting humiliated by a gorgeous woman dressed in black?

That guy is me.

It’s true that a lot of men in positions of power love the idea of submitting to beautiful women. All day long we have to make difficult decisions and hold others accountable; It gets exhausting.

Personally, I do not enjoy dealing with people, even though it’s my job. I also do not revel in having the tremendous burden of managing a company where every single person depends on me.

Some people in my position would go to the gym to work off tension, others drink, some have affairs.

Me? Well, I wear a cock cage under frilly panties.

When my wife/Mistress first brought up me wearing a cage I couldn’t believe that she would even ask me about the subject. Why would a man willingly put his dick into a vice? They wouldn’t. Unless, they get off on being told what to do.

After our initial conversation, I reflected on getting the cage and read about it for a while before I decided to purchase one.

At this point in our kink relationship we were experimenting with collars and leashes. I was also trying to figure out how to bring up pegging. It seemed the cage would add an element to our kink that would show her I truly was willing to give up the most precious part of my body for her to control.

After we found a cage that fit, I felt a connection with my Mistress that was unlike our marriage vows. I loved being at her mercy and how her demeanor changed from the mother of my children to a confident, unattainable Domme. The cage was the catalyst that pushed both of us into our respected roles in the bedroom. She flourished as my Mistress, and I enjoyed every second of being her slave.

I realize that some of you might still be wondering about the panties. I also tried to ask questions when my Mistress demanded that I wear them. She later explained that I needed to understand that even though I am acting like a boss at work, I would only ever be a sissy boy in her eyes. The panties are a reminder of that and keep our kink relationship alive even when we are not together.

I read her cock cage article and I agree with a lot of what she said. As she stated previously, the most important thing is to make sure you measure correctly. Definitely start playing around with the cheaper cages found on Amazon before buying an expensive one.It would be a shame for anyone to spend a lot of money on cages that won’t be able to be worn.

A lot of people probably have questions about using the bathroom. It is actually very easy to urinate through. If you don’t want to urinate on yourself it is best to sit down down on the toilet. This also adds another level of humiliation, being forced to use the bathroom like a woman. The cage is not meant to be comfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt, especially if you are wearing it all the time. I don’t think that the cage is that noticeable in work pants. Although, my Mistress makes me wear a large heart lock, which sometimes presses through my pants when I sit. I don’t mind it, since I doubt anyone is staring that intensely at my crotch, and even if they did, I doubt they would ever ask. This creates another layer of excitement for both of us.

I started wearing my cage off and on and soon wore it every day. There is something extra exciting about coming home from work and being told to take my cage off so I can please her.

Often I will beg to come and I love when she denies me. Some men would find that ridiculous, but submitting to her makes my delayed orgasam that much more powerful.

I realize that a lot of people do not understand my kink. For the longest time, I did not understand it either. Because of this, I so appreciate my wife experimenting with me so I can learn more about it and grow as a person. Furthermore, I want to make it clear that nothing traumatic happened to me as a child. Pain is also a hard limit for me. I just happen to get turned on by powerful women that wear black latex and lace-up boots.




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    Love how last week we gained insight from the perspective of the Mistress and now we get to hear from her slave.

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