An Ode To AgePlay

The Arduousness of Adulthood

It’s hard enough being an adult and going through the regular day-to-day. Paying bills, remembering to stay hydrated, and keeping up with one’s hectic schedule can seem almost nightmarish. As children, we thought that adulthood was the ultimate goal. Now grown, we find ourselves thinking, ‘This isn’t what I signed up for!’ Would that there was a way to go back to a simpler time, devoid of responsibility, where you can be cared for and nurtured without any expectation of reciprocation?

Enter Age Play

Getting into a childlike headspace is a delicate and rewarding process. It can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to dealing with everyday stress and the resulting burnout. For those who identify as “littles”, “middle”, and more, roleplaying as an age different than your own can create a lovely feeling of momentary and much needed escape. Granted, age play and regression is not something that one can do all the time, particularly if one has a day job or other such responsibilities. However, setting aside time to get in touch with your “little” side is a perfect activity both individually as well as partnered. Cultivating an age play persona can be achieved by a variety of methods ranging from simple to more complex, depending on your level of comfort.

Finding Your Fit

So where do you fit into the age play scene? I have found that a great way to dip one’s toes into the pool of age play – while remaining “socially acceptable” within a vanilla context – is through the use of coloring books. Coloring books are a widely accepted stress relief method that is now being marketed to adults. While adult coloring books tend to be more complicated in terms of designs and imagery, picking up a children’s coloring book from your local dollar store and a package of crayons can be a great start. Having snacks like microwave dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets or cartoon waffles can also help one to feel more “little”. Brightly colored apparel or pastels can also inspire such a headspace. Take some time for yourself and create your role. Consider if you would like a partner to act as your caretaker and discuss how you would like to develop and nurture this dynamic. With consent from all involved parties, age play activities have the potential to open your mind and allow you to let out your proverbial “inner child”. When practiced safely and with discretion, it can be an incredibly enlightening experience.

Final Thoughts

Some may find the prospect of age play in role play somewhat intimidating. It may seem like a difficult task, particularly on account of the vulnerable mindset it inspires. I urge the use of caution and keeping an open dialogue – as well as some form of a safeword or means of signifying when a scene has begun and when it has ended – to ensure healthy and happy play. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you have to act like one all the time!

About the Author

Dee Voyse is a proud kinkster who has been active in the BDSM scene for over a decade. She enjoys sharing her experiences in order to inform and educate and, at times, titillate.


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