Review of Fresh Fetish

Recently, Fresh Fetish generously sent me two items: their heart-shaped leather paddle and stainless steel collar with leash.

When I first opened the box I was immediately impressed by the look of their products. They looked polished, clean, and like they could be a lot of fun during play. I especially was intrigued with the leash attached to the collar. I felt that was a very nice detail to include that could be used in a bunch of different ways during scenes. I also appreciated that the collar was lined with rubber for added comfort and was adjustable.

When I wore the collar, I found that it provided just the right amount of tightness. It felt almost like a gently choke, which I in fact like. In my opinion, the collar is best put on by a partner (it worked best when my Master put it on me). All in all, it was fun and sexy to wear and added a hint of breath play that I enjoyed.

However, for those that do not enjoy breath play, I would not recommend any collar that fits snugly. Depending on the situation, I may not recommend a collar in general.

As for the paddle, it’s very cute and sexy all at the same time because of the heart and the black leather. It created a slapping sound when it hit my skin and I felt a very pleasant swatting/snacking sensation. It felt to me more like the stinging kind of impact as opposed to a thud. It’s definitely a very versatile implement. When my Master dragged it along my skin it felt very soothing and relaxed me (because of the leather), but when my Master hit me at my threshold for pain it provided an intense impact that I crave as well.

The paddle is a good size too. It would be great for over the knee paddling, and for people that are carrying their toys to the dungeon.

Marks lasted for a couple hours after, and I would imagine (since I am not the heaviest of masochists) that they could last even longer if the individual were to consent to be paddled harder than I was.

All in all their products looked sharp, sleek, and definitely are something that I would recommend, especially if you are looking for quality items that won’t hurt your wallet.

Feel free to check out their website below.

About The Company

We are a manufacturer of finely crafted adult products. We specialize in Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber and Leather products. Our steel products are fabricated using state of the art machine tools and finished with a proprietary process that results in a brilliant and durable finish. Although you may see designs similar in appearance to ours, we have customized all of our designs for quality, ease of use and durability thus making them unique. Our products are sold through our online store and other online sales platforms in additions to events and fairs.


  1. I will definitely check out this company. Thanks for the recc!

  2. crawlingjune says:

    Bought their collar! Can’t wait to try it out

  3. The collar sounds fun

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