When It’s In Your DNA

When kink is part of your relationship’s DNA, there can be times when you take it for granted. For me, as a Master, it’s in the assumptions of my girl’s service to me, that she’ll always be there when I need her, that she’ll dutifully tend to my needs even, perhaps, when she’s not necessarily in the mood.

Of course, I’ve never been someone who was \capable of taking something which wasn’t freely given. So when she’s not in the mood, I tend to not be inclined to press things. As she’s grown older and entered perimenopause it’s increasingly become an issue. Simply put, she’s often not “in the mood”. However, she typically finds herself *in* said mood once we start a scene. 

So I often find myself in the somewhat awkward position of having to take what’s not necessarily being offered. But given that I’m with my girl of many years, and that this is something we’ve had many discussions about, we’ve made it work quite well.

What is it they say, “Getting older sucks, but it beats the alternative”.


We recently vacationed in Scotland, renting a cozy cabin deep in the Highlands. It was everything my Celtic blood called out for, with views outside our patio door which literally took your breath away. To say it was isolated would be an understatement; while there were a few homes vaguely nearby, the overall silence was deafening. Except for the bleating of the sheep grazing nearby. It was picturesque to a level I’d only ever dreamed of.

Enter our kinky selves. The chance to photograph zeirah’s loveliness against such a scenic backdrop was irresistible and inevitable. While initially reluctant, she quickly warmed to the scenario, even as the Highland winds and chill whipped around her bound and gagged body.


It all started out as a token photoshoot; the bondage would be perfunctory, it would only *look* like she was tied up. I’d taken pics of her on the deck of our little Highlands cabin previously, only this time it would appear as if she was in bondage.

But it quickly became very real.

The weather had been cloudy, chilly, and rainy all morning. But around noon the sun came out, the breeze picked up, and it seemed considerably more friendly outside. Stepping onto the deck it was around 60 degrees with 15-20 mph winds. In the sun it felt warmer. We decided to give it a go.

I’d brought the leather bondage mittens on the trip because we routinely use them in our bedroom play. Consequently, they formed the initial basis of the bondage. Within less than a minute her hands were secured behind her back in a way that (experience had shown) she could not get loose from.

Then I took the duct tape, purchased at a newsagents, and wrapped it around her torso, underneath her breasts. I went around one, two, three, four, five times, each wrap becoming tighter and bringing her arms further behind her back, her elbows closer and closer together. Suddenly this “perfunctory” bondage was becoming rather secure.

She sat as I secured the belt around her ankles, then tied up her bare feet and toes. I had her stand to ensure that the bindings weren’t too tight, then had her sit again. “My ankles are loose. You need to make the belt tighter,” she said. As I cinched them up, the bondage suddenly seemed considerably more secure than I’d initially intended; she was really tied up, with no real way to get loose.

I’d initially thought to do an “X” duct tape gag, which looks good but isn’t actually effective; it’s easy to remove with a little bit of work. But since she was so well secured otherwise I decided to go for a full “eight-strip” gag. Her eyes became very wide as she realized what I was doing.

By the time I removed the chair and had her stand for the pics the sun had disappeared, the winds had picked up, and the temperature had dropped. Half-naked, unbalanced, with her hair whipping around her face, this was suddenly a very real photoshoot.

She dutifully posed for the many pics I took, then struggled and “mmmphed” accordingly for the subsequent video. Her frustrated struggles in the cold and wind weren’t rehearsed, and looked quite excellent.

After we were done she wriggled and stomped her feet, mmphing in their direction, so I brought the chair back to untie her feet and toes. After they were loosed she quickly walked over to the cabin’s patio door, sliding it open with her shoulder before going inside. She sat on the couch and took in the warmth, wriggling her chilly toes before the electric fireplace.

As I removed the duct tape gag, I realized that this Scottish stuff was considerably more sticky than what we typically used, and that there was no way she could have worked it loose. Peeling it off required some real effort, and she was very happy when it was gone. I used scissors to remove the tape around her body (which it left no residue on her clothes), then let her loose from the mittens and cuffs.

What began as a nothing burger quickly turned into a real scene. And one which soon enough was finalized in the bedroom.


When it’s in your relationship’s DNA it’s going to happen no matter the circumstances. Or perhaps because of them. Regardless, take advantage and enjoy when you can. Even if it’s more than a little windy and cold.


PirateStan has been involved in his local BDSM community for over 12 years, after having had a lifelong inclination towards it. He currently lives a contented life in Southeastern Virginia with his girl, zeirah, while working by day for a Major Metropolitan Publication.


  1. firefairy says:

    Is there a genetic component to being kinky? Is there scientific evidence to support this?

    • Piratestan says:

      There’s no real scientific evidence to support it, but then there’s never really been any studies made in that direction. There have, however, been studies made regarding sexual orientation and gender, and there’s no small amount of evidence in that particular direction. I suspect that kink is similarly “hardwired” into our very natures.

  2. I think it is. I think sexual preference, orientation and one’s preferred kinks are in one’s genocode

  3. Isaac Kalder says:

    @Piratestan If there is no real scientific evidence to support that there is a genetic component to being Kinky, then doesn’t that mean that Kink is a choice, and not something you’re born as? I always thought that Kink was the same as someone who is born gay, since being gay is genetic, and not a choice like the deluded religious people believe so much. When you said that Kink is “hardwired” into our very nature, do you mean that every person is Kinky, even the ones who identify as full Vanilla, or were you referring to just the people who identify as Kinky? Also, if Kink is “hardwired” into you guys, then isn’t that the same as being born Kinky, which would be the same as Kink being a genetic thing?

    • Piratestan says:

      I personally think people are born kinky, just as some are born gay, transgender, cisgender, vanilla, asexual, etc.

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