Subculture Allure: Sherry Teaches Bootblacking

Master’s Guest, Sir Steve, stayed for two more nights. This time taking Cupcake and then Sherry under his Mastery for their own evenings. Needless to say, Sir Steve was very pleased with Master’s hospitality.  After Sir Steve left, things returned to our version of normal. Since I didn’t work the weekends, as long as we didn’t have any community events, classes or parties, I … [Read more...]

Subculture Allure: A Guest Arrives

He walked into the room. Master greeted him while Cupcake took his coat and Sherry offered him a Bourbon on a silver tray. We were made to kneel in nadu, the common slave position. We were naked with the exception of Master’s collar, bells on our left ankle and slender leather cuffs we are always made to wear. Kneeling with our head down, palms face up on our thighs, our brands … [Read more...]