Heavy Bottom Envy

I have seen bottoms who played harder than I imagine my own scenes, let alone my own capability for withstanding.  I have seen a bottom outlast three sadists in a row before finally throwing in the towel with another.  I have seen bottoms who could take impact at full strength from people who can only hit me at a 4 on a scale from one to ten. I recall a rather inense scene … [Read more...]

Enhancing Holiday Calm

I stumbled across an advent calendar for submissives recently.  Knowing this time of year can be hectic and full, I impulsively downloaded it, the small price one that seemed worth the reminder it will hopefully give me. It seems that this time of year is one which encourages joy and love as well as the opposing feelings, pain and misery, often depending on the outlook of … [Read more...]

Catching Lightning In A Jar

She crawled nude onto the table nervously, stretching out prone with her back facing upwards. Shadows hid the man's face from her as he unpacked what looked to be a leather medical bag.  He withdrew bundles of leather held together with a thong, a strand of Christmas decoration, and some bits of dangling jewelry, setting them to the side as if they were implements in a … [Read more...]

Partner Questing: Addressing Concerns Isn’t Always a Call to Action

I talk a lot to people I have close relationships with, whether they be friends, romantic interests, or actual partners. The thing is, sometimes I talk to them because there is an issue which requires action. Example:  Daddy, I'm feeling like I need attention. Would you mind putting down your tablet and just talking to me about nothing for a little while? Obviously in … [Read more...]


As someone who has always heavily landed in the BDSM camp, I've eyed swingers with some dubious hesitation for a long time. My first experience was at a long-closed swingers club I went to not knowing what it was.  I had some couple try to pick me up, but I wasn't particularly open-minded about my bisexuality back then, and I politely danced my way through the evening solo.  I … [Read more...]