Anxiety in Submission

Control is an interesting topic of conversation amongst those who engage in M/s and D/s relationships.  Who has it? Some like to argue that the power lies with the submissive, who has the ability to stop the things they do not like or want with the wave of a magic word.  If the top hears it.  Or others hear it who can guarantee its enforcement.  Assuming their pride or … [Read more...]

First Control Yourself

Power exchange.  It isn't everyone's kink.  It's easy to feel like that is such a common flavor, it can seem like it is mixed in with everything. But it doesn't have to be. Take me, for example.  I absolutely adore smackin' dat ass.  I will happily have an hour + long aerobic workout comprised of nothing but hitting someone with stuff. But that's it. I don't want to … [Read more...]

On Voyeurism and Jealousy

I'm not sure exactly when I began to enjoy watching. Thinking back now, I wonder if it was my naive 18-year-old self in her first "threesome," which I put in quotations because it was really more the fellow with one girl while the other girl watched, with no interaction between females.  It was hardly three people participating at any one time. 6Perhaps it was watching a … [Read more...]

Ice Cream

He had been watching her. As the boat floated across the ocean on this transatlantic voyage, he found himself noticing a girl.  He never saw her twice the same day, and never anywhere but up on the deck near the 24 hour ice cream machines.  One day he saw her after dinner, one day at ten in the morning.  It was so very random, and odd the way she constantly grabbed his … [Read more...]

Not Gone But A Little Forgotten

I have a trigger.  I hate using that word, since it brings to mind the watered-down version of today's culture, which seems to mean I got uncomfortable or had my feelings hurt. No. I mean the word as it used to be used.  A series of specific physical stimuli can create a panic response in me, to the point of a legitimate panic attack.  We discovered it by accident, as one … [Read more...]