Beautiful Rope Bondage Performance with Rachel Ki

Performance: "Cubed" with Rachel Ki from Crash Restraint on Vimeo … [Read more...]

Collapsed Lark’s Head Hair Tie

I've personally always been a huge fan of hair ties. I find them sexy and as they say in this video "motivating." Here is a great tutorial on how to tie such an arrangement. -anniebear Collapsed Lark's Head Hair Tie from Crash Restraint … [Read more...]

Video: How To Equip A Bed For Bondage

Happy Holidays everyone! We wanted to give you this cheap and easy trick to kink out your bedroom for some bondage. We hope some of our readers put this helpful tutorial from Crash restraint to use. Let us know if you do in the comments! How To Equip A Bed for Bondage from Crash Restraint … [Read more...]