I Want To Go To A Sex Party…but…

Now and then, a woman says to me that they want to go to a sex party, but she’s afraid to. She’s afraid of being pounced on the second she walks in the door. She’s afraid of being assaulted, not being in control of the situation. January 2018, I attended a sex party for the first time. I had left my husband, my dom, my Master. Two weeks later, I took myself to a Roman … [Read more...]

Master Rigio of Gloriana

Rigio saw her coming through the bedroom. “Stay there.” He met her at the door when she stepped through, took her by the hand and kissed her cheek and told her how lovely she looked. Seating her in the companion chair, giving her a small whiskey, he put the cane in her hand. “I’ll be right back. Wait for me.” Lady Boldon and Iris were waiting by the door of the … [Read more...]

What The Community Owes You

I’ll answer the question right off the bat: NOTHING. The “community”, if you believe in such a thing, does not owe you a single thing. I’ll explain why. I read a thread in which someone decided that everyone has to know everything about BDSM, and is personally responsible for educating all the new people in all the BDSM things. “Even in the realm of BDSM, I still come … [Read more...]

I Will Make You Safeword!

This one is going to be short, not so sweet, and directly to the point. "I will make you use your safe word.” I saw this said in an erroneous supposition that this is how a top learns a bottom’s signals. If a top said this to me, I would look them in the eye and say "Then you will not ever touch me", and I would walk away. Remember a couple months back when I wrote that … [Read more...]


“Only one more room to see,” he told her. “Gee, I wonder which one.” He changed his mind. “It can wait.” In seconds, she was on her back on the square foot stool with him thrust in to the hilt. Only a few moments and he pulled her off to straddle his waist. Feet on the floor, in her heels, hands on his shoulders, she had leverage to ride him well. “Work for me, … [Read more...]