Shadows Of The Night: Dimitrius

His fingertips pulled her chin toward him for a gentle kiss she didn’t hesitate to return. A nice kiss that expected nothing, wanted nothing, took nothing. A giving kiss. She’d not had one of those in a long time. Not since her one night with Jerome. “You’re some kind of fantastic. You know that?” he said quietly. She only smiled and kissed him again, a small box coming … [Read more...]

On Begging

In the comments of one of my previous articles (Stoicism is Not a Gauntlet Thrown Down, ) I was asked a few questions. I thought I would take the time to address the issue in general. “Have you written any articles on begging?” Not really, until now. While I appreciate being asked nicely, and having … [Read more...]

Naughty Word Caning

“Bring the slave to me fully prepared for punishment. Take the nipple jewelry out,” he told Jacek, and turned his back on them to walk down the left side of the apartment. Master’s side. Reah went into the slave hall side and was stripped down and flushed out in both orifices. The gold bars with rubies and diamonds were removed from her nipple piercings. A small thing, … [Read more...]

I Want To Go To A Sex Party…but…

Now and then, a woman says to me that they want to go to a sex party, but she’s afraid to. She’s afraid of being pounced on the second she walks in the door. She’s afraid of being assaulted, not being in control of the situation. January 2018, I attended a sex party for the first time. I had left my husband, my dom, my Master. Two weeks later, I took myself to a Roman … [Read more...]

Master Rigio of Gloriana

Rigio saw her coming through the bedroom. “Stay there.” He met her at the door when she stepped through, took her by the hand and kissed her cheek and told her how lovely she looked. Seating her in the companion chair, giving her a small whiskey, he put the cane in her hand. “I’ll be right back. Wait for me.” Lady Boldon and Iris were waiting by the door of the … [Read more...]