Part 3: Annie’s Punishment

Annie’s hair hung in a long straight curtain of gold until it waved and curled gently just below her shoulder blades. She perched on her toes. Her calf muscles stood out in high relief against her skin as she trembled under the strain. A quarter nestled between her nose and the wall and she held it in place as if her life depended on it, which of course, it did not. Scott … [Read more...]

Part Two: Annie’s Transgression

Read Part I here. She saw him, but he didn't know that. And that was fine with her. Annie wondered if he would ask her but he didn't, and she knew he wouldn't the minute his mouth closed over her. It's not that he was predictable, but let's be honest. At the most elemental level, he was male. And that made some things dependable. Truth of it is, she was glad he didn't … [Read more...]

Part 1: Annie’s Secret

Good girls will fool you every time, if you let them. Annie was good and no matter how much I looked for cracks in her porcelain I couldn’t find any. Never had to tell her something twice, never saw her lift her chin and look down her nose because she wasn't happy with some declaration I'd made. I knew she was for me the moment I slipped my hand into hers. We were synergy … [Read more...]

Building a Foundation for Exploring Your Limits

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my current Master/slave dynamic is that things I might have hated before can turn out to be things that I love. Being open to the possibility of the future, trusting my Master and putting the past behind me has helped me to let go of things I once considered limits. I’m fortunate to be in a relationship with someone who is kind … [Read more...]

I, Governess

Ten girls line up precisely with the tips of their ballet flats just brushing against a thick wool rug. The slight flare of their simple black dresses bumped against each other connecting them like paper dolls I once folded and cut as a child. I’m smiling because I’m pleased that they appear so poised and deferential. They stare ahead and I gift them with a little nod they’ll … [Read more...]