A Sensual Massage

I wonder if you understand the amount I enjoy touching you.  The feel of your skin, so soft and smooth, gives me goosebumps most times.  I can feel your heat against my palm.  It is quite the treat to touch you, even in the most innocent of ways.


I can see you laid out on your stomach, the strong lines of your back standing prominent as you rest your head on your arms.  They line down your shoulder blades and my hands ache to follow the path.  My eyes trail down your spine, resting for just a moment on your ass.  It’s rare I get to see it.


I’m kneeling between your legs.  The strong citrus scent of the oil let’s you know I am about to start.  I slick my hands up and rub them together to warm the oil.  I place my palms flat between your shoulder blades, following the curve, before sliding up your sides and across to your neck.


Your shoulders are tight.  I imagine it’s from the stress of the last few weeks.  Its been a long time since we’ve been able to do this.  I use my thumbs to push, looking for the knots.  I can always tell when I’ve found them.  


Though they are firm beneath my fingers, it’s the slight hiss you give and the rolling of your shoulders that gives them away.  You try to stay quiet.  Most of the time, you succeed.  But I watch you.  I know every movement your body makes when I have you beneath me.


It’s relaxing to massage you Sir.  It’s one of the few times the silence doesn’t bother me.  Often, I think of the strangest of things.  Usually, I want to trail kisses down your back.  To follow behind my hands, to worship your body.  I’m a very tactile person.  I want you to feel the sweet pleasures you bestow on the rest of us.


But I refrain.  I know better.


You see, you are a unique individual.  It burns in my mind constantly to lick, just a little.  It’s crossed my mind that maybe I can relax you enough you won’t notice.


But, you always notice Sir.


This time though, you’ve given me leave to serve you.  To relax you and worship you in any way I believe you will enjoy.


I’m pretty sure this is a test.


But I’m not one to waste an opportunity.


Your skin always shines so brightly with the oil.  I like it.  


I raise myself up on my knees and lean forward so I can reach your shoulders better.  My hands are resting on your sides as I place three small kisses to the base of your neck.


I move down a few inches and place three more.  Then, as though nothing happened, I resumed massaging down your spine and settle back on the bed.  


Over the next half hour, I repeat the process.  Random kisses, always in sets of three, are placed across your back and shoulders.  Each time I have finished a part of your back.  It is a reverence I pay and a respect for the gift you give me.  


You let me take care of you.  You let me see you unguarded and vulnerable.  You trust me.


When I finish your back, I hesitate ever so slightly.  I’m not sure if you will enjoy my initiative.  


I shift my body further down the bed and then I place three kisses at the base of your spine, just below the mass.  I slide my hands up and down your hips, applying oil as needed until your skin is warmed again.  I run my thumbs across the top of your ass before sliding slowly down the cheeks.  


You tense ever so slightly when my thumbs part your cheeks.  I can see the tightness in your thighs.  But when I look up, you still have your head pillowed on your arms.  I take that as a keep going.


I lean down slowly and blow softly across your hole.  I simply wanted to see it contract.  It is an odd fascination I have that I’ve never told anyone.  


Then I lick.  I swipe my tongue across your hole at first.  The smell is musky and wholly you.  I spread your cheeks a little wider so I can bury myself deeper.  I roll my tongue together and push against your resistance.  Just the tip slips inside at first.   But I spear it in and out slowly.  I want you to squirm.


Is that bad Sir?  The desire to see you squirm?  I enjoy pleasing you.  I like knowing when I have.  You haven’t said anything but you push back against me.  It could be my imagination.  But I refuse to stop just yet.  You haven’t told me to so I’m going to continue.


I did promise you a massage Sir.  Reluctantly, I pull back.  I know my face shows my disappointment but I must continue.  I grab the oil and pour more on my hands.  I start on your left leg, continuing the massage as though I didn’t just rim you.


Your muscles are tight in your legs.  Is that because it’s been a long week?  Or is it because of me?  I hope I haven’t made you this tense Sir.  That would defeat the purpose of relaxing you.


I have decided to massage your feet this time.  I know better than to touch your toes.  But the arch of your.foot can use some attention, especially as long as you spend in your boots.


I sit on the bed and pull one foot into my lap.  I massage your ankle and your arch.  I rub the oil in and slowly slide my hands up and down.  The rhythm is hypnotizing.  


Did you know your legs get antsy during a massage?  You enjoy it but it is one of the most tender parts to you.  Your thigh muscles are the most tender but your feet are a close second.


I feel you shifting so I place three kisses to the arch of your foot and repeat the process with your other one.


As I lay them back on the bed, I shift down to the floor and kneel by your head.  Your eyes are closed and I have no wish to disturb you.


I run my fingers through your hair for a minute before I look down and meet your eyes.


I ask you how you feel and you simply say “relaxed.”


As always, I ask if you wish to continue.  You say yes.


As you position into your back, I wonder if I can get away with the same liberties for this half of the massage.


****  **** **** ****

Part 2


I stay kneeling by the bed as you move.  You shift up just slightly, to prop yourself up.  I am unsure as to why but you seem comfortable.


My forehead is resting on the mattress.  I can smell the citrus oil so strongly.  I’m distracted until your fingers thread through my hair for a couple minutes.  You can’t see it, but I am smiling.  I always do when you touch me.


I turn and start massaging your arm.  I start with your hand, running my hands down your fingers and applying slight pressure to your palm.  I rotate your wrist slightly, allowing the time to stretch the muscles in your wrists.  Inch by inch, I move up your right arm.  


If you could hear the thoughts in my head, you’d more than likely tease me until my face is bright red.  


I love the feel of your skin.  I love the freedom to touch you.  And I’m bouncing between wishing I was sucking your thumb and wanting you to shove your fingers down my throat and gag me with them.


I shake my head softly and readjust my stance.  This is affecting me heavily Sir.  Though you aren’t looking at me, I’m positive you are aware of the effect you have on me.


Once I reach your shoulder, I know I’m going to have to readjust.  It is simply too difficult to reach you otherwise.


I crawl onto the bed, intending to straddle on of your thighs.  It will give me leverage and comfort while I massage your front.  But you won’t adjust yourself for me.  You refuse to move when I tap your thigh. 


I looked into your eyes and asked “please?”


I can see you understand what I’m asking.  Instead, you simply tell me to get back to it.


Frustrated, I grumpily straddle your waist.  High enough that your legs remain free, but low enough that I can feel your heat against my pussy.  I can only imagine you can feel how wet I am.  This thin strip of material hides nothing.


I oil up my hands again.  We will need a new bottle soon if you wish a repeat of this performance.


I slide my hands across your chest, carful to avoid your nipples.  I know how tender they are.  I lean forward To my hands up your neck, a comforting jesture for me.  Instead, as I lean, you buck your hips up and I lose my balance.  I manage to find purchase as my hand hits the bed.  


I look up and glare at you.  You simply raise and eyebrow.  I know better than to vocalize what I am thinking.  I pick myself up  and move back to where I was, pushing my hips down roughly to grind down on you.


This is going to be a battle of the wills.  Let’s see who will win.


**** **** **** ****


I’m enjoying softly running my hands over your chest.  There is not much to massage on this side, with mostly bone being present, but you say nothing as I continue.  


Periodically, you buck.  I think you are simply finding it amusing to keep me off balance.  


I grab your left hand and begin massaging it as I did your other one.  Rubbing my thumbs into your palm and running my hands over each finger.  This time, I manage to keep the images at Bay and focus on what I am doing. 


I lean forward to reach your upper arm and shoulder and you prove how wicked you are.  I should have been paying attention.  Your fingers snag my nipples and pinch.  It’s enough to get my attention but not enough to hurt…yet.  


You tug them and my body shifts back to facing you.  My thighs are gripping your hips because I am trying very hard to stop from getting in trouble.  I know my eyes are wide and my pupils dilated.  


This is the effect you have on me every time I massage you.  Usually, I can keep it hidden far better.  But being given leave to serve you more freely has made the tether on my self control weak.


You tug a little harder.  I’m barely breathing, trying to hold in the whimpers.  It hurts.  We both know it.  I’m not warmed up enough for it not to.  But, it’s a delicious feeling.


My eyes meet yours.  You are smirking.  I think you are reminding me that you are still in charge.  


“Is there a problem, my little pain slut?”. Your voice is quiet but I can hear you clearly.


“N-no Sir”. I stuttered.  I thought I’d gotten over that years ago.  Sometimes it still gets me.


“Then, I suggest you continue.”. 


You are evil Sir.  I cannot move without bringing myself great agony.  But I know you will not allow me to stop early either.  


I promised you a massage.  You will make sure I finish it.


**** **** **** ****


My eyes water slightly and my breath hitches.  It hurts Sir.  You’ve told me more than once that if I don’t pull it won’t hurt.  I am unsure of what your plan is.  


You tug a little harder and I lean forward, bracing myself on your chest.  You suddenly let go, and my balance is knocked.  The blood rushes back into my nipples and into my head as I have great breaths.  My body is so sensitive now.  Just touching you makes my skin tingle.


Then you surprised me.


“Offer.” A single word that I am unsure of its meaning.  I stare you down, trying to determine the answer.


Then it clicks.


I lean forward again and lift my boobs towards you.  They look much fuller as I support them.  My nipples are still throbbing and swollen.  I know you can see that. 


You latched your teeth onto my nipple.  I hiss at the pain.  I know you are only pressing lightly.  You are teasing me.  


My pussy is pulsing Sir.  Can you feel it slick against you?  It’s wet and all I can think about through the haze of pain is how much I want to be filled.


You release my nipple and latch onto the other one.  I secretly hope you will suck on them.  I don’t have a lot of feeling outside of pain receptors but I enjoy watching someone suck.  Maybe it’s a breastfeeding kink.  Who knows?


You release me again and simply look me in the eyes as I’m trying to catch my breath.    “I believe I told you to continue.”


Damn you Sir.  My focus is shot but I recognize your tone.  It’s half teasing and half serious.  


I reluctantly move off your waist.  I skip your thighs and start down at your ankles.  This time, I will be moving from the bottom up.


After all, you aren’t the only one allowed to tease.


**** **** **** ****


I can see the war on your face Sir.  You are dissatisfied with me moving from my position.  However, you are also not inclined to influence my decisions currently.  I think you are patiently waiting to see where my mind goes as I touch you.


I can tell you, it’s a wonderful place.


I massage your legs slowly.  The rest of your body should be relaxed now.  But really, I’m trying to get control over myself.  


I can feel knots in your calves, but they are few and far between.  It is more your thighs that are tight.  The muscles in the back are flexed tight, even as you lay here quietly.


As I lay your legs flat again, we come to the end of the regular massage.  Now, I have to guess whether you will let me massage you fully or not.


I lightly trail my fingers up your thighs.  The skin twitches slightly as I work my way up to you.


You are still soft currently.  I can’t figure out if you have even enjoyed my touch.  Considering how turned on I am, it is hard to understand.


I kneel up so you can see what I am doing.  I have the oil I can use but I err on the side of caution…and maybe, just maybe, allow myself a divulgence.


I am about to break two rules Sir.  I side my fingers down my stomach, your eyes following there trail.  I slide them down until they are inserted in me.


Rule number one broken.  I touched myself without permission.


You are watching my hand a it moves.  You’ve yet to chastise me.


Once I’ve soaked my fingers, I pull them out and wrap them around your cock.  


Rule number two broken.  I’ve now touched you without permission.


I keep my hand around the base and lean down to kiss the head of your cock.  I swirl my piercing around, just under the tip.


I slide my hand up and down, using my juices to slick you up.  


I don’t know if I’ve ever told you some of my quirks.  I enjoy using my partner’s cum (or juices) as lube.  I enjoy the mixing of flavors.


I also enjoy the pressure of a soft cock against my tongue.  I like to feel it slowly get hard.  And after all is said and done, I love to feel it soften again.  If I could simply lay there, my head pillowed on your thigh, holding your soft cock in my mouth, without other intentions, I’d be quite content.


But I know you.


You are waiting for my throat to close around your cock.  You are waiting for me to swallow around you and choose you over breathing.  You want to feel me gag against you as I try to take you deeper and deeper.


So I do.


Now I’m waiting for what I really want Sir.  


I want you to pull me off your cock, tell me to spread my legs and straddle you, and to slowly lower myself onto your cock.


I want to ride you.  I’m desperate to feel you inside me.  I need you.


I need your cock to split me open and fill me up Sir.  I need to feel your heat and the satisfaction of you watching me struggle to take you into my tight hole.


I need you Master.  I crave you.

About the Author

My name is Joji.  I am 29 years old currently and I have been in and around the kink community about 15 years.I am a collared submissive to Magick42.  I am also a Daddy to a wonderful babygirl, and have been for more than three years now and I find it very fulfilling.  I am being mentored in and being taught electroplay.  I am a masochist at heart and thoroughly love impact play, especially caning.  I enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on and am a die hard Harry Potter and Doctor Who fan.  I am also the secretary for a group in Idaho called Moscow S.P.A.R.K.E (Simply Providing Another Route to Kink Education).  It is our mission to teach safe practices to those new to the community and give them a safe haven to ask questions and learn without judgement.  We accept all kinks and all we ask in return is respect between all our members.


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