Black Friday Cuckold: Part 1


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Katie and Kink Weekly are in no way saying that anything done should ever be non-consensual, cross any hard limits, or put anyone in serious danger-mentally, physically, spiritually, or emotionally. We are also not condoning or supporting cuckolding as a way to salvage one’s relationship. Again, cuckolding should always be consensual and at the very least be a soft limit for everyone involved. Disclaimer done. Enjoy the story!

The day Travis Warner moved in next door, I had already made plans to leave my husband. Two years was enough time to give it a shot. Two years was enough time to realize that this was not the life I had always wanted.

Five months after we were married, I walked in on him fucking his secretary on my side of the bed. There was a part of me that was actually surprised that she would even be into him, given that he had never been very good at pleasing me in bed.  

Cindy Benson was her name and she ran so fast out of my house, I am not entirely sure she had gotten dressed.

Something inside me broke that night.

I had packed a bag that night, screaming at him, so loudly I lost my voice.  He had gotten down on his knees and begged. I had never seen him cry before.

“Please Krista, I have a problem, please she means nothing, please don’t go.”

We hadn’t even been married a full year before he felt the need to whore himself out.

“I have needs, Krista!” he cried  through the locked bathroom door.

“And I don’t?” I pounded my fists hard against the wooden frame.

That was the night I threw the lamp at his head. It crashed in millions of little ceramic pieces all of the floor.

Ultimately I stayed.  My father was still paying off the elaborate wedding, and I just could not admit to my mother that she had been right about divorce lawyers.

“Fucking, Scum. of. The. earth.” My mother was not known for mincing words. She hated James from the very beginning, and didn’t bother to hide it.

“I see how these things play out, Krista, I see it every fucking day, you don’t want to get caught up in a messy divorce.” he lightly kissed my forehead before grabbing a cup of coffee.

Every morning, for the past two years had been exactly the same. He talked about how horrible divorce was, he drank his coffee, read the newspaper and pretended like he wasn’t a giant fucking asshole.

I tried to avoid sex at all costs, no matter how hard I tried I could not get the vision of his tiny dick pumping into Cindy out of my head.

“Not tonight, James, I’m on my period.” I rolled over, staring out the window.

“I don’t mind, I think that would be really fun.” James grabbed at my waist.

“Don’t be disgusting.” I pushed his hands away.

“Well then I’m going to go MASTURBATE in the bathroom!” He kicked the covers off, and retreated to the bathroom.

“Use the fucking guest bathroom, I don’t want to hear you moaning!” I shouted.

The day Travis Warner moved in next door, I had already emptied my secret bank account, had three bags packed, and studio apartment paid for, first last and security.

I had most all my bags together, when my doorbell rang.

A stunning black man was standing on my porch. He was honestly the hottest man I had ever seen in my life.

“Hi there!” He extended his hand, “Travis Warner, I just moved in.” He pointed behind him, to the moving truck.

I tried to speak, but I couldn’t take my eyes off his body. He was dressed casually, clearly he had been moving heavy furniture because he was slightly sweaty.

Travis was well over six feet, his hands were large and surprisingly silky.

He was muscular in all the right places,  I couldn’t help but stare at his body, wondering what he looked like without his clothes.

Travis looked past me to the bags stacked by the staircase. “You going on a trip? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.”

It took me a minute to realize he was referring to the suitcases behind me.

“No, uh, just doing some cleaning.” I smiled, wishing I was wearing something sexier.

“So are you here with your family?” I looked behind him, at the driveway expectantly.

“No, No, just me, I didn’t actually  catch your name.”

I stuck my hand out again, excited for a reason to touch him, “Sorry, God, I’m a stupid woman, Krista, I’m Krista.”

“So wonderful to meet you Krista, so nice to have such beauty so close to me.”

I blushed so violently I was afraid I might start visibly sweating.

“You are so sweet, thank you, I’m actually, I am married.” I  looked down, feeling ashamed, like James was something to be embarrassed of.

Travis let his eyes travel to my chest, “Lucky, man.” He winked, “Well I better finish unpacking, I look forward to seeing you around, Krista.” His was voice was so deep and smooth, I could have listened to him talk all day.

I stood at the sink, drinking coffee and watching him move all morning, forgetting my plan to leave James.

“Go upstairs and get yourself hard, I want to fuck tonight.” James was about to turn on the TV and zone out watching sports.

“What?” He looked at me amazed.

“Don’t make me repeat what I said, go, now.”

James got out of his chair so quickly he almost tripped over the ottoman.

“Can I watch porn to get myself..”

“I don’t give a flying fuck HOW you get hard, James, just do it.”

I fucked him on top that night. It was the first time in our entire marriage that, I was able to experience an ounce of pleasure. I pictured Travis’s hands on my body the entire time.

Mid way through using James as a dildo, I realized that my bedroom window looked almost directly into Travis’s bedroom. This realization made me ride James even harder, causing his little dick to cum so violently he screamed like a little girl.

“What has gotten in to you, Krista?” He asked, kissing my shoulder.

“Don’t touch me”, I pushed him off, “I need you to go sleep in the guest room, I want to stay up tonight and read.

“I think I like this new side of you,” he said, grabbing his robe, “ I think I am going to touch myself again thinking about you.”

“You will not touch yourself tonight, or ever again until I give you permission, do you understand?” I looked at him, narrowing my eyes, enjoying the look of panic that washed over his face.

“Wait, are you kidding?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” I waited for him to freak out and convince me to stop ordering him around, but he didn’t, he retreated like a little puppy to the guest room.

Feeling high from my new found power over James, I moved carefully to my bedroom window, watching Travis, move back and forth in his room. I had a front row seat to everything he was doing. Which meant that if he turned around he could see me watching.

I could tell that he was distracted by unpacking sheets and, trying to make his bed. He glanced over at my window, seeing me there, he smiled, and continued pulling the sheets tighter on his bed.

Ever so often he would glace over, and I continued standing there, in my robe, watching, smiling slightly.

He waved a little. I waved back. Feeling dumb, but still feeling confident, I loosened my robe, showing more of my cleavage. Travis stopped what he was doing, sitting down the bed, staring directly at me.

My heart skipped a few beats, having his complete attention.

I started back at him, wondering what would happen if I stood completely naked.

Instead I made a point of making sure he knew I was staring at him. I played with my robe, making my nipples hard, I pinched them through the satin.

Travis didn’t take his eyes off of me, I bit my lower lip, feeling ridiculously aroused.

I thought about getting naked, but figured it was a little too forward for the first night. I waved, once more, before closing the curtains.

Even behind the curtains I could still see Travis sitting on the bed, it took him a full five minutes before he stood up.

The next morning I couldn’t help but open the curtains as I got ready for the day. I didn’t see Travis, and that irritated me slightly. I slipped off my nightgown, standing in my bra and panties. I even moved directly in front of the window, and still I could not see him. Perhaps he was still sleeping.

I showered quickly, hearing James yell through the door. “Bye Krista, I’ll see you later?” He sounded pathetic, and I loved my new found power over him.

“Bye.” I called to him, wrapping my hair in a towel.

I had a plan for the day, and it did not involve planning my escape from James, but instead, to hook Travis.

The morning sunshine was unusually hot. I moved outside to our pool, laying a hot pink towel over the concrete. I mindlessly swam a few laps, getting in some much needed exercises and thinking of reasons why I should happen to drop by Travis’s house unannounced.

I glanced up at Travis’s window, squinting noticing some movement. With one hand I untied my bikini top, freeing my bouncy tits. Laying back I let the sun shine down on my nipples causing them to perk up.

I peeked through my sunglasses noticing Travis standing in the open window.

He seemed unfazed by my tits, “Good morning Krista.” His voice was so deep and smooth, it sent chills racing through my spine.

I pressed up, on my elbows, “Good morning Travis, enjoying the view?”

“I would love to show you exactly how much I am enjoying this view, but sadly I do not think the man I saw leaving your house this morning would enjoy it.

“What man?” I smiled coyly.

“Are you inviting me to your pool, Krista, because I would love to get you all wet.”

“Come get me Travis.”

I honestly had no idea where all my confidence was coming from, but honestly I felt like I was on fire with desire. James had been the only man in my life, and I was so close to leaving the relationship something ignited, I wanted to play with fire.

Travis made his way into my backyard, he had on bright blue swimmer trunks. His body was just as perfect as I thought it would be. His brown skin was shimmering, his abs rippled and contracted as he bent over to set down his water bottle.

I wanted to cover myself, but decided against it, he was certainly acting as if seeing my tits was not a big deal.

“How was your first night in your new house?” I asked, laying back on my towel.

“It was ok, a little lonely.” He adjusted his crotch. I could see the outline of his dick, flacid it was already bigger than anything I had ever seen.

“So judging by the ring on your finger, I am assuming you are married?”

I kept my eyes closed, “When I met you yesterday I was packing up to leave him.”

“Is that so?” Travis laughed softly.

“Yes, but I decided last night that controlling him is much easier.

“Are you a Dom, Krista?” Travis’s eyes gleamed.

I sat up, my boobs falling under my armpits, “I’m sorry, a what?”

“You get satisfaction from ordering little fuck boys around, making them do things for you, controlling their orgasms, making them buy you things, stuff like that.”

“I didn’t know it had a name, James seemed to like it, but at this point I really don’t care what he likes.”

“Said like a perfect Dominatrix, you should look into buying him a cage and locking up his little dick, then let me fuck you.” He looked over at me, expectantly.

I paused for a moment, thinking about James’s face after I demanded that he wear a cage. “That sounds like fun, I wonder how James would react, especially if I locked up his precious dick.”

Travis kneeled next to me, pushing a piece of hair behind my ear, “I’m not going to touch you, not until I get to fuck you into submission.

Shivers raced up my legs, my nipples were so erect I was certain they could cut glass.

“You don’t want to fuck me right here, right now?” I asked, feeling his breath hot on my skin.

He lightly touched my nipple, rubbing slowly, causing me to arch my back with pleasure.

No man had ever touched me like that before, James was always grabbing and groping. Up until this point I had never known how turned on I could actually get. Everything in my body screamed for Travis to touch me.

He laughed softly, tracing his fingers around my neck. “If I put my mouth on you, will you do what I say?”

It was impossible to deny him. Everything about him was different, he was so tender and calm. “Yes, please!” I moaned.

His head moved from my breast down my ribs, where he licked and lightly bit. I couldn’t help but squeal with delight, as he approached between my legs. He paused, lightly touching me over my bikini bottoms. Rubbing, pressing, watching me thrash with pleasure.

“Has James ever gone down on you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“Has he made you cum with his mouth before?”

I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. I shook my head.

Travis grinned ear to ear. He pulled down my bikini bottoms, slowly, pausing only to spread my knees apart. “Lay back beautiful, let me show you what you have been missing.”

He kissed my inner thighs, so softly, It was impossible to relax, as soon as his mouth started kissing my pussy, a bolt of lightening surged through me. I  yelped, grabbing his head.

“OH I think you like this,” he said, continuing to swirl his tongue. He looked up at me, loving the fact that I could not stop shaking. He gently sucked on my clit, slowly than harder, until I bucked and tensed so hard, I thought I could break through the concrete if I really tried.

“I’m going to..” my voice trailed off, as the wave of tingles rushed from my toes to my ears, flushing my body with endorphins.

Travis wiped his mouth, before kissing my stomach and breasts, sucking gingerly on each nipple before kissing my neck.

“Just think, I made you cum that hard with my mouth, think about what I can do with my cock.”

My pussy contracted from the heat of his breath in my ear. I could see how turned on he was, his cock was massive.

“Can I see it?” I asked reaching for the bulge in front of his bathing suit.

“Krista you can do more than see it.” He pulled out his dick, it sprang forward in a perfect arch. It was thick and had to be close to nine inches.

“I don’t think that is going to fit..” I looked at him nervously.

He spit in his hand, and lightly stroked it, moving up and down in perfect rhythm. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll get you good and wet, we will go nice and slow.”

I spread my legs wide, inviting him to try, “Fuck me now Travis, fill me with your big black cock.”

“Krista you don’t realize how much this is going to hurt, you can’t go from a tiny dick to me, I will basically be taking your virginity.”

“I want it.” I spread my pussy with my fingers, showing him how wet and ready I was to take all of his dick.

“You sure you don’t want to move to a bed, or some place a little more comfortable?”

I pulled him towards me, rubbing the head of his cock along my slit. “Make me scream, Travis.”

That was all he needed to hear. He tried to start out slow, pushing in just the tip of his pulsating cock, but I raised my hips quickly, causing him to plunged inside me. He was only halfway in and it hurt. I winced. “Ow, ow,” I pressed my hands to his stomach trying to push him out.

“Relax baby, breathe.” He leaned over me, kissing my neck, and gently started fucking me. With each thrust he got deeper and deeper, before I knew it we were in synch he was so deep and my pussy was wrapped so tightly around him he struggled to maintain his control.

“Krist, Krista, I’m going to cum all over your little pussy.”

I dug my fingernails into his back, letting him fuck me as hard as he wanted, enjoying the pain, and the pleasure.

Suddenly he pulled out his cock, jerked it quickly, and shot a hot load of cum all over my pussy and stomach. He groaned so loudly, birds flew from the trees.

I looked down at my cum covered pussy, noticing a little bit of blood on the towel.

“Oh my god, why am I bleeding?” I squeezed my knees together.

“Baby, I think I just took your real virginity,” he kissed me on my forehead before pulling on his bathing suit bottoms.

“Fuck, that is going to be great to throw in James’s face.” I laughed before diving into the pool.

“ I can’t wait to do that in front of him.” I smiled at Travis, who winked at me in agreement.

Finding a cock cage, was surprisingly easy. Several sites sold a variety of styles. I had no idea what I was looking for, but found looking at the different shapes and materials offered that I started to get very aroused.

I purchased a metal cage, with a large heart lock. I made sure to order an extra small, so that I could add in more humiliation. I read that some men really got off on being teased about their small penis. I assumed that James was aware of his tiny dick, and I planned on highlighting it with the size of the cock cage. For some reason reading the other people’s reviews was intriguing. One man posted a link to a site that sold over sized dog cages. He explained that he enjoyed being locked inside it while his wife fucked several guys at once. I clicked on the link, and browsed the dog cages. I pictured James on all fours in the cage, being forced to watch Travis fuck me up against it. I couldn’t figure out why my panties were soaked, but something about the visual ignited a fire deep within me.  I moved the “extra large dog crate” into my shopping cart, not even flinching at the two hundred dollar charge. I went ahead and purchased a black latex one piece suit, black lace up boots, handcuffs and a ball gag for him. If I was going to be a Domme then I needed to dress the part. I quickly sent a few of the links to Travis’s phone, setting a date for him to come over. My pussy tightened at the thought of him fucking me again, the thought of James being forced to watch was even more exciting. Travis responded almost immediately. Looks amazing, can’t wait.

Click here for Part 2

About the Author: 

Katie is a 34 year old writer and adult performer. As far as kink goes she considers herself a Domme  She likes to write about pegging and CEI since these are both her fetishes. << This is where you can find her erotica << This is where you can find her adult videos



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