Bound Together

Their breathing slowly came back to normal as they lay together, arms and legs tangled up, remnants of clothing torn and scattered around the room. Her panties would never be wearable again, being little more than scraps of lace attached to an elastic waistband, she wisely had foregone wearing a bra, and her t-shirt was now suitable for nothing other than the recycling bin. He was still mostly dressed, having only undone the zipper and button of his jeans and pulling them down just enough to take her, although his shirt was soaked through with their combined sweat. They both still had their shoes and socks on, and the bed was still made, though thoroughly mussed from their rambunctious coupling.
He rolled off her, reluctantly withdrawing his still partially-hard cock from her sopping wet pussy, and releasing her wrists from his grip. He hoped she wouldn’t bruise from the restraint, but at the same time, he knew she would consider it a small price to pay for the intensity of the encounter.

“That… wow… uh… thank you?” she said weakly as she rolled to face him, turning from her stomach to her side.

“You’re welcome, pet. I trust that you weren’t wearing anything you minded being destroyed?”

“No, sir. I took your promise to rip my clothing off me seriously.”

She curled into him, and he wrapped his arms around her. After a violent round of fucking, he enjoyed those moments of closeness with her.

After a few moments, he laughed. “I feel horribly overdressed.” He sat up, removing his shirt and kicking off his shoes. While still sitting, he reached down and pulled off her shoes and socks, then gently pulled the scrap of her panties off her hips. He laid down back next to her, pants still on, and began to wiggle them down his legs, until the only piece of clothing between the two of them was his underwear.

“How are you feeling, pet?”

“Safe,” she said, nuzzling into his chest. “Owned. Taken. Yours.”

“Do you like that feeling? That sense of being possessed? That surrender of control of even your own movement to me?” He asked, almost rhetorically. From the way she screamed when she came, he knew how much she enjoyed surrendering to him.

“You have to ask?” she replied, looking up at him.

“No, not really. I just like hearing you say it.”

“Then yes, sir. I very much enjoy it when you take control from me. When you are in complete possession of me, making me yours to do with as you please.”

“Good,” he said. “Now, wait here.”

He got up off the bed, as she rolled over onto her back, allowing her to watch him as he moved about the room. He had a small bag that he brought with him as he entered, which he tossed to the side when he approached her earlier. There was no time to think about it as he savagely took her, but now that they were both calmer, now that the edge had been taken off their lust, he could return his thoughts to the items he had prepared for today. He retrieved the bag and walked over to her, unzipping it as he did so. As he stood over her, he reached in and pulled out the first of several long lengths of silk that had been in the bag.

“Your hands, pet. Give them to me.”

Obediently, she raised her hands into the air, placing them in his reach. He took the first length of the silk and put the end of it between her wrists, and then began winding the silk around her wrists and forearms. There was enough silk that he was able to wrap it around her limbs a good dozen times. He then crossed the fabric down, cinching it tight with loops between her wrists. She was firmly tied now, and there remained enough fabric that he could take the other end of it and tie off on the headboard, pulling it taught enough that her arms were stretched over her head, wrists bound together.

She looked up at him with a smoldering lust in her eyes.

“What do you intend to do to me, Sir?” she asked.

“Hush, pet. I’m not done yet.”

He moved down to the foot of the bed, and grasped her right ankle as he pulled a second length of silk from the bag. She looked down at him, watching as he wrapped her ankle with the silk, making sure that the fabric was tight and unlikely to slip off her foot. He wrapped both up her calf, and down past her ankle, wrapping it around her foot, almost mummifying her from just above the ankle down to her toes, again making sure that there was enough remaining that he could take the end and tie it down to the leg of the bed.

Moving slowly, but with purpose, he then repeated the task on her left leg, tying it to the opposite leg. She was now fully bound down, legs spread apart, arms stretched above her head. He sat down on the bed next to her, leaned over, and kissed her fiercely, claiming her mouth with his.

“You’re helpless, my pet. Completely open and vulnerable to me.” He put his hand on her stomach, and began to slowly trail it up towards her breasts. “I can do whatever I want to you. How does that make you feel?”

“Like I am completely in your power, Sir,” she answered. He watched as her nipples stiffened in arousal, both from the proximity of his touch, and her own excitement on acknowledging her vulnerability. His fingers traced circles around her breasts, almost touching them, but not quite. She arched her back, trying to force his hand to touch you, but he pulled back.

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” he asked, teasing.

“When it comes to you? Yes. Always.”

His hand reversed course, moving down to stroke her thighs, slowly working his way in. He took a firm grip on her thighs, loving the feel of the muscle under her skin. Then, he gingerly let one fingertip stroke between her nether lips. She was so wet, so ready for him. He felt her lips part, eager for him to penetrate her, but he did not oblige, stroking up to tease her clit between thumb and forefinger, stroking back down between her lips almost to her ass.

She started to wiggle against him, silently pleading for more. “Hold still,” he told her. “Or I’ll take my hand away entirely, get dressed, and go for a walk, leaving you here.”

“You wouldn’t…” she started to say as he arched an eyebrow in response. “You would. Yes, sir. I’ll… try.”

He laid down next to her, his lips next to her ear, hand still between her outstretched thighs, gently stroking her, allowing his fingers to slip slightly deeper into her with each stroke. She was wet and hot under his touch. Even without moving her hips, her body tried to draw him in. As he slipped one finger past her lips, feeling her pussy squeeze him, he whispered into her ear.

“Just lay back, my pet. Let yourself go. You can’t get up even if you wanted to. But you don’t want to, do you? You want to surrender yourself to my touch. To my control.”

She moaned at that, or perhaps it was from the finger that was inside her, stroking her from within. He knew every curve, every angle that she liked to be touched in. His finger explored her, finding all of them, stroking her to a fever pitch.

“Yes, sir. Take me. I’m yours,” she moaned.

“I shall,” he whispered, lightly biting her neck as the hand that was not inside her removed his underwear. He had been hard for her since the moment he began affixing the restraints to her. He crawled between her legs, removed his finger, and with a practiced thrust, entered her with his cock.

Earlier that day, when they had fucked, it was hard, and savage, and brutal, and left both of them gasping for breath, bruised and scratched. This time, with her bound, he took her slowly, almost gently, although his thrusts into her remained firm. His mouth found hers, and claimed it once more. Although her wrists were bound, one of his hands came up to grip them, while the other took hold of her hip, holding her steady as he fucked her.

When their climaxes came, it was not the savage, harsh explosion of pleasure they experienced earlier, but a slow build that crests and crests and crests until their orgasm came upon them almost by surprise.

As he laid on top of her, still embedded within her, slowly softening, he looked deep into her eyes. “You are mine, pet.”

She smiled. “Yes, sir.”

About the Author

Broken Unicorn has been a writer since he was a child, starting off writing decidedly non-erotic stories about superheroes. As he got older, he started writing erotica about superheroes, before eventually discovering his kinky side and writing about people who could live in the real world. He lives in the midwest, and is happy to live in a very full house that includes four humans and two dogs. He can be found under the profile Broken_Unicorn


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