Do It Again

How did it start?. The mood at the dinner party had been so light and fun. She watched him take off the tie and undo his top button. Making love to him had always been so easy. Sometimes it was the stuff of love songs other times it was like coming home.

She places a stack of plates on top of the dishwasher. He takes her by the waist and turns her around, her back to the island. She makes a feeble attempt to protest the attention. She runs her fingers through his hair pressing forward to kiss him. He slips her encirclement and gets down on one knee. “What are you doing? You fool. Get up and help me load the dishwasher.”

“Give- me-your-foot.” He places his hand at her ankle and raises her foot. Kissing her shin and making eye contact. His broad grin makes her face light up. She loves him with every fiber of her being. He still wanted her like they were teenagers. He was her silly, loving goof. Her girlfriends whined about how their marriages had changed. One of the girls has a lunchtime fuck buddy. 

“Foreplay in the kitchen,” she thought.

He taps the back of her other leg. “You’re nuts,” she giggled and held her leg in place. He touched it again and smiled. The silky fabric highlights her perfectly formed thigh. “Come on” pointing her toe in response the shiny nude shoe knocks on the hardwood floor. Kissing the top of her foot, he slides his hand up to the back of her knee, letting her leg fall back to earth like a feather from an angel’s wing. He looked up, smiled, dipped under her dress, and kissed her inner thigh. 


He nudges his head between her legs. Her stockings slide on the floor like a baby deer stepping onto a freshly frozen pond. She grabs the edge of the counter and scrabbles to catch her balance. His determination meant she continued to brace herself against the counter. His hands move up to her honeypot, sliding his thumbs under her panties. Thumbs spread her labia his large hands take her weight and ease her up onto the counter. She squeals in surprise. Dedicated to his task, her dress moved like a puppy under a blanket. He is licking and nipping through her panties. Her legs are over his shoulders, she has no choice, but to recline and push the contents of the counter aside. She strains to request, “we can go to the bedroom?”

“No.” He hooked her panties to the side. Her labia is swollen and warm with arousal. Sliding his hands under her ass, he pulls her forward.

She surrenders to the twitch in her clit, his flat tongue presses that spot between her ass and cunt. His soft, warm mouth covers the width of her. Her clit is in his mouth. “Fuck! Shit! Oh my Fucking God!”

His face appears above the fabric, “Language young lady. You know, we do not swear in this house.” 

“Are you fucking with me?” his forearms are holding her legs open. His thumbs are keeping her open. She feels her juices start to cool. He has stopped, she looks down between her legs, the skirt has slid to the top of her thighs he is blowing on her vagina. She hears, “I was, and you swore.” 

With bulging eyes, she spits, “you want to discuss swearing, now?”

“Are you going to follow the rules, or do I need to discipline you?” He raised an eyebrow. As he speaks, he is moving her dress to expose her sex. She tightens her stomach to lift an arm and tries to cover herself. 

He stops her. “I am proud to say your pussy is mine and I don’t want you covered.” The panties are soaked. She can feel their wetness as his hand take the edges and begin to remove them. “Bum up!” The panties plop onto the floor, he looks at them, smiles, and pushes her dress to her waist, continuing the motion to her breasts massaging them, thumbs panning over her pert nipples. He Squeezes them in their lacy cage through the thin fabric. He becomes flush, and she knows he is hard for her. A commanding gaze holds her attention. “This is new?” she thinks and smiles. She settles onto her elbows. He watches as her shoulders relax and drop, she has accepted. “Good Girl,” he varies the pressure until the nipples pop.

“Clay, really? Let’s go to the bedroom?” 

“Your rules, we don’t swear, and we eat in the kitchen. Now, I am enforcing the rules. You will learn to accept me taking your pussy in the kitchen when it suits me.” Abandoning her breasts, his fingers begin to explore her moist pussy. Her head goes back, and both elbows keep her chest raised. She draws a full breath “fine” seeps from her open mouth.

He removes his fingers, “Why are you stopping? I said fine.” Opening the top-drawer, he places a drying cloth along the drawer, puts her feet on the edge of the drawer. “Don’t move,” he reaches for the utensil container, grabs a wooden soon and places it on her sculpted mound. Twisting to follow him as he moved around there island. The spoon hit the floor. 

“I said, not to move.” He opens the pantry, pulls out the chocolate sundae sauce. She began to sit up. “No, I’m not done. You see this. It’s your punishment for not behaving.” As he approached, he held her hair and cradled her head, bringing her mouth to his, kissing her deeply, relentlessly. Her protest softened. “Now, I want you to be a good girl, take your punishment, and I will reward your obedience.” She raised her head to kiss him again and say, “ok.” He kissed her forehead, “Good girl, legs up, knees together.” He had moved the stuff that was behind her? She lid flat on the island legs raised and ankles crossed squeezing her legs together to hide her sex. 


“What the fuck?”

“No swearing” –Smack– he had the spoon in his hand and had hit her again. “Did it hurt?”

” No, but?”

Another gentle smack, this time on her compressed sex. 


“My goal is your pleasure; now do as you are told.” Smack.

“If you say, Pudding, I will stop, sound fair?” he was caressing her ass as he spoke.

He wet his finger and began to stroke her sex. Not breaking eye contact, her face softened. She kept her thighs together but unlocked her ankles. Grazing his fingers along with her stocking a shiver shuttered her body, “That’s it. Enjoy this; you are mine.” Her closed legs hid his face. She opened them slightly to catch sight of him. 

“Good girl” He had the chocolate bottle opened and hovered above her pussy. ” I want more dessert, and you need to learn. I will take your pussy as it suits me.” A drizzle of the sauce fell onto the manicured mound. He covers her and sucks like he is taking the top off of a soft-serve cone. He lingers, she feels his tongue slide down to her clitoris.

Her hands come up and hold her knees. She is entirely open to him. Her surrender allows him to feast on her sweetness, a flat tongue from ass to clit. The sweetest treat his licking intensified as her hips begin to rise. He stops at her vagina, lapping up the creaminess she produces. His stiff tongue darting in and out, his hands firmly on her hips, holding her to his face. Her moans become more intense, and her breath ragged, he feels her cunt tighten, trying to hold his tongue.

“You, I want you inside me,” she whimpered with swollen lips and dewy skin. Her dress was sticking to her.

“You moved, this is your punishment, I will let you orgasm, enjoy the ride.”

His speed slows as he maneuvers his tongue onto her clit. Her legs were shaking, her ass held firm as she raises her pussy to his mouth. He moans as he licks her swollen clitoris. She lowers her legs and places her ankles on his shoulders open and wanting for his attention, her hand on his head as she began to climax, rotating her hips he brings his mouth around her hard reactive clit and sucks while listening for her breath, switching to licking her entire sex to prolong the build. This time as he strokes her ripeness with a firm tongue, he inserts his fingers and locks his mouth onto her clit and sucks. 

Waves of ecstasy caused Karen’s back to raise her hip and drive her cunt into her husband’s face, her release gushes as she gyrates, he kisses her inner thigh as he continues to she rides the orgasm to it sweet end, contraction push the liquid from her sex, he kisses and licks until she speaks, “Do it again.” He laughs. Kissing her sex, he surveys his work, reaches forward to help her up and show her the spoon. She grabs the spoon, slithers down between him and the counter, and takes off. “Meet you in the bedroom.”

About the Author

Lover of all things sensual, a weaver of words, knowledge is my kink. Snippets of experience wrapped in fantasy and dream are the kernels of my inspiration. “What if…” is often the start of crafting a new story. I love to teach, cook, travel, collect art, read, and write. Life has taught me to wring every drop from it, I hope you do as well.


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