Erotica: Teacher’s Pet, Slave Training 101


Before I even met the teacher, he gave me 3 homework assignments. Having been a straight A student throughout college, I didn’t expect any less of my performance in the kinkster world.

Assignment One – he said that I could wear nothing I had worn with anyone else, the first time I met him. Not even a brand new item that was the same style as one I had previously worn. So I went out and got a new bra, G-string, garter belt, stockings, collar, and so forth.

Assignment Two – the teacher wanted a full report on everything I had learned from my previous mentor, the protocol I was taught to follow, and what I had liked and disliked. I prepared a ten page report, which he reviewed. He told me he was disappointed that there were several typos and a grammatical error or two. I was instructed to make corrections and bring a hard copy.

Assignment Three – was more of a punishment. The teacher told me not to masturbate or cum until we met. As usual, I broke this rule, and so he told me to fill a writing pad with “I will not cum without Sir’s permission.” I didn’t fill the writing pad. I mean, I do have to work. But I did fill many pages, which I was told to bring for his review. I was also told there would be consequences for being such a greedy slut and violating the rules.

As I began putting on the lingerie I had selected, I realized that everything but the top could be easily camouflaged with street clothes. So I asked the teacher if I could change into the top once I got there. He said ordinarily he would have no problem with that. But since I had been such a dirty whore who had to satisfy myself instead of obeying the rules, I could not. In fact, he wanted me to just come in the slutty clothes I planned to wear inside, so that everyone outside could see what a slut I was. And that’s what I did, although feeling self-conscious since it was still daylight when I arrived.

As soon as I came in I learned there were other rules to follow. One, I was to strip down to bra and panties whenever I entered the building, and leave the rest of my clothes at the front door. Two, I was not to go on the bed unless he told me to, or I asked (and got) his permission. Otherwise, I was to stay on the floor.

We talked for a bit, while he reviewed Assignment 3 and found it wanting, and then he told me to go upstairs to the classroom. Once we were there, he ordered me to take off everything but my garter belt, stockings, and heels and stand there while he looked me over. Then he told me to bend over and put my hands on the bed while he smacked me soundly and repeatedly for my insolence in not following his instructions. It hurt, but of course I knew better than to complain.

After that, he said he was going to review my report and see if I had corrected my previous mistakes. He laid down on the bed and told me to come up on my knees, with my head between his legs. Then he grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face down onto his stiff, hard cock, with instructions to suck while he read. I happily did so, glad for more practice of my deepthroating technique. He didn’t like it when I gagged and said I was coughing on him, so I totally focused on suppressing my gag reflex so as not to anger the teacher. I enjoyed sucking on that lovely cock, although when I went to hold it in my hand he told me to keep my hands on the bed and use my mouth alone. This increased the challenge, which turned me on even more. A side challenge was that I didn’t want to start cumming and squirt all over his bed. I knew that would be a problem. So I had the delightful torture of sucking on his big cock, without using my hands to assist, all the while not cumming from my excitement and pleasure.

The teacher was very systematic. Whenever he found a typo, a grammatical error (we differed on a few of these), or had a question, he would grab me up by my hair and pull my head up to face him. Once his concern was addressed, he would shove my head back down and tell me to suck on his left ball. Naturally I did as I was told, until the next time he pulled me up by the hair with a question or comment. Then he would shove my head back down with an order to suck on his right ball. We rotated like this for quite a while, and I was happy to see that he seemed to be enjoying it. I know I was. He was meticulously clean, and well endowed. I don’t know how I contained my own desire to cum (I usually don’t). But I didn’t want to face whatever other consequences he might have in store.

There were a few other lessons learned that night, which I will remember. When class was almost over, the teacher remarked that he saw on Fet that I was curious about triple penetration. He took the butt plug I brought and pushed it into my ass, then told me to fuck myself with my glass dildo, and stood over me face fucking me until he came. As he did he pulled out quickly so that he could spurt it all over my face, then put it back in my mouth so that I could hungrily swallow the rest. Right about this time I began to cum so intensely that it was like Niagara Falls. I was shuddering and cumming so much that even I was shocked. We both looked at it, amazed. Luckily, like the dedicated student that I am, I had planned ahead for this contingency and brought my Fascinator Throe, a waterproof blanket that absorbed the impressive amount of cum that squirted from me. The last thing I wanted to do was mess up the teacher’s classroom! And then class was over for the day.

Amanda Lee is a lusty and enthusiastic newcomer to the world of kink who identifies with the submissive/slave/bimbo roles. After a lifetime of vanilla sex, she began to explore her dark side on Fetlife just five months ago and never looked back. Starting with a mentor who exposed her rather quickly to many dynamics of the D/s and M/s relationships via Skype, she has moved on to real life adventures. In her professional life, she is a writer.

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