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The following is an excerpt from my novel PEEPER, which won the 2012 Bondage Award for Best Bondage Story.
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Jacek’s cloak went down again and a lesson began in how to properly stretch a hard-used slave.

Preece named every muscle, described how it was being activated, where it connected to tendons and other muscles, how they worked together. He described Peeper’s orgasmic arm and fist clenching and showed Jacek how it caused her entire upper body to hurt, even up the sides of her neck to her temples and down to her chest muscles. He named different organs and where they were in the body and how some could be affected by a beating, pointed out that the lower section of soft tissue below the ribs was untouched by Lord Quye’s beatings.

“The kidneys can be bruised and damaged and are to be avoided with her, at all costs. There are two ribs that are not connected to the sternum in the front. They float here.” His fingertips pressed in under the bottom rib, far enough for Jacek to see but not far enough to cause Peeper pain. “You must be aware of them. A flogger brushing over is one thing. But a solid hit from one, or a cane or whip, is not permitted. The slave can suffer cracked or broken ribs and die from bleeding if a careless strike causes a rib to pierce an internal organ,” Preece said. “I’ve seen it happen and it is not pleasant.”

“How do you know so much about human anatomy?” Jacek asked.

“I have attended and participated in many dissections of corpses. Fascinating stuff if you can get past the stench and the yuck factor. Let her lay still now and rest while you begin a massage.”

Jacek and was disgusted by the thought of a corpse cut open and entrails exposed for digging around in, and resolved never again to ask Preece how he knew anything.

“Peeper is particularly docile and obedient after such a thorough beating,” Preece continued. “She’s going to be very quiet and calm for a couple days. From now on, whenever she is with you, you will have her rest.”

“That doesn’t get much work done,” Jacek said gently rolling his fingertips over the muscles of her arm.

Preece chuckled. “She is to perform no work. She does not so much as carry a blanket unless I tell her to. Her only job is to be at my beck and call and ready to serve me in any capacity I require of her on a moment’s notice. That will be work enough, I assure you. What you see now is much the same as I will require from her and it will be your job and Dohan’s to keep her in need and ready for me.”

“So I can look forward to her being in this condition often?”

“Constantly,” Preece corrected, tracing that particularly angry welt again and smiling when she giggled. “One set will not fade before the next is applied.”

Jacek wondered if that statement was for him or a tease for Peeper. “I must admit that I did not know she was such a beating slave. Even that day in the King’s chamber, I thought that was extreme.”

“That was just a warm up to me,” Preece dismissed. “I am a sadist, Jacek, and a Master of my craft. I like to see the pains I inflict play out in my slave’s body. I derive all manner of pleasures from what I do and the results I get. I adore the slave’s submissions to my will and my desire. I am also very particular about the slave on whom I practice my craft. Precious few are capable of accepting my most intense attentions. Peeper is one of two in Axlar’s court who can serve me to full capacity.”

“The other being?”

“Her name is Orla. She used to be the Queen’s best friend. They were captured by my uncle Pekes and sent together to my father’s stronghold. Mother submitted, Orla did not. She learned the way of pain through discipline and punishment because she continually fought back and tried to escape. Mother learned through love and pleasure.”

“Isn’t that how Peeper learned? Punishment?”

“No,” Preece said, voice dropped to a hush. “Angry violence, not discipline and punishment. Entirely different. She did not earn what he did to her and she did not deserve it and she learned to fear spontaneous bouts of feet and fists she didn’t know if she’d survive. Not the same at all.”

He paused, looking down on her where she lay still and beautiful against the dark brown of Jacek’s cloak. “You have the opportunity to learn a great deal, Jacek. Not of court or the ways of Kings; but of Mastery. I and my brothers; Generals Rigio, Aisus, and Kelen…We are the end all and be all of Mastery in the country of Mida. You may not like to beat your slaves, but you should know the proper ways for it to be done with different implements; and the improper ways so that you can correct someone beating their slave in the street. This you can learn from me and Rigio. You may not like to use a cane, but you should know how to apply it to different parts of the body for your desired effect. Aisus is the utmost authority on the cane and I learned from him. The flogger, with its many tails, can be soft as butter or hard as iron. That is Kelen’s specialty and I was a diligent student. I learned from anyone who had something new to teach about the Way of Pain.”

“And the King?”

Preece smiled a sort of snort. “He’s a spanker. Under his hand, just about any slave can take two hours if he wishes it. You may be one of the Queen’s favored employees, but you have to earn my respect. Sure, you can handle a disobedient cunt like Echie and you carry the rank of Master. But you are very low in that ranking. Not much above Dohan at this point. You have all of two minutes seniority over him.”

He saw Jacek’s unpleasant expression and smiled, plucking a small flower and trailing it down Peeper’s back.

“You expect proper shows of submission and respect and you get it because it is what you demand. She does as you tell her because she knows she will be swiftly and painfully disciplined if she does not. You hold the rank of Master and a dominant position over her, but has she known smiles from you? A small touch of affection? A tiny consideration for her emotions and the internal struggles of every slave? Just a little love?”

Jacek had to think hard, wasn’t sure of either. Couldn’t readily name one instance of either for either Peeper or Echie, except perhaps when he had Peeper select her flowers. He seemed to recall feeling a bit softer toward her that night.

“They all have their struggles. Some hide them better than others. Echie’s are there to be seen every single minute. She holds her heart in her hands. Peeper learned to withhold much. You can see in her eyes what she’s thinking sometimes. But if she doesn’t know how to feel, or if what she’s feeling would earn her a punishment, her eyes are as blank as the wind.”

Jacek knew the truth of that. If Peeper was with someone she trusted, she let that person see everything she was feeling. Her face was expressive to compensate for the lack of tongue.

“Sadism is an art form, the slave a canvas,” Preece continued. “Peeper goes where I say and does as I wish because she knows that she is mine to do with as I choose. And because she wants to. Her submission is mine to command not because I take it from her, as you take with your demands, but because she gives it to me freely. She knows in any group of people who is the highest ranking Master. In this place, I am the unquestioned Master and she gives to me that which she will offer no one else—the very core of her being. She will surrender to me every single thing I want of her, when I want it of her, to the degree I want it. Because she wants to. There is no overhanging threat of discipline as she gets from you. In fact, she has no thought of receiving punishment from me at all. She knows she has only to please me in order to receive my affection and I make myself pleasable.”

He paused, tilting his head to see that she was asleep again. “You demand with sharpness and anger and the slave is relieved to not displease you. What a place that is to reside. I wouldn’t want to live there. I, on the other hand, speak softly and the slave responds with joy to my command and is fulfilled in having pleased.”

He paused again to study the welts and stripes across Peeper’s back. “Demand versus Command, Jacek. That is the difference between one who owns a slave and is called ‘Master’ and one who is Master. Which would you prefer to be?”

Like the snippet? Read the book in Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/PEEPER-Gethis-History-Planet-Book-ebook/dp/B0033PSJIE

** Note about the “avoid the kidneys at all costs” comment by Preece. The character Peeper, at this point in the story, is recovering from near-starvation and is still very thin. Avoidance of the kidneys applies to her as a matter of her personal safety and well-being and is not necessarily applied to all slaves.

** This book won the Best Bondage Story category of the 2012 Bondage Awards.


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