An Excerpt from Peeper Indomitable

Reah woke in a comfortably warm bed, enveloped in the softness of the blanket with her head gently cradled on a delightful pillow. Her eyes opened to see Moros leaning up on an elbow, watching her. He smiled, an expression she still wasn’t accustomed to seeing from him.

“You’re quite angelic when you sleep. No one would ever guess you shot a man through the eye with an arrow in front of your entire court.”

She said nothing, made no motion.

“What do you miss from your years under Eklur’s boot?” he asked.


Said too quickly.

“Of course you don’t miss beatings that left you with broken bones. There had to be something he did that wasn’t so objectionable,” Moros pursued.

“Oddly enough, those bad beatings meant he would leave me alone for a few weeks,” she informed him in far too neutral a tone. “The daily stupid punishments would stop for that time.”

“Daily stupid punishments?” he repeated.

“He would make me confess things I’d done wrong that day, just so he could torture me. I would get five strikes from his hand to my breasts for each one. Then he’d make me confess another thing. That’s why I had an ejaculatory orgasm when Rigio punished me in the same manner on Ande’s tour.”

“He told me about that. Okay. On your back across my thighs. Let’s see if I can make this far more fun for the both of us.”

She hesitated, watching him sit up and place a pillow over his lap.

“That should be more comfortable. Come on,” he said.

She sat up and turned around. Arms over her head was hard on the shoulders and awkward, with the pillow holding her up. He suggested folding her arms under herself, between his legs and under the pillow. The effect was more or less the same. Her arms were out of the way and her breasts were isolated for him, and her weight was on her shoulders more than her arms.

“Close your eyes. Relax,” he said, hands slipping gently around her breasts to caress them lightly. “I talked with Preece last night. He has agreed I should come be the Head of your Household. The deal is made and I will come to take up the position when you return from your vacation in Tridor. A vacation I do not approve of, by the way. Once I arrive, you will make no such plans without my express permission. That means no betting for time away from your Master.”

She did not reply, too busy enjoying the strumming of his fingers across her hard nipples. He kept up the sensation until her hips flexed into a squirm.

“Now…Stupid daily punishment for things you have done wrong. Tell me what you’ve done, Peeper, so that I may issue a punishment and cleanse your conscience.”

“Um…” She had to search her memory for anything that would be considered against Preece’s rules. “I had a third cup of wine when he was talking to someone at Rheece’s wedding dinner. Preece doesn’t—”

“You will refer to him as Master,” Moros corrected at once, giving the tips of her nipples a brief but painful pinch.

“Master normally only allows me to have two. I have to ask for a third if I want it. I didn’t ask. His back was turned and I refilled my own cup.”

He gave both nipples a quick, sharp pinch that caused her to gasp with the sudden pain.

“That is a punishable offense,” he said, and pinched again. “You do not take a third cup of wine without asking first. Are you allowed to touch the pitcher?”

“It’s not been a specifically spoken rule for or against. I do often refill his cup,” she said. “I have to touch the pitcher to do that.”

“It is a spoken rule now,” he said, giving her another hard pinch. “You do not touch the pitcher at all unless you are specifically told to do so. If you want more wine, you will always ask.”

He gave her a moment of gentleness again, to relax her and not rush the play session. He was enjoying her far too much to rush through or cut it too short. Or to get too serious about things.

“What else have you to confess?” he asked when he was ready to give her pain again.

“Uhhh…I told Master I was going to take a walk in the garden, but I went and shot arrows instead,” she said.

“Meaning you weren’t where you told him you would be.”


“That’s worth a good one,” he said, and held the double pinch for a good five seconds before releasing her nipples. “Changing your destination is dangerous. Your Master needs to trust that you are where you said you would be. You will not do that anymore. Changes in destination must be approved by him. Or by me.”

He did not ask if she understood. He did not ask if he was being clear. Rules were not hers to approve but for her to accept and obey.

Four fingers strummed quickly across both nipples and she gave him a groan of deep pleasure.

“Can I make you cum just from this?” he asked.


She received a stinger to her left nipple, like Jacek used to do, and cried out with the unexpected intensity of the strike. He liked the squirm of her arms against his leg.

“You’re missing a word when you answer me,” he said. “Rephrase your answer.”

“You probably can make me cum that way, Master.”

“Which way?” he asked, having returned to the full cupping slides of his hands.

“Rubbing your fingers over my nipples, Master,” she said.

“Like this?” he said, going back to the sensation that so quickly brought her little nipples out to be tormented further.

“Mmmmm, just like that, Master,” she purred.

His hands swiveled left and right faster. Her back arched to present her lovely breasts. In an instant, her belly clenched and she grunted an orgasm.

“Just like that,” he said, fingertips sliding down her nipples and off the tips without the painful pinch.

He reached a hand down between her legs to slide a slow finger between her labia to tease her arousal along and feel her wetness.

“What else should you be punished for this morning?”

“I don’t know, Master. I might need a minute to think if there was anything else,” she said.

“Oh, come now,” he said, a single finger slipping into her. “There’s always something else. I’m sure something will come to you.”

He took his hand away, the tease ended.

“I stepped on the hem of my dress and ripped the lace.”

“Making work for other people,” he clucked his tongue, and took the pillow out from under her. “Definitely a punishable offense.”

Fast and hard, giving both nipples a firm tug that caused her to cry out.

“You must not make unnecessary work for the people who serve you,” he scolded her. “They already have plenty enough to do.”

He brought a palm down onto her breast the same way Rigio had, then her inner thigh. His hands were a swift series of stout smacks, not as hard as Rigio had done, but enough to sting and take her breath away with speed and frequency.

“I like this game,” he said when she was gasping for air and had gushed a flood onto the surface of the bed. “We’re going to do this several times a week, I think.”

He slid one leg out from under her, then the other. A trip around the bed and he climbed up between her pinked thighs.

“I should have your thighs and breasts burning for a while every day to remind you what is expected of you.”

He kissed and bit his way up her legs, and tongued the tattoos that ended in the brand of Parin’s symbol. She smiled, mind a hazy puddle of calm and quiet as his cock slipped into her.

“I think I should fuck you so often that you’re too sore for your husband to fuck.”

She laughed at the notion.

TylerRose. is known as Dame Tyler in the NYC public SM/Fetish scene. She is an award-winning author who has written two “lifestyle”, four cartoon, and twenty fiction books.

Peeper Indomitable is set for release on February 23rd, 2019. You can pre-order it now:

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She enjoys crocheting and baking, and will no doubt die with a thesaurus open on her thigh.


  1. Amazing!

  2. tinydancer says:

    Agreed! I read it twice! Couldn’t get enough of it!

  3. Dame TylerRose. says:

    Glad you like it! This is the form before my edits. You can be guaranteed there will be more detail in the final form in the book when it’s published.

  4. Wow! Great pace. Thank you.

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