He’s back in town. So many hate the rotation. The time between, no email, no phone calls,  nothing creates longing. Then the message- “Can I see you?” He knows the answer. Nevertheless, he always asks. My heart lifts, maybe a bit more than it should, for a friend I only get to see for a few hours. Those hours are complete. I am his and his alone, the clock stops, and we weave together. 

I answer the door- he walks in, my greeting sounds hallow. Before he answers he kisses me, I take off that silly baseball hat. His silken tongue massages mine, my stomach flips, and I audibly exhale with pleasure and wanting. “Get up those stairs,” he barely whispers as he taps my bottom. He follows, holding my ass. At the top of the stairs, he grabs me from behind, and I feel his warmth, he grabs my breasts and kisses my neck and across my shoulders. I am impatient- I want him in me. Like a brazen child, I say no, and hurry to the bedroom, removing my tank top and throwing it at him. I adore his quiet yet playful nature. He locks the door. I stand in a pair of red lace boy shorts, a strip of red satin covering my freshly waxed pussy. He doesn’t move or speak- he just grins. I reach for my phone and select a playlist. He puts a finger up to his lips. 

I press pause, “but I like music.”

He moves towards me, takes my phone and tosses it onto the dresser. “No talking.” My secondary protest is met with a finger on my lips, I open my mouth and wrap my tongue and lips around as he tugs,  I graze it with my teeth. My hand moves around him. He removes my hands and shakes his head. I press my lips together. The room is so quiet. He removes my panties. I am exposed, laid bare. I watch every move.

On his knees, his callus hands are silken against my thighs, kissing my smooth pussy. I ache to feel him between my legs. His hand squeezes my ass as he kisses and nips, my knees buckle in response. He stops. I make big eyes. 

“Stay there, don’t move.”

I sit on the edge of the bed. He takes me by the hand. Turns me around, lifts my arms, and places me against the wall. I turn my head to speak, his finger is to his mouth, “shhh.” I turn back around he taps the inside of my thigh, so I open my legs, My clit is throbbing, I am wet. A single finger slides between my ass cheeks towards my clit. My breath catches, my ass rises to him.

“Nice and wet,” he says. I place my forehead on the wall, waiting for his fingers to open me. He is walking away. I turn my head; he comes back and faces me forward. I hold his pose. My skin cools, and my desire is replaced with anxiety. I want to see where this goes, but I’m too exposed. 

Tap, tap, my pretty red shoes appear between my feet. He puts them on me. He insists on me not helping. I am growing impatient, his hand caresses my ass, lifting it and squeezing it possessively, his body is pressed against mine. His mouth is by my ear, “you are safe, trust me.” He draws back, and I hear him walk away. 

My head is reeling. He walked away. I can’t feel him, and I can’t hear him, a car door slams mumblings float through the closed window. I feel the air in the room change. I didn’t hear the bedroom door open. My ears perk as the floor squeaks. He left the dam room, that is the hall floor. I can feel my toes in my shoes. I had been standing on my tippy toes in the shoes, my calves, thighs, and ass held firm. I let my lower body relax onto the heels. I became aware of the effort I was making to keep my torso in this position. It was more comfortable with my balance on my toes. I drew my stomach in firmly+ to let my shoulder drop all the while my foot, and hand positions were unchanged, and I listened, patiently. I wiggled my body. I was aware of my joints. I bent my knees and moved my head. I arched my back, my ass protruding as I felt my chest muscles stretch. I elongated my left side, then my right like a cat stretching in the morning sun. 

An exhale followed by a purr. He was there. He was watching me. I froze acutely aware of my nakedness. “Mother fucker,” I thought. I motioned to push myself off the wall. I was stiff, and he was behind me. His body is close again, his hand on mine, his chest hair prickles on my back. His hand moves down and around to my breasts. His breath is hot on my neck. My sex awakes from its slumber, I move to respond, but his weight holds me in place. I am present in my body. His firm rough hands awaken every hair.

“Are you, ok?” he asks.

 I murmur, “um-huh.”

 “Good,” he pulls my ass out, shifting my position, changing my center of balance. “Try that.”

I see his shadow move across the floor towards the bathroom. How much time has passed? If there was a shadow that meant the sun was coming around. How long had I been there? What game was he playing? I listened for his activities. Was he running shower? I turned my head to see. He had placed a towel behind my heels in such a way that if I moved, he’d know. Curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to see where this was going?  A bit of spanking during sex had been fun, even played with blindfolds and scarves. He’d also bent her over the island in the kitchen and spanked her until she came. This waiting? -This was weird. Her legs began to ache, again she pulled her tummy taught. She felt shaky. 

The shower stopped. Excitement filled my chest; he’d be back now to fuck me. He was good for an hour of foreplay and fucking, surely he was ready to leave soon. He never showered before. What was his game today?  A door opens, and the citrus scent filled the room. He flicks a light switch. He is in my closet. A hum? In the toy chest! “Oh, Christ!” I thought, “What are you up to?” I called not moving. A loud “SHHH” came from the closet.  I begin to believe he had fallen down the rabbit hole after the white rabbit. My body is weary from standing in the shoes for so long. I eye my toes an start to love my pretty shoes a whole lot less.

“Mercy,” I say, talking to no one. He was there, his arms around me.

“Ok, sweetness, you did good.” He holds me firmly, and I sit on the bed. The blood flows back into my arm; they tingle intensely. He is taking the shoes off and massaging my feet. I am so confused. This is not how we play. He shows up. I suck, he fucks, I cum, he cums, he leaves. The light in the room has changed.

“Move back on the bed for me?” I do as he asks, I am searching for something to pull over myself. I move so my back is against the pillows and draw my legs up to cover myself. 

He returns my shoes to the closet and returns with the toy chest. My get up, and fuck is gone. I am; still, I don’t speak, I just watch. He lays the chest at the foot of the bed and goes the bathroom, returning with two large towels. 

As though he is reading my thoughts, he answers, “yes, you will cum, and gush.” I exhale and smile. “That’s better; I like that smile.” He is naked and crawls towards me. “Want to play some more?” I nod but hold my tongue. Honestly, the tingling in my arms and legs makes me want to move around. I slide onto the towel. My legs slide between his as he kneels up on the bed. He just above my knees, his eyes hold on me. My hand covers my pussy. “If you cover it I can’t kiss it?” I move my hands up. He raises an eyebrow and smirks. I place them at my side. 

“If you stay still and quiet I won’t tie you up.” He leaned forward and kissed his way down my body as he moved off the bed. “Eyes open and on me,” he stated matter-of-factly. Jesus, he was asking a lot now. Take your eyes off mine, and I might stop. She looked down her body. He had plugged in the damn wand. He laid it on the bed. He reached for my knees and pulled me to him. My head was flat on the bed. I raised it to watch him. He was semi-erect as he moved between my legs. His mouth was so soft and warm, his hands wandered and searched for ticklish spots. He opened me with his tongue. I was so wet and wanting. My eyes close as I feel my sex harden and ache for touch, I reached to touch my clit, but his face was buried, I put my hand on his head, he didn’t protest. 

“Oh, Christ,” my cunt contracts to the sucking of my clit, his hands wrapped around holding my hips in place. The urge to rise hummed inside me, noises of please filled the room, my cries of pleasure. 

“Yesss,” stammered from my mouth, I was dizzy, I had been holding my breath. He draws back, “not yet.”

“Please don’t stop” I moan, My pussy is throbbing, my stomach and legs are shaking. He puts a condom on the wand  and some lube on. “don’t want you to chafe.” He opens my labia and barely touches my clit with the vibrating head.  I squeal in shock and ecstasy. “Eyes on me.” 

I bug my eyes and bite down on the inside of my lip. Raising a moan of protest as he says, “don’t cum.” The vibration courses through me. My hips press into the bed as though trying to hide from the vibration; the change in pressure is enough to awake every nerve. 

My eyes close and Please seeps from my mouth. He turns up the speed and I drawback, it’s too much. My body is overloaded with sensations. I can’t think. His fingers are in me. I can’t catch my breath. I tingle all over. “you can cum now,” he backs off with the wand and fingers me through the waves. I buck and ride, unaware of time and space. I float back into my body, and I can open my eyes. I can’t speak, I can’t move. 

He is next to my head. He places a pillow under my head, kisses me and says, “eyes on me!” I watch him as he stands at the foot of the bed, his cock is rock hard, I want him in me, connected to me, in my mouth, in my cunt, but I can’t move. He is masturbating. I move to sit up and move towards him. 

“Touch yourself for me.” I like back down and look at him. My clit is still hard, a breeze, and it’s alive and ready again. We watch each other as our bodies respond, and eyes begin to flutter. My hips rise, my arm is throbbing. “Come suck me, now!” 

Finally! His cock is that beautiful crimson color, ready for my mouth. I take him deep to the back of my throat. My mouth fills with saliva as I come back to the head. He is so hard. I suck his head gently but hold firmly tasting his saltiness. Water drips into my eyes. I am soaked in sweat. “Don’t stop masturbating,” he says. I don’t even try questioning him. I open my legs and barely have to make contact, I suck in the rhythm that I stroke myself. His cock twitches and I take him deeply again saliva fills my mouth, I release his cock and dip under to suck his balls in my mouth. Licking and sucking as my orgasm rises, sucking a little too hard, he jumps and brings me back to the present. 

He helps me up and turns me around face-first on the bed. I hear the condom wrapper hit the dresser. His hand rubs my ass and then smack. He is in me. He fills me as he holds my hips, my ass perks to bring him balls deep. A cacophony of moans and howls of pleasure filled the air. I called my god and goddess as he tempered his speed, allowing me to cum again.  Then the three, body shattering thrusts that bring that orgasm from deep inside was released. He continues to move for several minutes as I melted into the bed, a puddle of unadulterated contentment.

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Lover of all things sensual, a weaver of words, knowledge is my kink. Snippets of experience wrapped in fantasy and dream are the kernels of my inspiration. “What if…” is often the start of crafting a new story. I love to teach, cook, travel, collect art, read, and write. Life has taught me to wring every drop from it, I hope you do as well.


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