Master Rigio of Gloriana

Rigio saw her coming through the bedroom.

“Stay there.”

He met her at the door when she stepped through, took her by the hand and kissed her cheek and told her how lovely she looked. Seating her in the companion chair, giving her a small whiskey, he put the cane in her hand.

“I’ll be right back. Wait for me.”

Lady Boldon and Iris were waiting by the door of the suite. He said goodnight and let them out and locked the door. Turning off lights along the way, the apartment darkened behind him. He liked this layout, the controlled path and entry, the one way emergency exit in the wall.

“I’d like to watch you cane the slave, Reah,” he said, stopping near the chairs. “Inspire him to good oral service.”

She smiled and stood as he opened his pants and sat near the front edge of the chair. His cock and balls hung freely. Property eased forward to take the base of this new cock in hand to stroke.

“No hands,” Rigio said. 

Which forced Property to brace his hands on the floor to lean far enough forward that he could suck and keep his backside presented. As always, the Namrata did not start lightly. Not her hardest swings, but certainly not gentle and coaxing. She swung methodically until his ass was on fire, then changed target between his legs to whap back and forth rapidly just at the bottom of his ball sack. Then up to strike the sack directly.

Grunts and fast breaths as he dealt with it. Rigio held back his chuckles as Property struggled to take his Mistress’ mean cane and give proper oral service at the same time. The torment of stroking his cock and balls softly with the cane about drove Property over the edge every time. She knew well how to balance the pain and the pleasure. When she gave him a hard kick to the balls, Property almost spilled onto the carpet. His groan was loud, he shuddered inside his skin and sucked down harder to avoid biting the cock in his mouth.

Rigio watched her, saw her tight focus…and the beast in her blood. Not like the Beast in Preece’s belly. That was mostly Parin. This was her own cruel streak, learned at the hands of a cruel man, and tempered by living among others who had control and had taught her control. Otherwise, he’d worry she was just a murdering brute.

She grew strong as she got deeper into the beating and Property did not put on a show of noise. She said nothing, did not taunt or verbally humiliate. She increased her force swing after swing, pausing after a smashing hit that about sent Property through the roof. She took a step away to give Property a moment to regain his composure after the open-mouthed scream, give him time to resume his vigorous sucking.

Rigio pushed him away. “Go to your room.”

“He can take much more,” Reah said, and smacked his ass once more as he crawled by her.

“I’m sure he can,” Rigio said, leaving the seat. “But I want you. Now.”

He picked her up around the waist, carrying her straight through the doorway and to the bed. On the edge of the foot, the nightgown sliced down with a knife he was too fast with, he pushed her to lie back, pulled her thighs around his hips to have her with a vigor he’d not shown her before. Gown ripped the rest of the way up, he took his belt from his pants to whip her breasts as they slid and jiggled with his hip force.

“Is that why you brought these gowns?” she asked when he turned her over to stand off the side of the bed and sliced it from her back. “To destroy them?”

“Yes,” he replied, and gave her a long beating to her upper back, buttocks and thighs.

He wailed on her until she could barely keep on her feet and her hands were no longer trying to grip the sheets. Belt aside, he finished in her ass in a few hard and fast minutes very unlike his other sodomies.

“Starting right now, I will keep you hot and horny as you were in Mida. Your satisfaction is at my mercy and you will not be sated every day. Climb up and go to sleep and don’t you dare try to jack yourself.”

She did climb up, slow and stiff  and deep into the dream space. She was sated through the beating and plenty of orgasms, not needing the finisher to be at peace. Happily beaten, more so than she’d been in a long time, and curled onto a side to sigh her content, she fell into a hard sleep in a matter of minutes.

Kissing her cheek, smiling at his good work, Rigio gathered up the remnants of the nightgown into a pile and went into the sitting room to get another shot of whiskey and turn off the lights. He went out onto the balcony outside the office room to see what could be seen.. He could not see the men on the roof, which meant they could not see him. Why were there men on the roof? He would put them on the ground instead.

Heading for the bathing room intending to take a quick one himself, he heard a noise inside the slave bedroom. Opening the door, he found the slave on his knees on the floor, trying to finish himself off over the piss bucket.

“Having trouble?”

Property startled, looked up. He was having difficulties. “The Namrata knows how to keep me in agony of need all too well, Master. I cannot finish for wanting her small hand or Master’s harsh invasion.”

“Come here.”

Property followed Rigio into the corridor between bathing room and bedroom. Painful hand in his hair and another around his forearm put him hard up against the smooth, painted wall. Scant seconds and he was penetrated enough like Moros had done in the Temple in Mida.

“If you’re going to cum then do it,” Rigio hissed, pinning the slave to the wall and thrusting in sharp jerks. “I will keep her in need. But not you. So if you need an ass rape before you can sleep, I’ll rape your ass when you least expect it.”

Property groaned with his cum, his hard shaft pulsing and throbbing between his belly and the unyielding wall. His warm goo spurted in slow blobs with each jerk from Master, smearing over his skin and the wall.

Rigio kept going until his own climax shot out, and let go the slave.

“Clean up that mess,” he said, and went to take that bath.

Excerpt from Peeper of Gloriana


TylerRose. is known as Dame Tyler in the NYC public SM/Fetish scene. She is an award-winning author who has written two “lifestyle”, four cartoon, and twentysomething fiction books.

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