Popping The Pussycat

“I promise you we’ll get there,” he said gently, taking her hand from his crotch to put it atop his shoulder instead. “In my own time and in my own way. That is the Gar in me. I don’t want or need for you to do anything for me. All I want is for you to respond naturally, however what I do inspires you. Whatever noise, whatever movement. That is where my pleasure lies. Don’t put on a show of it in any way.”

She nodded, captivated by the calmness in his dark eyes and the rumble of his voice in that big chest.

The leg she was straddling came up to put her entire weight on her sex and his thigh. Her arms went rigid to balance herself until she found a place to put the toe of her shoes and brace her legs back and out of the way. Pulling her forward slightly around the waist put pressure at the top of her open vagina. The pressure on that delicate spot made her gasp a little, confirming the presence of a clitoris, which Voranian women did not have. 

He stole her breath with feather light touches to her breasts that popped her nipples out like little marbles. Soft, smooth fingertips strummed sideways across them.

“Can you cum from this?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she whispered, eyes closing with a surge of arousal.

Fingers strumming faster, like playing a guitar, pressing in for a firmer stroke. Her legs strained. She squirmed, shifting her pelvis and hitting just the right spot. Combined with the demand of his fingers, she shuddered in a small climax. He felt a small, wet warmth spread through his pantleg.

He kissed her, palm pressing over her entire breast, and enjoyed the wetness of her tongue touching his without any prompting on his part. He lowered his knee, holding her firmly to guide her down to lie on the incredibly sumptuous rug. Fur against her naked skin, having been made to cum by a new lover.

“I made your pants wet,” she smiled at the darkness in the middle of his thigh.

“I shall cut that square from the material and carry it in my pocket so I can smell you whenever I want,” he said, opening the garment to remove it.

She laughed. “You would not!”

“Indeed I would,” he said, taking the knife from the back pocket.

He thrust the angled tip into the material and sliced, producing a triangle the size of his hand. He lifted the wet center to his nose to inhale, closing his eyes for the briefest of seconds.

“Mmmm. Very nice.” He tossed it aside, closing the balisong with fast flips of his wrist. “I will soon taste it from the source.”

He came to lie beside her, his big hand sliding up her thigh. She became aware of an odd pressure to the side of her vulva, increasing, stealing her breath away with each passing second as it built.

“What is–? Oh, my,” she gasped.

He slipped a finger inside and pressed thumb on the outside to finger on the inside, pinching firmly but without pain. Warmth spread through her channel as she made whimpering mewling sounds and squirmed beside him. He moved himself in close, to feel her writhe against his chest and belly. Finger and thumb rolled slowly and her astonishment came out in a loud, sharply pitched note of a cry. He kept on, knowing she’d not hit it yet. Wetness lubricated his finger and he slipped a second in to roll against the pad of the thumb.

At once her back arched sharply, breasts jiggling wonderfully. The shriek from her throat was as surprised as the sudden and harsh reaction of her body. As she lay there with eyes closed, panting for breath, his thumb released to allow the fingers to slowly glide deeper into her.

“Was that good?”

“Oh, my god! That was fantastic,” she blurted.

“I’m glad. That sweet spot is unique to Voranian women. It’s called Popping the Pussycat.”

Excerpt from Ties That Bind


TylerRose. is known as Dame Tyler in the NYC public SM/Fetish scene. She is an award-winning author who has written two “lifestyle”, four cartoon, and twentysomething fiction books.

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