Model: Lady Valencia
Shot by: DK @dk_88_la

I could tell the whole drive back to the apartment how badly she wanted to know what was waiting for her, but I had to give her credit for not asking. There was a wistful, thoughtful expression on her face as we turned off the freeway, down one residential street and then another, and she bit her lip in a way that I found delightful.


“You’re dying to ask me what your present is, aren’t you?” I asked, placing a hand on her leg.


“Yes, Sir.”


I slid my hand up her thigh, past the stocking-covered part of her leg to the bare flesh between stockings and panties, pushing up her skirt and letting the side of my hand nestle into the crease between her thigh and her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating off of her cunt.


“But you’re not going to, are you?”


“No, Sir. If you want to tell me, you will.”


I smiled as I slipped my fingers under the satin of her panties, tracing the outer lips of her pussy. I could feel her wetness gathering, and her hips bucked as I just barely flicked her engorged clit. The wondering and anticipation had served as a wonderful bit of foreplay for her.


“What a good pet you are,” I told her, feeling her shudder in pleasure from the praise.


“And your waiting is almost at an end,” I said as I turned into the parking lot of my apartment building.  “We’re here.”


This was the first time I was bringing her to my apartment. We had always before met in hotel rooms in neutral cities, but for Christmas Eve, it seemed to be the right time to bring her into my home for the first time.


I stopped the car and went around to her side to let her out. As she stepped out, smoothing her skirt down while she did so, I slipped a blindfold over her eyes, securing the band over her long, dark hair. I took my scarf off and wrapped it around her wrists, using it as a makeshift lead. “No peeking. Now, follow.”


I led her up the stairs and unlocked the door. I brought her inside, and sat her down on the couch, removing the scarf from her wrists and slipping her coat off her shoulders. The apartment was illuminated by candles, the gas fireplace, and the lights of the tree. Taking my own place in the easy chair catty-corner to the couch, I spoke. “You may remove the blindfold now. Merry Christmas, Pet.”


Tentatively she reached up and slipped the blindfold off. Her eyes immediately went to the light of the fireplace that was directly in front of her. She then turned to face me, having figured out my relative position by the sound of my voice. She looked at me and smiled, but not seeing anything she could identify as a “present,” she turned to look at the other side of the room – an area dominated by the tree and decorated with lights and ornaments. In front of the tree sat her present, a tall, beautiful, lightly muscled man with dark brown skin. He was wearing only a red satin pair of briefs, with a comically large bow attached at the front, and a promising bulge within. His wrists were tied loosely in front of him with a thick piece of red ribbon. His gaze was fixed downwards, showing the thick mass of dreadlocks on his head.


“Pet, I would like you to meet Derek,” I said as she took him in. “Derek is a slave to a good friend of mine. She has agreed to loan him to me for tonight, and he is my present to you.”


She looked back at me, eyes wide, nervously biting her lower lip. She was clearly excited, but trepidatious at the same time. I nodded at her reassuringly. “Go ahead.”


She got to her feet, standing somewhat uncertainly on her black high-heeled shoes as she walked over to him, standing above the handsome man still kneeling before her submissively. With one hand, she reached under his chin, touching him lightly to get him to look up at her. It was a gesture I had used on her many times in the past, and he responded as readily to her touch as she ever did to mine.


“Yes, Mistress?” Derek said as he gazed at her, deep brown eyes filled with lust and adoration. Before asking Madame Katherine to loan him to me, I had shared many photos of my pet with them both, to make sure that he would find her attractive, and that the idea of spending a night as her property would be as pleasant for him as I already knew it would be for her.


I saw her struggle for a moment to accept being called Mistress, but she recovered quickly. “Stand up. I want to see my present fully.”


Derek got to his feet and stood before her, arms akimbo at his sides. He kept his eyes lowered, but I noticed that the bulge under his satin briefs was larger. He clearly liked what he was seeing. I am certain that my pet noticed it as well.


“Turn,” she ordered him, and he complied, slowly spinning in position. His muscles were taught and tight, and his skin glistened in the illumination provided by the candles, fireplace and Christmas lights, shining from the lotion that he had been rubbed down with. My pet reached out while he was faced away from her, trailing down his well-muscled back with a manicured hand, the contrast between her pale skin and bright red fingernails stark against his skin. Her fingertips traced down from the base of his neck to the waistband of his underwear, at which point she grabbed one firm buttock and squeezed. Her back was now to me, but I suspected she was licking her lips as she did so.


“Turn back to face me,” she said and he readily did so. The hand which had squeezed his ass remained in place, fingers tracing his hips and then finding his cock as he turned. As soon as his face was back to hers, she reached out with her other hand, grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him into a fierce, predatory kiss.


Although muffled by the kiss, I could hear him groan in pleasure, and her growl appreciatively.


“To the couch. Now. Strip me.” she ordered, her voice getting thick with lust.


They quickly made their way back to the couch. She yanked at the ribbon around his wrists, undoing the loose bow that held them together, then she turned away, presenting her back to him. His hands deftly undid the zipper of her little black dress, fingers slipping under the straps and sliding them over her shoulders. The dress fell into a puddle around her ankles, leaving her only in a black satin bra and thong panties, black seamed stockings and her heels. Her long brown hair cascaded down her back. He stroked her hair appreciatively, then his fingers slid under her hair, finding the catch of her bra. With a motion he undid it, and she shrugged her shoulders, helping it fall off her. Her modest breasts were revealed to my gaze at this point, her nipples hard points of lust and excitement. His large hands snaked around to her front, cupping her tits in his hands, nipples finding their way between his fingers as he gently squeezed. My pet moaned, a sound of pure lust that made me hard within my jeans as I watched them.


She turned back to him, her hands reaching down to feel his cock again through his underwear.


“My panties. Now.”


He smiled as he reached down, hooking her panties in his thumbs as he swiftly pulled them past her hips. He released them, and they slid down her legs, joining her dress in a puddle at her feet. The brown hair between her thighs just visible to me before she had grabbed him by the hips, pulling him to her, and grinding herself against his hardness. Her mouth found his again, and I heard the wetness of lips and tongues dueling as they passionately kissed.

She broke the kiss, stepping back against the couch, and then falling down into a seated position, her thighs spread wide. The thin hair of her pubes did nothing to hide that her pussy was engorged, very wet, outer lips just slightly spread apart revealing the glistening pink flesh within. Her aroma was thick in the room, I could smell her mouth-watering scent even across the room. I was sorely tempted to move between her my thighs myself for a taste, but I stayed put, gently stroking myself as I watched.


“Worship me,” she commanded, and he dropped to his knees between her legs.


“Yes, Mistress,” Derek responded as his mouth descended to her breast. His tongue traced circles around her nipple before he closed his lips over her tit, sucking half of it into his mouth. She gasped, and I saw one of his hands dive between her thighs. His body blocked my view of what he was doing with that hand, but from the gasps and moans coming from her mouth, I imagined that his finger was probing the depths of her cunt, likely flicking her clit as he did so. I couldn’t imagine that a slave belonging to my friend Katherine wouldn’t be skilled at using his hands to pleasure a pussy, and from how my pet was reacting, I was certain he was doing well.


He made his way down her body with his mouth, kissing and licking all the way until his head was level with her womanhood. She let out a load groan as I saw his face vanish between her thighs. His hand remained between her legs, and as she began to pant, I was certain that he was finger-fucking her as he licked her clit. His other hand came back up to squeeze her tit. She laced her fingers in his hair, pulling his mouth tighter against her pussy. As her moans began to deepen and quicken, his fingers closed over one nipple, pinching it. That was enough to push her over the edge, and I heard her shriek as her thighs tightened around his head and her body shuddered.

She pushed his head away gently as she collapsed back against the couch, hands loosely falling to her side, panting heavily. She looked across the room to me, silently mouthing the words “Thank you,” to me. I smiled and nodded. “Keep going,” I said aloud. “You haven’t even unwrapped your present yet.”


“You’re right,” she said. “Stand up,” she told him. He did so, as she slid off the couch so that she was on her knees in front of him, her face level with the thick bulge in his underwear. It was evident that those red satin briefs were not up to the task of containing his manhood, and she grabbed the sides of the briefs as she licked her lips in anticipation. As they slid down, his cock sprung out. He was large and thick. Katherine had told me that he was just shy of twelve inches in length, and he was as thick around as an uncooked bratwurst. His head flared out nicely, and beneath his cock swung a pair of heavy black balls. He was shaved completely bare, displaying every inch of his manhood to her.


The last time I had been my with my pet, I had used a dildo on her that was nearly as large as Derek, unknowingly (for her) preparing her for her Christmas present. I knew that he would easily be the largest cock she had ever had, but I wanted to make sure that her body wasn’t completely unready to accept such a monster within her. She licked her lips once, muttering “I have to taste him,” then extended her tongue as she licked the length of his shaft.


Derek groaned, and his eyes rolled back in his head, but he had been well-trained enough to know that he must not grab his Mistress’s head while she was orally pleasuring him. After making sure that his cock was slick with her spit, my pet smiled as she spread her lips wide and took his head within her mouth. Her lips hollowed in some as she sucked him in deeper. She would suck him hard for a few moments, then withdraw, before taking him back in her mouth. With each repetition of this act she would take him deeper, and I knew she was challenging herself. She had a very weak gag reflex, and she could easily deepthroat me. I could see the determination in her face as she tried to do the same with Derek, despite the fact that he was both longer and thicker than I was – and I am not exactly small.


“Go on, Pet,” I urged her. “I want to see his cock vanish within that talented mouth of yours. Suck him in. All of him.”


Her eyes flicked over to glance at me, and her lips curled up in a wicked smile as she resumed her efforts. One hand reached up to stroke his hairless ballsack as she kept going. Eventually with a triumphant grin stretched obscenely around his cock her lips closed down around the base of his cock.


“Oh fuck, Mistress…. Thank you,” Derek groaned as she slid her mouth back off his cock. “No one has ever fully taken me in their mouth.” With a giggle, my Pet, his Mistress answered. “Well, you’re going to love this then.” And with that, she gobbled up his cock again, his length pushing down into her throat. I knew that once she had gotten herself used to it, she could easily take him again. After sucking him to the root again, she pulled him back out again. “Fuck my face, fuck my throat. Don’t be gentle – but don’t you dare fucking cum.” She grabbed him by the hips as she pulled him back in, and then he did as she had ordered, his cock freely moving in and out of her mouth as she guided him into fucking her face. His groans were loud, nearly painful as he enjoyed her throat.


“Mistress… If we keep going… I’m going to cum…” he warned her, and she quickly pulled off of him.


“As tempting as that is, as delicious as you are,” she said, “I want that inside of me first.” She pushed him by the hips and he sat back down on the couch, his cock pointing angrily at the ceiling. She stood up and turned to face me so she could ride him reverse-cowgirl style. She locked her eyes with me. “Sir, do you want to see his cock defile my tight little pussy?”


I nodded, not trusting my words at this moment. I was jealous of the size of his cock, of course. But I had used toys nearly as large on her before, so I wasn’t scared of losing her to him. And I wanted to see the pleasure in her eyes as she stretched herself on his massive tool.


She backed up, using her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart as she lowered herself down to him. She took his shaft in the other hand and rubbed his thick head between her pussy lips, spreading the combined mixture of spit, precum, and her own natural lubrication over both of them. She aimed the head between her lips and pushed, sinking down almost an entire inch as his thickness pushed her open.

“Oh, God…” she moaned. “He’s bigger than the toy you used last time, and that was the biggest thing I ever had inside me before…”


“I know. But I know you can do it. And I know you want to.”


She smiled wickedly as she lifted herself up, so that just the tip of him remained embedded in her. “I do.” And she pushed back down, taking him slightly further this time, her breasts bouncing with the effort. Her nipples were hard points of excitement, and her face was a bizarre grimace that mixed lust, fear, pain and pleasure all at the same time.


She continued to work his cock deeper into her pussy, Derek’s hands were on her hips, but he was letting her set the pace. Finally she stopped, whinnying in frustration, as there were still several inches of his cock visible outside of her cunt.


“I can’t… I just can’t take him any deeper. But I want to.”


“Are you certain?” I asked her.


“Yes!” she demanded, a cute pout crossing her lips.


“Let me help then,” I said as I removed myself from the chair and moved closer to them, walking forward on my knees until I was face to face with the juncture of my Pet’s lightly furred pussy and Derek’s large hairless black cock.


“Just relax,” I instructed as I brought my lips to her clit. I gently sucked on it until it was fully engorged. “Keep trying to fuck him,” I told her as my tongue began to flick across her clit, sometimes moving down to lick where they met, and to lick up and down his shaft. She wasn’t wrong, he was delicious, although no match for the ambrosia which flowed from her cleft.


The attention to her clit was having its desired effect, and her pussy relaxed and she was able to start to take him deeper. She started to moan as he fucked her and I licked and sucked her (and him as well, although at the moment that was incidental to pleasuring her with my mouth. I decided at that moment that I did want to suck him before I returned him to Katherine, however.) Even with the increased attention, there was still about an inch of him that she could not quite manage to take within her.


The three of us paused for a moment. “I just can’t…” she whined.


“You can,” I insisted. “Close your eyes, and get moving again.” As she did so, I took her clit between my teeth, gently biting as my tongue moved in a blur across the sensitive bud of flesh. As I did so, I took Derek’s hands, laced my fingers in his his over her hips and as I began to really suck at her, making her start to cry out in pleasure, I fiercely pushed down on her hips, pulling her over his cock, and I felt the “pop” as he pushed back the final barrier within her and sank into her to his balls.


She shrieked, in pain and pleasure, as he completely filled her, and for a moment she went completely still. As I looked up, I could see that she had blacked out from the sensation. I came up from between her thighs as I wrapped my arms around her lovingly and began to stroke her hair, although I left him embedded within her.


After a moment, her eyes fluttered open. “Sir?” she asked.


“You did it, Pet,” I told her. “Can you feel him?”


“Oh god,” she groaned, her fingers moving to touch where they met. “I am so full…”


I grinned. “You are. Turn around. Face your lover, your slave, your present for the night. Enjoy him.”


She silently whispered “I love you, Sir,” before turning her head to look at Derek over her shoulder. “I need you to fuck me senseless now.”


“I thought you’d never ask, Mistress,” he said.


She slowly pulled herself off him. When he exited her pussy, her lips remained obscenely spread open, revealing the pink channel that had been made ready for him. She spun around, stradling him on the couch, reached back and guided him back within her. She kissed him as she sank fully down on his cock, and his heavy balls were just visible under the majestic curve of her ass.


“Now, I’m going to ride you. Fuck me,” she commanded, as she began to move her hips, letting him partially slip out of her as she moved up and down on that thick cock. Derek responded as she had requested, and moved his hips up to meet her downward thrusts. Loud squelching sounds filled the room as his cock invaded her wet cunt. Her own moans quickly drowned out the sounds of their bodies, and his own low groans soon joined them.


As I watched them fuck, my own cock was thick and hard. Watching her ass move up and down, her pussy lips spread wide over his cock filled me with lust for her, and her moans were intoxicating in my ears. I was sorely tempted to join them, and then decided that this may be her present, but she was still my Pet to use as I saw fit. Freeing myself from my jeans I scooted back up to them, my hands coming down on her hips and holding her in place for a moment. Their combined juices had slid down the crevice of her ass earlier, and her ass was slippery when I placed my cockhead between her buttocks, the tip finding her asshole.


“Sir, I’m not sure if I can…”


“Hush,” I told her. “You can. And you will. I fucked your ass while the toy filled your cunt last time, you can take me and your present now.”


She was slick enough from earlier that the head of my cock slid past her sphincter without much difficulty. She groaned as I worked myself in deeper, and I could feel Derek’s thick member through the thin membranes within her. My lust was overwhelming, and I was a bit less gentle and a bit more persistent than typical as I worked my way into her bowels. Her ass was a tight, hot sheathe around my cock, and then I found myself completely buried within her, my own balls resting against Derek’s.


“You are now about to be fucked, Pet. Harder than you ever have before.”


“Yes,” she moaned. “Use me.”


I allowed her and Derek to set the pace, knowing that most of her pleasure was going to come from his thick cock in her cunt, and the friction against her clit their juncture would provide. Besides, her ass was so tight I knew I wasn’t going to need much more stimulation.

“God, she’s so tight,” Derek moaned as he lowered her up and down his shaft. “With your cock in her from behind… I’ve never had a pussy like this. Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Mistress.”


“Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” she said as she began to move with renewed vigor. “Fuck your Mistress. Fill me with that thick cock. With both of them. I want them. I want your cum. Both of you. Fill me with your spunk. God!” she groaned as she ground her clit against his pubic bone. Her mouth closed over his just after she said. “Just. Fuck. Me.”


I moved my hands off her hips, letting Derek hold her there, as my hands moved up between my Pet and her present, finding her breasts with their eager, hard nipples. I squeezed gently as my fingers began to tweak the hard pebbles of flesh and the three of us began to move in unison.


We fucked. We did not make love. We didn’t have sex. Derek and I fucked this woman. Worshiping her as we used her. Reducing her to a sex toy as we elevated her as a Goddess of lust and longing. Our bodies worked together, three individuals united as one entity, focused on nothing more than our individual pleasure and the pleasure of the other two people present.


I don’t know who first moaned that their orgasm was imminent. It might have been her. It might have been Derek. It might even have been me, but before long I could feel the twitching of Derek’s cock as it spurted within her, and tightness of her channel meant I could feel every pulse of the major vein that ran the underside of his cock. That was enough to trigger my own orgasm, and I flooded her ass with my own cum. She whined and cried as we both came in her, and I could tell that she wasn’t quite able to be pushed over to the edge by that.


As Derek stopped moving under her, and I felt him begin to soften within her, I pulled her off of him, sitting her next to him on the couch. I fell to my knees between her thighs, face to face with the mess of her pussy. Her thin pubes were a matted mess, his cum having oozed out from between her pussy lips, my own cum between the cheeks of her ass, her pussy spread open wide from the hard fucking it had just received. Without hesitation I brought my face between her thighs, and began to lick the mess up, his cum, my cum, and her own juices combining in a delicious mixture.


Derek leaned over across her thighs and his mouth joined mine, his lips and tongue flicking across her clit while mine probed her depths, drawing more of the gooey mixture of our sexual juices out of her. I kissed him, his thick lips meeting mine as we shared her essence, and I slipped three fingers inside her pussy as we both ate her out.


My fingertips found her g-spot and I began to rub it with intent as Derek’s lips closed over her clit and my tongue bathed her below. Within moments I heard her high pitched sighs begin, and then intensify into moans, and then into shrieks as her body tightened and tensed and finally she cried out, a wordless scream that expressed her ecstasy.


As she collapsed, Derek and I stopped, letting the aftershocks wash over her. I looked up at her, and her eyes were closed as she tried to bring her breathing back to normal. Finally they opened and she looked down at me with love and adoration, then over to Derek, and then back to me.


“Did you enjoy your present, Pet?” I asked her.


“Yes, Sir. Very much. I only have one question.”



She looked over to Derek, putting one hand on his cheek. “When do we have to give him back?”


Derek smiled at her. “Not until the day after tomorrow, Mistress.”


She grinned at me.


“Merry Christmas,” I said.

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Broken Unicorn has been a writer since he was a child, starting off writing decidedly non-erotic stories about superheroes. As he got older, he started writing erotica about superheroes, before eventually discovering his kinky side and writing about people who could live in the real world. He lives in the midwest, and is happy to live in a very full house that includes four humans and two dogs. He can be found under the profile Broken_Unicorn


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