Sometimes I’m A Kitty Cat

I snuggled into my Daddy’s chest. Twirled his chest hair in my fingers. There’s so much I love about being with Daddy. Playing games, singing, being silly, taking cares of him (cause little ones know how to do that really good). Bedtime is when we would  talk most sweetly to each other; he made me feel so very safe. I could tell him anything that was in my head and he would listen. Anything at all. At bedtime he rubs my back, gives me forehead kisses, and strokes my hair. When he was petting my hair, I suddenly had an idea that I was super excited about.


“Yes? Little one.”

“Tomorrow, tomorrow I wants to be a kitty cat!!”

“Ohhh? A kitty cat?”

“Uh huh. Wear ears and a tail and meow and purrs and gets petted”

“Mhmmm?” Daddy was sleepy I could tell.

“Yes, Daddy. A kitty cat”

“Okay sweetie. Tomorrow you can be a kitty cat. Tonight though, it’s time for sleepy”

“But Daddy, now I’m excited about being a kitty cat!”

“Little one, even kitty cats need sleep.” He kept playing with my hair.

“Hmmm, okay Daddy. I know time to sleep”

I settled further into his chest and drifted off in Daddy’s arms.

When I woke, Daddy wasn’t in bed, which was strange cause it was Saturday and I get up first on Saturdays usually. I stretched and yawned and rubbed my eyes and got up to use our bathroom. When I came back out, I noticed what was on the dresser. Daddy remembered!!

My kitty ears, gloves with little kitty nails, and my tail. They were all purple cause in our house kitty cats can be purple. I put on my kitty ears and gloves.  But I needed help with the tail. It was a special tail; you could wear it when you didn’t have clothes on cause kitty cats don’t wear clothes. Daddy said it was a plug and you would put it inside and that’s how your tail would stay on. So, even when you’re crawling on the floor it doesn’t fall off.

“Daddy!! I need some help please” I yelled from the top of the stairs.

“Be right there.” Daddy was in the kitchen probably getting breakfast. I was already on the bed in my “putting the tail in” position. That’s just like princess position with your face down on the bed and your bum high in the air.

“Mmmmm good girl,” Daddy said as he walked in. His footsteps came closer and I heard him open something. There was this special stuff that made your parts slippery when you used it.

“Ready little one?”

“Uh huh. Daddy puts the tail in please”

I felt Daddy’s hand on one side of my bottom. Then his finger dipped inside my little bum hole. Daddy usually put some of that stuff inside before my tail. I felt the plug go in. I likes the way it feels. Daddy gave my bottom a quick swat.

“All set you pretty kitty”

I meowed at him.

He petted my back and I arched to meet his hand.

“Kitty kitty I have a game for us to play”

I meowed again cause kitty cats don’t talk.

Daddy got something from his dresser. When he brought it over I could see that it was a purple collar with a little bell. I loved it. Purple to match his purple kitty.

He put it around my neck and did up the clasp.

“Purrrrfect,” he smiled at me. “Kitty cats, little one, are very quiet when they move. They are almost silent. That’s why some owners put bells on collars so they know where their kitty cat has gone”

I turned over so he could pet my tummy.

“I want to see how quiet you can be. You will crawl around the house just like a kitty. If I hear that bell though, I’m going to come find you, and then… well you’ll see, understood?”

Oh, I loved Daddy’s games. I meowed again to show that I understood. Daddy patted my head and stroked my tail and then left the room. I needed to be very, very quiet.

I slipped off the bed and down to the floor carefully. The bell moved, but didn’t ring. I began to crawl across the floor of our room slowly. I made it to the hall with no ringing. But the stairs!! I turned around to back down them so I could stay on my knees but the bell hit the stair above as I moved down and it rung.

“Don’t you move” Daddy’s voice carried through the house. I didn’t move an inch.

“Tsk Tsk, little kitty, Daddy heard that bell. So naughty, what should we do about it?” Daddy was already behind me. He made my princess parts tingle with his words. What would he do? Then he struck. I knew rights away it was the flogger. Across my bottom, across my back over and over. I cried out at first, but soon settled into it, arching my back to meet the flogger. It made my little honey pot drip. Daddy knew it and paused to dip a finger inside.

“So wet already pretty kitty.” He brought his finger to my mouth.

“Lick it kitty, lick Daddy’s finger clean.” I looked in Daddy’s eyes and licked his finger; it was so good tasting myself on his him. I tasted soooo sweet.

“Mmmmm good kitty, another try? Don’t you let that bell ring.”Daddy left the stairs. My bottom stung, but I knew now to be extra careful to keeps the bell away from the stairs. This time  I made it to the bottom.

I started down the hall towards the living room. It felt like it was taking forever and ever to get there so, I moved a little faster, but my arms came up too quick and it knocked the bell, and it rung loud again.

“Kitty, kitty! Don’t you move!” And there was Daddy in front of me undoing his belt already. I tried to move fast. Cause kitties can be fast and I didn’t care about that bell ringing anymore. I wanted to be away from Daddy’s ouchie belt.

Daddy caught my leg and pulled me back towards him; I kicked and hissed (that’s the sound kitties make when they are mad).

“You hissing at me kitty?” He had a tight grip on my leg and down came his belt across my bottom hard.

“Stop struggling you naughty thing, “ He hit me again two more times til I stopped trying to gets away. I laid quiet on the floor. Daddy’s fingers were now searching inside my princess parts feeling how wet he had made me. Slowly sliding inside and out, I lifted my body up so he could go deeper.

“Oh, you frisky, little kitten. You want to play?”

I meowed and pushed back into his hand. But he stopped and wiped my wetness off his fingers and down my back.

“Turn around.”

I did what Daddy asked cause I was a good kitty (well, mostly). He now stood with his jeans undone and his yummy Daddy part was out. And it was hard. I liked that I made Daddy that way.

“Here Kitty Kitty, come get your treat.”

I moved closer to Daddy and looked up in his eyes.

“Lick your treat.” That’s all he needed to say.

I stuck out my little kitty tongue and began to give slow, long licks at first, making sure I got every inch of his hard Daddy part. Then, I opened my kitten mouth and took just the tip in, flicking my tongue against him. Daddy moaned. He grabbed my head and pulled me straight into him over and over.  I continued to suck and let him use my little mouth. Faster and harder. It made my eyes all watery when he did this. Sometimes I made that sound like before you throw up. Gagging on him as he hit the very back of my throat. I felt Daddy tense up and I knew what was coming. But he pulled out instead and he slid his hand up and down his Daddy part until his Daddy cum came spurting out. He held a little purple dish and caught all of it in there.

“Such a good little kitty for Daddy.” He put the purple dish on the floor in front of me. Patted my head.

“You know what to do.”

And Daddy watched carefully as I licked and lapped that purple dish clean. I’m such a good little kitty cat (sometimes).

About the Author

GlassMenagerie has a love and fascination with the written word, and the way it has the power to elicit different feelings in the reader, especially desire.

The last year has been one of self-discovery as she stumbled upon the world of kink, and found the very things she had been craving down in her core, at last, began to make sense.

Writing most often about her journey as a submissive (identifying as a Babygirl and Little), she enjoys sharing her erotic fiction and poetry on Fetlife. Her work is sometimes a reflection of her past experiences or just her kinky mind running wild.


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