Subculture Allure: Chapter 5; Baseball for Rookies

Sherry, Master’s head slave, had her own room in the house. Cupcake and I shared a room, however, this weekend I had the room all to myself as Cupcake was out of town on business.

I was nude, cozy in my bed and sleeping sweetly when I awoke to being jumped on top off with a blind and a gag shoved in my mouth. I tried to move, I couldn’t. I tried to scream, but it was muffled from the gag. I could feel my legs were pinned by my perpetrator’s legs on top. I could feel his large rough hands encompass my own slender soft hands. I felt the rope, that oh so coarse rope being looped about my wrists. I tried to wiggle, get any movement I could to “feel out” my situation per se but to no avail. He was still on top of me pinning me down. The only thing separating my naked body from his, was my thin comforter. 

I could hear nothing. He spoke nothing. I only heard my moans and his heavy breathing. He moved from on top of me, finally. Now, I thought, I could move a bit. I felt him suddenly pull at my comforter and rip it away from my body exposing me, all of me, in the nude. I instinctively shrank into a ball to not let him see all of me. It was futile, I know, but I couldn’t help it. 

He stood there, just standing over me. I could feel his eyes appraising his new prize. He then let out an evil laugh. I shrank even more. Then I began to smile. Well, I smiled as much as I could through my gag would allow. Master and I have negotiated this scene for weeks. I was so happy that it was finally happening. Before I could react, he picked me up from the comfort of my bed. 

I could hear the crickets chirping, that’s when I knew he had taken me outside. He set me down on the grown where I could feel the patio stones beneath my body. I heard chains in the distance. I knew they were for me. I giggled inside at the though of those chains on my body, wrapping me in their secure embrace. But, he didn’t bring the chains near me. He stood me up, my legs were free, my hands were still bound. He began to lift my wrists above my head until I was almost on my tippy toes. Higher and higher he brought my hands above me until they met with leather cuffs. 

Once secure in the cuffs, Master untied my hands. Master began to feel my body and its responsiveness to his touch. He walked away from me. I could hear him walking toward me and I could hear him dragging something with him. It sounded metallic. He struck the ground with it and made me jump. He laughed. He moved toward me and then walked around me while still dragging the metallic object behind him. He stopped behind me and whispered into my ear, “Are you ready?” I nodded yes. 

SMACK, he struck me in the ass with the metal object. He caressed my ass feeling the result of his strike. Then with another of his swings I felt my ass sting with pain. He nudged the object between my inner thighs, a motion every good submissive knows, is to open her legs. I did so. I felt him run the cylindrical metallic object up and down my thighs. I felt him stop and my opening, I felt him push the object harder against my cunt. I squirmed and he released this pressure. I sighed. He knew, just as much as I did that, I was dripping wet. What can I say, I am a masochist. 

I knew that this was the beginning of our scene and I couldn’t wait for more to come. Master walked away. He made sure to drag his feet a bit so I could hear every step. He returned, but this time with the chains I had heard from earlier. He began to wrap me in them. Encircling my body with the chains. Once loop around my body after another. I love the feeling of chains against my naked flesh. 

Master returned with the metallic cylindrical object, that I would later learn was a baseball bat. He began to swing at my body with it. Not hard, as I am still wrapped in the heavy chains, but enough to let me still a dull thuddy pain. The metal on metal sound was loud and my head began to spin. My pussy began to drip. Every strike was perfect, not too hard, not too soft. Master would run his fingers underneath the chain, especially near any boney areas, ensuring my safety. 

Master pressed the baseball bat against my clit again, I offered little resistance. He put the bat down. He came to the front of me and began to kiss my cheek while removing the gag. Then he passionately kissed me while gripping my jaw and pulling me into his embrace. I melted into him. 

Oddly, this was the first time I had noticed that Master was nude, save for the shoes I had listened to scuff around earlier. I felt Masters body against me, against the loose chain he draped me in. He lifted one of my legs over his hip and felt my wetness. He fingered me gently as I began to moan softly. He lifted my other leg around him and rammed his cock into me. Oh how I love when he buries his cock in me deep to the hilt on first entry. It makes my heart flutter. 

He began pumping into me with a hard foreceful motion, clawing at the chains on my body, pulling me closer and closer to him. He began kissing and biting at my neck as much as he could while bouncing me on his cock.

I know he was close now. I know he loves to deliver fun impact and fuck his masterpiece in the scene. I know how he loves to decorate his masterpiece with his cum. I love being his piece of art. 

Harder and faster he was fucking me. I was moaning loudly. I didn’t care I the neighbors heard. I wanted him to know how much I was enjoying him inside me, fucking me, pleasing me. 

He grabbed my breast and squeezed it while he was pumping into me so hard. I was wincing with pain, it hurt so good. He released my breast and grabbed my hips and pulled them as close into him as he could and came inside me, deep and hard. He knows how much I love his cum inside me, he knew I would cum to, and I did. 

His motion slowed and he gently set me back on my toes. He unwrapped my like a new black and blue present, examined his crafty work and then carried me to bed with him. He took the partial hood off of my head kissed me goodnight and said “I can’t wait to continue this in the morning.”



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