Surrendering To Her

“Ready” by Sir Render
Original reference from
Commissioned as an avatar piece

I love it when you are blindfolded. Surrendering your vision to me is such a beautiful expression of your submission. There is nothing I find quite as appealing as knowing that you are there, wearing what I have chosen for you, unable to see what I am wearing or bringing with me when I arrive.

I instructed you to change and be ready by 6:00 p.m., and that I would be there between 6:15 and 7:00. The uncertain time is part of the appeal. Once you have dressed and put on your blindfold, the passage of time becomes uncertain. The waiting, the anticipation is all you have.

I entered the room, quietly. I know that the door opening announced my presence, but my footsteps are soft as I enter. I turn the corner, and you are there, kneeling on the king-sized bed that dominates the room, illuminated only by the light of the bedside lamp. You are a vision of loveliness. The blindfold I provided is black, obscuring your features like a mask, with thick lace covering the eyeholes. You are also wearing a lacy, black bra with matching panties, but nothing else. Your hands are flat on the bed beside you, and your head is down. I love seeing you like this. Submissive and willing and waiting.

I whisper quietly to the person who accompanied me into the room. You are unaware of their presence – or are you? You have betrayed no sign of knowing that they are there. However, that could simply be because you know I do not wish for you to move until I have given you permission to.

Sitting on the bed next to you, I lean over and whisper in your ear. “Thank you for waiting, pet. Not long ago, you told me that there were things you wished to do, or rather wished to have done to you, that you would not normally desire, simply because you know it would please me. Do you remember this, pet? You may speak.”

“Yes, sir,” you say with some trepidation in your voice.

“I am going to make one of those fantasies come true tonight,” I tell you as I gesture to our guest. You feel their weight join us on the bed;  I feel you stiffen with tension and then force yourself to relax.

I take your chin in my hand, and turn you to face me, kissing you fiercely. My tongue invades your mouth, penetrating past your teeth as I press my lips to your own. Our guest watches us, and I can see that they are getting excited by this display.

I turn your head away from me to face our guest. They lean in, their lips touch yours for the first time. Their kiss is more gentle, more delicate, probing, not claiming. But, they are not staking you out as their property; they are here at my request to be with you. Their hand reaches up to touch your face, and for the first time as you feel their long, delicate fingers and pointed fingernails, you realize beyond a doubt that the third person in the room is another woman.

She breaks the kiss with you, and her hand begins to slowly explore your toned frame, touching your hair, your arms, your shoulders, your torso. Fingertips gently slip under the strap of your bra, tracing down almost to touch your breasts, but stopping just before they slip under the cups.

She leans in to kiss you again, this time more passionately, one arm wrapping around you, embracing your quivering body. For the first time, you are able to get a sense of her. She is shorter than you, fuller in figure with a larger bust, which you can feel pressing against you. At my instruction, she had stripped down to her own bra and panties along with a pair of stockings held up with elastic garters.

“She’s beautiful,” she says to me as you hear her voice for the first time; I wonder if you know who she is.

“Sir, do I get to see her?” you ask as I lean back against the headboard. I am still fully dressed, but the sight of the two of you embracing has already made me hard beneath my trousers. I kick off my shoes, swing my legs onto the bed, still leaving plenty of room for you both.

“No, you do not. Not yet.”

“But she can see me…”

“Indeed. Because she wanted you as much as she wanted to do this for me. And I wanted to show my pet off to her.”


“Are you questioning me, pet?”

I know that you know the words that can make this stop. I do not wish to prompt you, but I find myself wondering if you will invoke them.

“No sir.” You pause for a moment. “Green light,” you say quietly.

I smile, and whisper in your ear, “You can stop at any time, remember that. However, it pleases me that you’re willing to continue.”

“Only for you, Sir.”

I lean back away from the two of you.

“Give yourself over to the moment, pet. I want to watch the two of you explore one another, and undress each other.”

I see a faint blush come to your cheeks, and I know that you are considering the reality of the moment. I smile as I see you accept this truth, and you turn back to her, blindly searching for her mouth with your own as your hands reach out to cup her full breasts through the satin bra she’s wearing.

Her nipples are thick and prominent, always sensitive, and I see them stiffening and elongating through her bra at your touch. I watch as the two of you trade open mouthed kisses as you feel her tits through the satin. Your palm rubs across her nipple as your fingers touch the sensitive flesh flowing over the cups of the bra. Your fingertips slide under the cup as she breaks your kiss and pushes you back until you are supine, lying beneath her.

Her mouth descends to your neck, kissing and biting as her hands slip under your lithe form, reaching behind you to undo your bra, revealing your delicate breasts to her eyes, hands, and mouth. I watched, enraptured, as for the first time your nipple was taken into the lips of a woman. Were your eyes closed under the mask? What were you thinking? As she suckled at your breast, I imagined that her teeth and tongue were lavishing attention onto your nipple. She turned her head to me without releasing your breast, and I saw the wicked sparkle in her eye.

That was when I heard it-so soft that I could barely hear it. The soft sigh of contentment – not quite a moan – escaping your lips. I smiled. You are so beautiful in your pleasure and surrender.

Her right hand slides up to stroke your other breast, and I watch as her left descends to the lacy waistband of your panties. Her fingertips toy with the elastic; she gives me a look from the corner of her eye, silently asking for permission to disrobe you. I shake my head, wanting to prolong the moment. She throws a small nod my way to acknowledge my request.

She unlatches her mouth and slides back up to face you. Her left hand has left the waistband of your panties and is now gripping your ass as she grinds herself against you. She kisses you again, and tells you “I want you to play with my tits.”

She rolls over to her side, pulling you on top of her, and you turn to face me, still unseeing, but knowing where my presence is. “Sir?” you ask.

“It would please me very much to see you do so, pet.”

You do not speak, but bring your mouth down to her neck and begin kissing and biting your way lower to her full breasts. Your teeth and tongue start to explore her through the satin, and she lets out a throaty moan. “Yes, that’s it…” she says as she tangles one hand in your hair, pulling you tighter to her.

You reach behind her, undoing her bra, and as soon as her thick nipples are revealed, you turn to face me again. “Is this what you want, Sir? My mouth on her?” Your tongue ventures out, just ever so slightly flicking the tip of her nipple.

“Very much so, pet,” I say, my voice husky with desire.

And with that, you do not hesitate before bringing her breast into your mouth. Your lips pull back as your teeth gently clamp down on the nipple, and her moan is echoed by my own whisper of “Yes….”

“That’s it. Lick me, bite me, ohhh! Suck my tits. God, this feels so good….” Her litany continues as your mouth lavishes attention on her breasts, and your hands quickly come into play, squeezing the other breast, thumb rubbing back and forth against the nipple, fingernails gently scraping the delicate skin. Her breasts are so different from yours, larger, fuller, her nipples thicker and longer and much more sensitive. I know that you are not naturally attracted to women, but as your mouth and hands play, I sense that you are beginning to get into this. Not only because it pleases me – and it does – but also from the natural curiosity and exploration of a female form that is so different from your own.

I am so focused on watching your oral and digital worship of her breasts. Because of her sudden gasp I notice that one of your hands has made its way between her thighs, and is now stroking her pussy through her satin panties. Even from several feet away I can see the damp patch from where you have made contact with her; she bucks her hips up to meet your hand.

Tempted though I am to see how much further you would take this on your own, I am beginning to feel neglected, and my cock has seldom been harder than it is right now due to watching the two of you pleasure each other. “Enough,” I command. “Come to me.”

I reach out my left hand to guide you to my left, while she gets on hands and knees and crawls over to my right, her breasts swaying as she crosses the bed. I cannot resist stroking one breast with my right hand as she curls into my flank.

Knowing that she will see, even if you cannot, I turn to kiss you first, fiercely claiming your mouth once more. I can just barely taste the sweet aftertaste of her breast in your mouth.

After a moment, I break the kiss, and turn to look at her. There is jealousy in her eyes that I kissed you first, but also desire and hunger. When I kiss her, it is her that becomes aggressive, pushing her tongue into my mouth as her hand descends to my chest, her fingers slide into the opening between the buttons on my shirt, and her fingers tangle in my chest hair. As she is kissing me, you take initiative. I feel your mouth on my neck; your fingers start to gently trace the outline of my manhood through my pants.

After she breaks the kiss, I let out a sigh of contentment. Wrapped in both of you, I am fully content, and while I cannot wait to fuck you both, this moment of simply having you both in my arms is pure bliss. Between the gentle kisses you both are planting on either side of my neck and the idle motions of your hands against my body is fueling my need, and I want more.

“Undress me. Both of you. Work together,” I instruct.

“Sir, may I remove the blindfold?” you ask. “I want to see you as we reveal you.”

“You may not,” I tell you. I then turn to her. “Take off her blindfold.”

I feel you give a small shudder of pleasure as you feel me take even this tiny bit of power away from you. You are so strong, so in control of everything else in your life – surrendering to me when we are together gives you so much freedom.

She reaches behind your head, and gently tugs at the knot tying the mask to your face. As the lace falls away you blink several times to adjust to the light. Your first look is up to my face;  you tilt your head up to kiss me as you see my face. The kiss is brief as you turn to see her for the first time.

You take her in, examining her features. I wonder what you are thinking as you see her laying with me and with you. You remain an enigma to me in this moment as you simply nod and ask her “Shall we?”

A competitive glint appears in her eyes as she nods. She uses one hand to turn my head to face her as she kisses me again. Once her mouth is locked to mine, that hand descends past my waist and begins to undo my belt.

I catch her hand, stopping her. “No. Slowly. Take your time. Remove my shirt. Together.”

Your mouth had already gone to my neck, and I feel your lips curl back in a smile as you hear me chide her. Do you enjoy knowing that I control her as much as I control you? Your fingers nimbly undo the first button, your nails scraping through the hair on my chest as you slip the tips of your fingers into the opening you have made. Her hand works its way lower, undoing buttons one at a time, almost as if trying to race yours. You do not make any move to get in her way.

Your nails rake down my stomach, stopping just before my belt, which she is already undoing.

Again I reach out to catch her hand, and I break my kiss with her.

“ I want you both to remove my pants, but leave the underwear on.” I lightly press on your shoulder; you pick up on my unspoken cue. You begin to kiss your way down my body, stopping to briefly take one of my nipples in your mouth, lightly biting occasionally as you trail your way down so that your head is level with my groin. She had already begun the same descent, and although she does not duplicate the action with my nipple, she takes her time, moving slower as she goes. You both end up face-to-face with my clothed cock between you.

The two of you do not speak to one another, but you must come to some unspoken agreement. Your hands gently take hold of my zipper, undoing it slowly as she resumes working on my belt. The two of you finish simultaneously; your hands come together to undo the button of my pants. As it is undone, you each take grasp of one side of the waistband, and working in unison, slide my pants down my legs.

All that separates my cock from being exposed to you both now is the thin cotton of my boxer-briefs. You must be able to see how hard I am through the thin material. You cannot help but notice the wet spot where the head presses against the fabric.

“Now, remove my underwear. Without using your hands.”

With the two of you trading a look, you each take ahold of the elastic waistband, biting into them at my hip. You begin the descent down with your mouth, taking the garment with you. There is a moment when the waistband catches on the head of my cock, but the two of you are relentless, and after a moment it slides past, my cock springing up after being released.

“Take me into your mouth,” I instruct. You pause, as does she. Which of you am I instructing?

I could answer for you. I could tell you precisely what I desire. I am more curious to see what you will do absent instruction. Who will move first to capture me in their mouth? You or her?

You both approach, timidly, warily, wondering what the other intends, and wondering why I was not more clear. If the wrong one of you moves first, will I stop you? You exchange a look, and then you both approach my manhood from the side, lips closing on one side or the other of my shaft, almost meeting each other’s, as if you were sharing a kiss with my cock between you. I feel the flutter of your tongues moving across me as you both begin sliding up and down.

It takes you only a moment before you find a rhythm with each other, and soon you are moving in perfect unison, one of you traveling up one side of my cock, while the other moves down the other side. Occasionally, you take the head into your mouth, and when you do so, her tongue is moving across my balls, and then vice versa.

It is utter bliss, utter perfection, having both of you worship me with your mouths. My hands come down, tangling them in your hair and in hers. I do not direct you or try to guide you with my hands, I merely wish to let you both know by the tightening of my grip how pleased I am as I make unintelligible sounds of pleasure.

Pleasure begins to build, but I do not want to cum in either of your mouths. Not before I have claimed your pussies. So, with great reluctance, I pull slightly back on you both.

“That was incredible, my love, my pet. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Sir.”

“You’re welcome, dear.” Your voices harmonize, and it is only because I am so focused on the moment that I hear how you each end the sentence differently.

“I need to fuck you,” I say.

“Which one of us?” you ask.

“Both of you.”

I grip you by the shoulders and pull both of you back up to be face to face with me.

“Roll over. On your hands and knees. Face the head of the bed.”

“Yes, sir.” This time you both use the title, and I smile.

I slide down the bed as you get into position. The sight of the two of you side-by-side, each bare except for your panties (and her stockings) is one that I will not soon forget. You are so different from one another, and yet I am enthralled with you both. I kneel between you, one hand descending between each of your thighs.

You are wet, your juices soaking through your lacy panties. I slip a finger past the barrier they provide, running my finger up and down the length of your slit, taking the time to play with your clit as I do so. She is no less aroused, although her fuller satiny underwear does not so easily lend themselves to being pushed aside.I first must pull them down over her hips, then further down around her thighs. My mouth lowers down to her lower lips and begins to probe her with my tongue while my fingers make a similar exploration within you.

“Oh God…” she moans as my tongue pushes past her tightness. She is not normally so vocal, but I do not mind that she is putting on a show.

As my fingers curl inside you, stroking you from within, I hear you groan with pleasure. I know that you cannot help but make the sounds I elicit from you. I smile as I pump you harder with my fingers, hearing your breath catch.

I continue to pleasure her with my mouth as I take you with my fingers, and I soon hear you make the unmistakable sounds that tell me you are nearing orgasm. I take a moment to consider – am I willing to let your first orgasm occur before my cock has entered you? And then I realize that the answer is an unquestioning “yes.” My pleasure feeds off the knowledge of your pleasure, and I am not so cruel a Sir as to deny you the opportunity to come.

I teeth come into play as I lightly bite on her clit, knowing that this drives her wild as my fingers increase their tempo in you. She will not come from my mouth, but I want her to be utterly aroused as she hears you come. I want her to witness you in the full throes of passion.

“Please, please, please, please, Sir,” you whimper. “Please make me come, please, please.” I do not answer, for my mouth is otherwise occupied. I add pressure to your clit and pump deeper in you, driving you over the edge.

You scream in pleasure that is almost pain, and collapse forward, raising your ass even higher in the air. I let my fingers slip out of you as I move my face away from her now soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck her,” she says to me.

“Yes, please, Sir. Please fuck me,” you beg with a glimmer of hope in your eyes.

I move into position behind you, cock rock hard and dripping with arousal. As I do so, she scoots up to the head of the bed. She leans back against the headboard, legs spread, putting your face mere inches away from her cunt.

“I want you to taste her, pet. Taste her as I take you.”

I have your panties pushed to the side, and there is nothing preventing my cock from entering your pussy. I line myself up, sliding the head between your slick folds. You look over your shoulder at me. I know that you are hesitant, and I wonder if I have pushed you too far, if you will tell me that the light is Red. However, as your eyes meet mine, you see the naked desire in them. I will not force you to do this, but I want it deeply. And so, even as you push your ass back, sinking the first few inches of me within your womanhood, you lower your face between her thighs and your tongue snakes out, tasting her for the first time.

I push forward, driving deeper into you, and also forcing your face more fully in contact with her sex. I can hear the sounds of your lips and tongue exploring her, the sounds of moisture showing me her arousal. As I begin to slowly fuck you, I cannot see your face, but I can see that your hands are now on her inner thighs, and I wonder if you have a finger within her.

What I can see, however, is her face. Her eyes are heavily lidded with arousal, even as jealousy clouds them tool. It is one thing for her to know that I fuck you, that I give you pleasure, but it is quite another thing to see my cock entering your body. She is aroused, turned on by the moment, by the excitement of being with you and me at the same time, but she is also envious. The question in my mind is whether her green eyed monster will fuel her excitement or end it? I soon receive my answer, as her hands come down into your hair, pulling you deeper into her.

“Eat me,” she says. “Eat my pussy. Make me come while he fucks you. I want to come with your tongue buried in me, buried just as deep as his cock is in you. Don’t you dare stop, make me come, or I’ll never let him fuck you again. Oh!”

Whatever it is you are doing, it must be right, because her eyes close, and her mouth opens in a silent moan. Her nipples are completely erect, hard nubs on the tops of her full breasts. The sight of her so aroused as I drive my cock into you is almost more than I can take. I slow my pace slightly.

I want this moment to last. I want to feel the exquisite sensation of your pussy gripping me as I fuck you and you go down on her. I want to see her come at your touch, just as much as I want you to come as I penetrate you.

With my slower pace, your orgasm overtakes you with far less speed. This works to my advantage because you are now able to focus on what you are doing to her, and I can see that she is nearing climax as well.

“Make her come, pet. Make her come, and I will fuck you until you scream,” I whisper. You hear these words and redouble your efforts, fingering her deeply as you suck on her clit.

“Uh….uh…. Oh…. oh…. Ohhhhhhhh!” She moans. Her thighs clamp down around your head; her eyes rolls back as she climaxes; her hands curl into fists. As I watch her come, I speed up my thrusts, plowing into you like a machine, and your orgasm follows hers by mere moments.

I am very, very close to coming as well. But I know that I cannot come inside of you. And she will never forgive me if I do not fuck her as well as I did you. So, I reluctantly pull out of you.

Gently, I push your hip, motioning you to the side of the bed. Once you have moved out of the way, I grab her hips and pull her down away from the headboard, lining her up so she is on her side, facing you. She wraps her arms around you, and pulls you in to kiss her, tasting herself on your lips

I slip behind her, lifting one leg in the air as I slide into her from behind. She lets out a muffled moan into your mouth as I enter her. Her pussy wet from your oral attention, my cock still slick from our coupling. She pulls you to her, throwing her leg over your hip. Your pussy is so close to hers; your pubic bones bump together as I thrust into her from behind. Her full breasts and hard nipples dig into your more modest tits, and my hand snakes between you so I can caress you both, my fingers gently pinching first your nipple, then hers.

My orgasm was imminent before I started fucking her, and feeling her tightness engulf me while seeing you and her kiss, feeling both of you under my touch, it is all combining to push me right to the edge.

I lock eyes with you over her shoulder. She breaks the kiss with you, moving to bite your neck. “I’m going to come,” I say. At first you are not sure if I am speaking to you or to her. Perhaps a bit of both? I clarify. “I am going to come inside of her, pet. I am going to fill her with my cum. I want you to see.”

“Yes,” she moans, taking her mouth away from your skin. “I want to feel it. Fill me up. Come in me.”

Keeping your eyes on mine, you chime in. “Yes, Sir. I want that. I want you to come.” Your hand reaches down to where I am entering her. Your fingers play with the base of my cock as it slides smoothly in and out of her tight wetness.

It is strange, looking into your eyes as my cock penetrates her. Feeling the mix of your hand and her pussy surrounding me, driving me to new heights of pleasure and lust is more than I can endure. I feel my orgasm start, deep in my balls, and as I erupt, coating the inside of her cunt with my cum, I scream out in passion. You lean over her, kissing me as I fill her fully.

We all collapse, with her pinned between you and me. My hand strokes your hair as my other arm snakes under her, holding her around the waist. Slowly, I soften, slipping out of her with your fingers still gently touching us both.

“Thank you, pet. Thank you for doing that for us. With us.”

“You’re welcome, Sir,” you beam

“I just have one request,” she states.

“Anything,” I chime.

“Next time, you need to orgasm while inside of her,” she says.

You smile. “Yes. That.”

“For the two of you? I think we can arrange that,” I say, returning the smile. I kiss you again, and then turn her head to kiss her, fully content with this moment and the both of you.

About the Author

Broken Unicorn has been a writer since he was a child, starting off writing decidedly non-erotic stories about superheroes. As he got older, he started writing erotica about superheroes, before eventually discovering his kinky side and writing about people who could live in the real world. He lives in the midwest, and is happy to live in a very full house that includes four humans and two dogs. He can be found under the profile Broken_Unicorn


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