Thank you Master

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The curtains were pulled back just enough so the light of the moon bounced off her thin figure and perky breasts.

A lavender candle flickered.

A brunette with a pixie cut, Lila, walked slowly towards the busty, naked, hourglass shape sprawled out on the bed.

Lila held the candle in her hand. Her emerald eyes were illuminated by the flame.

She stopped at the edge of the bed, looked down at her prey, smirked, and placed the candle on the nightstand.

She knelt down and coolly grabbed four neckties of all different patterns out from under the bed.

Paisley. Striped. Blue. Plaid.

As she stood there with the ties in hand, hip cocked to one side, she asked,

“Are you ready to be my good, little slut?”

The blonde vixen, Miranda, turned her head (but nothing else) to face her. Miranda nodded slowly, bit her lip, and moaned quietly under her breath.

Lila calmly slid out of her camo booty shorts, and threw her tank top onto the armchair that lived in the corner of the room. Only her nude bra, black thong, and ankle socks remained on her toned frame.

“Here’s how this is going to go. I am going to tie each of your limbs to one of the bedposts using one of these neck ties. After I make a tie, I’ll remove one article of clothing. That’s your reward for being such a good, little, bound slut. Nod if you understand me.”

Miranda sheepishly nodded trying hard not to prematurely gush all over the bed. Her royal blue eyes were fixated on Lila, and how her curves looked in the candlelight.

Miranda’s left wrist was now tied to the bedpost. Lila leaned in so that her chest hovered right above the tip of Miranda’s nose. Her hands reached behind her body in a very casual manner to undo the nude bra that was keeping her supple tits at bay.

She took her time getting it unfastened. She did not want to rush any moment she had with her slave.

Her nipples were perfect. Not too dark. Not too big. The perfect way to end her immaculate, bouncy breasts.

Miranda’s right ankle was now neatly tied. Lila’s left sock hit the floor.

After each tie was made, she was sure to note whether Miranda had enough blood flow and that she could move her fingers and toes.

She was not the kind to want to harm anyone. She thrived off of pleasurable and willful submission.

A few minutes later, Lila finished typing Miranda’s right wrist. Lila liked to keep Miranda guessing. She loved asymmetry and having a particular pattern picked out that seemed spontaneous to her partners.

Lila’s right sock grazed the floor.

After the last tie was in place, Lila straddled Miranda, and lifted herself off her round, fit ass, so her pussy was in line with Miranda’s lips. Lila could feel her slave’s breath on her cunt..

“Take them off. With your teeth.”

Miranda’s mouth widened and gracefully caught the side of Lila’s panties.

She precisely and slowly pulled her mouth downwards until she could not move her head down any more.

They smelled of cum and anticipation.

With her panties wrapped around her shapely thighs, Lila stood, and slinked out of them the rest of the way.

Lila stared at her beautiful, human trophy with her head cock-eyed. A slight smile slowly made an appearance on her lips. A few seconds later, she caressed Miranda’s high cheekbones, sensually dragged one finger between her very large breasts, and kept going further down her slave’s luxurious torso. Before she reached Miranda’s adorable clit, she let her hand trail off to the side of her slave’s body.

Miranda arched her back and let out a few low moans, shuddering at her Master’s touch.

“Good girl,” whispered Lila.

Lila then tilted Miranda’s head forward ever so gently, and effortlessly placed a gag in her mouth.

Miranda smiled with her eyes. She could not believe such a sexy creature was taking the time to do this to her.

After the gag was secure, Lila straddled her again.

From this position, she took the candle off the nightstand, lifted the gag, and planted a kiss that would turn any head on the shoulders of any human.

Her tongue swirled around in Miranda’s mouth, touching her teeth. At first hard, then quite soft. As if to say, “This is all the love you will get tonight. The rest will be domination. Savor it. But don’t get too attached.”

Lila placed the gag back into her property’s mouth. Miranda loved the gag, but also loved kisses. It was a win-win from where she was laying.

A few moments later, Lila blew out the candle, breathed in the lavender aroma, placed her index finger in the wax, and pulled that finger down Miranda’s stomach.

Again, Miranda smiled with her eyes as small goosebumps rose on her skin.

With a calm inhale, Lila poured three droplets of wax onto Miranda’s gorgeous tits. Miranda arched her body once more, turned her head to face the window, and uttered a few muffled winces of pleasure.

Lila, with her free hand, cupped her property’s perfect peaks, and took a moment to suck on and bite each nipple with acute precision.

A sharp feeling of ecstasy trickled from from the tip of Miranda’s breasts all the way down to her toes. Her feet flexed, then pointed.

After seeing the readiness and enjoyment in Miranda’s eyes, Lila carefully poured the wax onto her slave’s porcelain skin, making the letter “L”.

This time Miranda moaned louder, and her body convulsed.

“That’s right you little, darling slut.”

Lila was very proud of herself. She loved seeing her property painted and tied up like this. As Lila watched the purple wax dry on flawless skin, she was very pleased with the work of art she had created.

She had her girl right where she wanted her. And better yet, her girl loved being there; she loved being owned by her Master.

“Lick me,” ordered Lila.

Lila’s shaved cunt was now lightly pressed against Miranda’s chin. Lila took the gag out of her partner’s mouth once more, and lowered herself so that Miranda’s tongue could easily access Lila’s perfect, pink, clit.

Lila braced herself by placing her hand across Miranda’s seductive features.

Lila’s hips moved back and forth as she rode her slave lightly. Miranda’s tongue was now wedged deep between her Master’s pussy lips. Lila’s head bent backwards and a few deep moans were echoed from her pouty mouth.

When she was about half way to orgasm, she pulled away from her property just enough so Miranda could lap up her wetness like the good girl that she was. Miranda began licking Lila similar to a kitten lapping up milk. So soft. So light. Just enough of a tease to make anyone quiver. Goosebumps adorned Lila’s arms and legs. Her body began to lightly shake as she rocked back and forth to the rhythm of her slave’s active tongue.

When she was quite close to cumming, she pushed Miranda’s face away from her body. She wanted to save her climax for later. She had more in store.

She went back to standing, and grabbed a vibrator from her dresser as well as a purple dildo. After placing a piece of her hair behind her ear, she instructed,

“You are not allowed to cum until I say so. No matter how much you want to. Do you understand, darling?”

Miranda nodded. Her glacial eyes now reflected a hint of worry. Lila had already brought her close to orgasm with the wax and the manipulation of her mouth. How could she endure any more?

Lila powered up the vibrator. First using it on Miranda’s face, then nipples, then waist, then thighs.

She stopped to use it on herself for a moment just to keep the suspense going. However, she held back and would not let herself cum. This was more for show than for orgasm.

After a few sensual inhales, she went back to using it on Miranda. First, on the face of her wonderfully bald pussy. Then, on the inner thigh. Finally, she placed it on Miranda’s adorable, pink clit.

She put the vibrator on max power and pushed hard into her slave. Miranda convulsed over and over again- similar to a fish out of water, and made loud, muted gasps through the gag.

Lila smirked, and inserted the dildo into her property as well. Miranda was so wet at this point, the dildo slid in in under a second.

With her right hand, she controlled the dildo. With her left, the vibrator.

“Take it, you whore. Be my obedient, little, good girl.”

Those words alone made Miranda have to use every ounce of self control she had left not to make the bed into a slip-n-slide.

Miranda’s eyes were welling up with tears of pleasure. Her temples began to throb. Her ivory skin was now completely flush.

Lila pushed into her harder with the vibrator.

A yelp could subtly be heard from Miranda’s heart-shaped lips.

Miranda’s eyes rolled back in her head. Her throat was exposed to Lila. Her eyes were facing the back wall. Her body was as far off the bed as it could go. Her vision was blurred. She could no longer think coherent thoughts.

“That’s right, kitten,”





The dildo was going in and out of Miranda’s perfectly tight twat even faster now. She could barely contain herself.

Her body was sparkling with tiny sweat beads. She wanted so badly to pinch her erect nipples, but alas, her hands were tied.

The motion of the dildo became even faster. The vibrator began moving in circles and pressed even harder into her.

She was about to explode!

Lila stopped to bite Miranda’s swollen nipples. She licked up some of the sweat off her hip bone, and gave her neck a little nibble.

Lila then laid on top of her, and threw the toys to the side of the room.

She gazed into her slave’s eyes, and brushed the golden hair out of her face. Miranda was heavily panting.

“Good girl. You can cum now.”

Never breaking eye contact, Lila began to finger fuck her property. Miranda was dripping now. It was as if Lila’s fingers had gone swimming. Inside Miranda, it was absolutely frictionless.

Their breasts sat on top of one another, feeling the full intensity of each other’s body heat. There was no amount of space between them. Lila held her property close to her body, absorbing her sweat and breath. Their bodies began to move as one- almost as if they were dancing.

Lila could feel her slave’s fit pussy walls stretch and contract. Her three fingers fucked her slave hard and deep for a while. Then-

Miranda gushed all over the sheets.

Once Miranda had finished cumming, Lila went between her legs and licked up as much as she could.

Miranda’s breath went back to a more regular tempo. Her inhales were now full and long. Relief had been given to her.

When she was done tasting Miranda’s reward, Lila kissed her slave on the forehead.

“Sweet, girl.”

Lila removed the gag, and placed it by the candle on the nightstand.

“Thank you, Master,” were the only words that Miranda could muster.

About the Author:

Slave Bunny, a 1950’s power slave, is involved in a wonderful and loving TPE 24/7 M/S relationship with her Master and husband. She is also the Creative Director of Kink Weekly.

She has dedicated her life to working on herself mentally, spiritually, and physically, and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Through teaching and mentoring, she hopes to help everyone in the Kink community as much as she can.

Feel free to add her on Fetlife (Slave_Bunny992) to see her upcoming workshops and classes.



  1. So descriptive. So enticing. So hot. Bunny, you have such a way with words. I felt like I was in the room with them… watching every move. Can’t wait to read more of your erotica! Keep them coming.

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    Thank you for your kind words, Mr. B!

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    beyond amazing work!

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    So sensual and thrilling in a subtle way. Can’t wait to read more of your work!

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    Thank you, newtothis!

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    God this is so sexy!

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