Wedding Present-Part 2

Jason lay back on the couch, nude from the waist down, his half-hard cock still dribbling the tiniest traces of his cum on his leg as he watched Jessica sashay into the bedroom. As the door closed, he turned to look back to Phil, who was still bound to the chair, naked except for his restraints and the cock cage which contained his diminutive manhood. A ring gag pried Phil’s jaws apart, and Phil was actively trying to swallow down Jason’s cum which Jessica had spit into his mouth.

You know man, this is a lot to process,” Jason said to his friend as he sat up, unbuttoning his shirt so that he was now fully nude. “We’ve been friends forever. I never thought I’d be the one cuckolding you.” Jason paused, lowering his voice enough that Jessica wouldn’t hear it from the other room. “You’re ok with this? You want me to fuck her?”

Phil nodded vigorously, and Jason saw that Phil’s constrained cock twitched with excitement.

Well, if you’re sure, I’m not going to say no. I’ve wanted inside her pants since I met her.”

I know you have,” a sultry voice said from the doorway to the bedroom. “And now you’re going to get your chance.” Jessica stood there wearing a black leather underbust corset that pressed her ample breasts up, high and proud on her chest. Each breast was full and lush, well more than a handful for Jason. She had silver dollar-sized areolae and nipples that were as thick as Jason’s pinkie finger, the light brown color in stark contrast to her pale skin. There was a lower part to the corset, but the gusset of the attached panty was open, revealing a thick auburn colored bush that did nothing to hide her thick outer labia.

Jessica’s legs were covered in fishnet thigh-high stockings which led to a pair of high-heeled short boots that strapped to her feet. She wore black elbow-length gloves that gleamed with a satiny sheen, and in her left hand she held a leather flogger.

“Are  you ready to serve your Mistress, worm?” Jessica asked as her normally kind smile curled into a wicked looking snarl. She slapped her right palm with the flogger, a loud “smack” echoing across the apartment.

Phil nodded his assent and submission, but something in Jason rebelled at the thought. He wanted this woman, desperately. And since Phil seemed to be ok with it, he fully intended to have her. But being submissive wasn’t in his nature.

“I don’t think so,” he said as he stood. With a few long strides he crossed the room and grabbed Jessica by the wrist holding the flogger. “He may be fine with being your little sissy cuckold, but I’m not that kind of man.”

Jessica opened her mouth to protest, but before she could speak, Jason had his other hand across her mouth.

“Listen, slut,” she flinched at the term, but didn’t otherwise react, “You brought me here for a reason. You wanted to be fucked hard by a man, not by your little sissy over there. You wanted him to watch. And that’s fine. I’m here for that. But you don’t get to treat me the same way you treat him. You may not admit it, but you want someone to control you the same way that you use him.”

He released the wrist holding the flogger and reached out to gently massage Jessica’s left tit, his fingers gliding across the fleshy globe until her nipples were hard as rock, the skin of the areolae puckering up. He then pinched her nipple hard between thumb and forefinger, pulling gently until it was stretched out.

Jason paused before continuing. “Now, I’m going to remove my hand. When I do, there are two possible outcomes. The first, you drop to your knees, and beg to suck your Master’s cock again before he fucks your slut cunt. If you do or say anything else? I get dressed and walk out that door, leaving you to try to get satisfaction from his wimpy little dick. If you understand, nod yes.”

There were the beginnings of tears in Jessica’s eyes as they widened, in fear or excitement Jason couldn’t quite tell, but she nodded yes, the thick mane of her red hair waving in the air, her ample bosom bobbing, sending delicious looking jiggles through her mammary flesh.

His hand came away from Jessica’s mouth, but Jason’s dark brown eyes stayed locked on Jessica’s blue ones. He stared at her as he waited for her reaction. With some reluctance, Jessica sank to her knees, keeping her eyes on Jason.

“May this slut suck on her Master’s cock?” Jessica licked her lips as her hands came to rest on Jason’s thighs. “Please, Master? May this slut use her hot, wet mouth on your gorgeous cock? May she make you hard and ready to fuck her slut cunt?”

Jason smiled as he felt a rush of blood start to make his manhood swell again. She improvised the lines a little, but she made up in enthusiasm what she failed in discipline.

“She may,” he said with a smile.

As Jessica’s red lips engulfed his cock, Jason looked over at Phil, taking in the naked look of lust that was in his friend’s eyes. The two of them may have enjoyed having Jessica dominate Phil, but apparently they enjoyed seeing Jessica controlled by someone else just as much. Well, he was certainly able to accommodate that desire. While also accommodating his own. After allowing her tongue to do a few delicious things that reminded him of the earlier blowjob, he was back to his full hardness. He reached down and hooked his hands under her arms, pulling Jessica to her feet.

Once she was on her feet, Jessica leaned in, and for the first time, Jason’s lips met hers. Her mouth was hot against his, and her lips parted, allowing his tongue to invade her mouth and claim it as his property. He could taste himself on her breath, and that made him harder than ever. His hand dipped between her thighs, feeling her heat and arousal. His finger grazed past her nether lips, the fingertip bumping her clit, and causing her to moan into his mouth.

He normally preferred a little more foreplay, and he desperately wanted to taste her – to experience the ambrosia of her cunt, to suckle from her full breasts. But the way Jessica’s body pressed against him, and the way her pussy pulled at his finger, begging it to slip inside of her, he could tell that she wanted to be fucked… now.

“Turn around,” he said authoritatively. He pushed her forward towards her bound fiance until she was standing directly in front of Phil. Gently he pressed on her shoulders so she bent forward, breasts swaying seductively in front of Phil’s face. She put her hands on Phil’s shoulders to steady herself as Jason pressed her thighs apart. He stroked his cock between her partially spread open pussy, coating it in the thick fluid that flowed from her womanhood.

“Can you feel how hard I am? How ready I am for you?”

“Yes… Master,” she whispered huskily while looking right into Phil’s eyes.

“Tell him. Tell him what you want.”

“I… want him to fuck me,” Jessica said quietly. “I want that cock. Thick and hard. Pounding into me. Fucking me. Filling me. Claiming me. My engaged pussy, that should be yours and only yours, I want it to be defiled by him. Taken by him. Fucked by him. Overflowing with his cum. I want it to make me cum as you never could. And I want you to watch.”

Phil let out a frustrated and aroused groan. He had never seen Jessica more turned on. And he had never wanted to see her fulfilled more. He nodded an assent to a question she hadn’t asked. He wanted all of that as much as she did.

“Please, Master…” Jessica said, turning her head to look at Jason over her shoulder. “Please fuck me. I’m begging you.”

Jason pushed forward, feeling her snug pussy open up to allow him in, his thickness filling her as she hadn’t been filled in months. Jessica moaned in pleasure that was just slightly tinged with pain as her pussy was stretched. Jason held himself still as he bottomed out in her, his pubic hair pressed tight against her gorgeous ass.

“And now? Now, slut, you’re going to get fucked as you never have before,” Jason said with a wicked grin.

About the Author

Broken Unicorn has been a writer since he was a child, starting off writing decidedly non-erotic stories about superheroes. As he got older, he started writing erotica about superheroes, before eventually discovering his kinky side and writing about people who could live in the real world. He lives in the midwest, and is happy to live in a very full house that includes four humans and two dogs. He can be found under the profile Broken_Unicorn


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