Wedding Present

He had never had sex with an audience before, much less an audience that was composed one of his closest friends. But even if he had ever thought that Phil would see him fucking someone, he certainly didn’t expect it to be when he was fucking Jessica.

Jason leaned back on the couch as Jessica kneeled down between his thighs. Her manicured fingers moved swiftly as she undid the button on his jeans and then the zipper. Her delicate hand reached into his jeans, pushing past his boxers to wrap around his rapidly stiffening cock.

She turned to look over to the kitchen table, where Phil was sitting, handcuffed to the chair. He was naked, hands behind his back. Nylon straps tied his ankles to the legs of the chair, and an O-ring gag was in his mouth, strapped behind his head with a black leather strap that was almost lost in his shoulder-length curly blonde hair. His slender frame writhed against the restraints, his pale skin starkly contrasted against the glistening metal and black strapping. His cock was encased in a metal cage which easily dwarfed his diminutive manhood.

Jessica smiled as she looked at her bound fiancé. “You told me he was bigger than you were, which, ya know, isn’t difficult.” She smirked as she fished Jason’s cock out. “But you didn’t tell me he was hung.”

Jason groaned as he felt Jessica’s tongue begin to trace its way up from the base of his balls to the uncircumcised head of his cock. Her fingers gently stroked up and down in counterpoint to the sensation of her tongue. Her breath was hot and moist against his shaft, and he was rapidly getting harder than he could ever remember being.

He had lusted after Jessica for years, having known her before she even met Phil. But the timing was never right for him to make a move on her, and when she met his best friend from back home, they instantly hit it off. He had accepted that he was never going to have her, being happy for Phil. Which is why he was caught so off-guard by her request.

* * *

“You’re Phil’s Best Man, and you’ve been my friend for years, but I have a special favor to ask for as a wedding present to both of us,” she had told him earlier that afternoon as they met for coffee.

“Anything,” he said. “I love both of you guys.”

“And we love you,” she said, reaching across the table to take his hand. “Which is why I want you to fuck my brains out in front of Phil.”

* * *

Over the years, he had heard guys that Jessica dated talk about what an incredible cocksucker she was, but the stories didn’t do justice to the reality. The way her lips were moving up and down his shaft, the way she would swallow him down to the root, using her tongue and the muscles in her throat to milk his cock, the attention she paid to his balls, all of it took him to a point of ecstasy. She was still completely dressed, but she had worked his pants off, and he was so enthralled with the experience that he almost forgot that Phil was watching them from across the room.

Jessica pulled off his manhood and looked up at him, her large brown eyes clouded with lust and longing.

“I still want you to use this beautiful piece of meat to fuck me senseless, but I want to make sure you’re going to last. So, you’re going to come in my mouth now, got it?”

“Who am I to refuse such a request?” Jason said, as she took him deep in her mouth, deep-throating him. She gave several long, hard swallows that pushed him closer to his orgasm. She pulled off again and whispered huskily “Fuck my face. Use me like a whore.”

Jason didn’t need to be told twice, and as she opened her lips again, he wrapped his hands in her thick red hair, pulling her head forward as he thrust deep into her mouth. She gagged slightly, but moaned around his cock, a sound that was echoed by Phil as he watched.

Any thoughts of his friend were far from his mind as he began to fuck Jessica’s face, using her hair to guide her head back and forth. Although he couldn’t see any of her body, he had seen Jessica in a bathing suit often enough to know exactly how lush and full her body was. He could feel her tits pressing against his thighs, and the thought that he would soon be able to see them, to hold them, was enough that he rapidly unloaded. He partially pulled out of her mouth, so that her lips were wrapped about two inches down his shaft. She sucked him in as he came, and when she felt him shudder in completion, she sat back on her knees. She opened her mouth, so he could see that her mouth was filled with his seed.

As Jason collapsed back on the couch, Jessica got to her feet, sauntering over to where her fiancé was bound. Phil’s eyes were wide, and just as filled with desire as hers had been. Gazing between his legs, Jessica could see that Phil had come just from watching her suck off his best friend. His cum made a sticky mess in his lap. “Well, what’s a little more cum?” she thought as she leaned forward, pressing her lips to his wide-stretched mouth. She parted her lips and gravity pushed Jason’s thick cum out of her mouth as it plopped into Phil’s with an obscene sounding *plop*.

Jessica shuddered with her lust and longing. She could feel the dampness in her panties as she began to walk back over to Jason. His cock had remained half-hard after her blowjob, but she knew that he might need just a little bit of time to get back to the rampant hardness she wanted to feel filling her up.

“Stay right there,” she said to both men, not that Phil had a choice. “I’m going to go change into something a little more… inspiring.”

She walked into the bedroom with a purposeful sway in her hips, knowing that there were four eyes staring at her with complete longing as she shut the door behind her.

About the Author

Broken Unicorn has been a writer since he was a child, starting off writing decidedly non-erotic stories about superheroes. As he got older, he started writing erotica about superheroes, before eventually discovering his kinky side and writing about people who could live in the real world. He lives in the midwest, and is happy to live in a very full house that includes four humans and two dogs. He can be found under the profile Broken_Unicorn


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