anniebear Interviews Demonic Toys

anniebear sat with SirBerus, owner of Demonic Toys to discuss his methods, materials, and why Demonic Toys is an up and coming contender in the BDSM toy market.

Owner and creator of Demonic Toys, SirBerus

Owner and creator of Demonic Toys, SirBerus

anniebear: SirBerus, owner of Demonic Toys- we’re always really excited to interview people that have really cool toys to play with in the scene.

SirBerus: Thank you so much for interviewing me! It’s great to be a part of Kink Weekly!

anniebear: Tell me about Demonic Toys. What type of toys do make? Do you use any specific materials?

SirBerus: Demonic Toys is all made from steel materials. The Devil’s Lollipops are made from circular saw blades either in 7 ¼, 10 , or 12 inches in diameter and then a solid steel handle that is attached through a steel stem. The handle itself is hallow to reduce weight. We also make theCandy Pain which is a solid steel rod cane. I was trying to come up with names and the first one I made had a candy cane stripe so the Candy Pain was created.

A Candy Pain

A Candy Pain

anniebear: Genius! (laughs)

SirBerus: Of all the things that we make the easiest one to name was The Devil’s Lollipop. I came up with it because of the little lollipops that are similar to SadiSticks, these just almost seemed like an over sized version except on steroids and a lot more aggressive. So the first thing that came to me was the Devil’s Lollipop. Everything Demonic Toys makes is all hand made out of steel, there’s nothing done with robotics or precut or pre-fabricated. Each one is unique. That has its pluses and minuses. The minuses being I can never duplicate them exactly. All my saw blades are recycled used blades. Trying to take things that people would normally throw away and re-purpose them and the problem with that is when a client says “I really like that specific saw blade”, well, it might be a blade style that I no longer have.

annibear: Being that you use actual saw blades for the toys do all of your toys have the potential to cut skin when you use them?

SirBerus: I make sure to grind the edges down before they’re painted. They still have enough of an edge to enhance sensation play. It’s a lot like knife play if you’ve dulled the blade a bit, this is the best way I can explain it. I try not to make them too sharp. The same way you wouldn’t want a knife to be razor sharp for knife play, you wouldn’t want one of my saw blades razor sharp either. You have the safety to run it along somebody’s skin even in a relatively sensitive area like the sides or thighs and not have to worry about barely touching them and cutting them.

Wry shows off his new Demonic Toys paddle at DomCon 2017

Wry shows off his new Demonic Toys paddle at DomCon 2017

anniebear: We were so happy to see you showing off your things at DomCon a few months ago. It looks like you had some pretty wicked stuff going on there with Demonic Toys. I know that you have a history and experience with metalworking, is that correct?

SirBerus: Yes, actually I am a welder and metal fabricator by trade. I got requested and told by a number of people including my submissive, Jenn, to try and make something unique and different out of metal. I thought about it for a while and if I made anything I wanted it to be more than a single use item; something that could be both impact and sensation or vice versa or have multiple uses. The first one I made I did as a joke and everyone seemed to go absolutely ballistic when I pulled it out. That was the very beginning.

anniebear: That’s great! It’s really fun when you can merge something you already know how to do into something that’s more fun like a hobby, so it sounds like a perfect marriage.

SirBerus: Absolutely! It definitely allows me to have the creativity to play around with metal work as well. I am far from a professional painter but it allows me to put that creativity into paint work for the designs and seeing people’s reactions and seeing the “oos and aahs” as well as “holy crap!” that comes from people seeing it for the first time. This always makes me smile.

anniebear: That’s wonderful, it sound very rewarding. So I saw a lot of your toys at DomCon. What would you say some of your favorite pieces are that you’ve created so far?

SirBerus: I’d have to say the original Devil’s Lollipopis still my favorite because it was the first one I made. I decided to put a whole lot of extra time into the paint job, just to see how far I could push myself. Because of that paint job plus the fact of it being the original prototype, that one is definitely my favorite. Other than that I’d have to say the Death Star paddle I made for a client was probably one of the hardest but most rewarding. Follow that up with one of the first custom sets I made. I made a Devil’s Lollipop and Candy Pain both in black and pink for Sir Pent. It was hard and took a lot of work but the reward that came from it was amazing.

Custom Death Star paddle by Demonic Toys

Custom Death Star paddle by Demonic Toys

anniebear: I was personally a big fan of the Death Star paddle. I saw it when you were just about finishing it up. It was impressive. How long do you think it took you to make that?

SirBerus: To make it took about four hours and the paint job took almost six total hours. So about ten hours of work!

anniebear: That’s amazing! It just shows how careful and meticulous you are with your work.

SirBerus: Yes, when it was first brought up to me as a custom job my first thought was, “There is no way that I’m making a Death Star from hand!” All of my stuff is one off. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t duplicate it 100%. So the concept of doing the Death Star was just mind blowing. (sentence removed) I decided to try and step it up and see if I could do it. A lot of friends suggested I just buy a vinyl sticker and stick it on there and clear coat it, but in my opinion it takes away from the company. I state that everything is done by hand and everything is a one off piece, anyone can stick a sticker on there. I wanted to step up to the challenge. It definitely was the most strenuous paint job I’ve done to date, but also the most rewarding.

Devil's Lollipop

Devil’s Lollipop

anniebear: On a more personal note how long have you been in the lifestyle?

SirBerus: I’ve actually been in the lifestyle and really embraced it for about a year and a half. I actually have to give a big shout out to my submissive Jenn because I always kind of had this feeling I was kinky and kind of felt off on my own island away from my friends when it came to this stuff but I didn’t know about the scene until we started dating. It was kind of overwhelming when we started dating and I became her Sir. It wasn’t until I truly embraced everything that the Demonic Toys idea took shape.

anniebear: That’s amazing, considering that you’re relatively new to the scene, to come out with this whole line of toys and torture implements is pretty incredible.

SirBerus: Absolutely. A lot of people have raised eyebrows when I actually tell them how long I’ve been in the scene. I’ve been told by people they thought I’d been in the scene anywhere from four to ten years, which kind of makes me laugh. Not laughing in a negative way, but I take it as a compliment, I wish I could say I’ve been in it that long. For how much it’s brought me off “the island”and allowed me to meet people that make me feel like the things I enjoy and the things I like aren’t weird and aren’t taboo is a great thing. So I want to find a way to have something new to contribute to the community. I think about how my submissive Jenn is so involved in the community and teaches and everything else, I want something to give back as well. I want something that nobody had seen before. There are so many toys that are great but they’re almost so similar between companies I want something that is really going to make your eyes pop, make you really take a step back and think about what you saw.

anniebear: That’s a really good motivation to start a company such as yours as a way to give back and still be creative at the same time.

SirBerus: It’s definitely been one of my favorite things. It’s been a huge motivator to see people’s reactions and partially to hear how nobody seems to take the same toy the same way. A lot of the time with a specific toy it’s either stingy or thuddy and everybody pretty much agrees. I can take the same Devil’s Lollipop and hit three different s-types and get three different reactions. One will say it’s stingy, one will say it’s thuddy, and one might say it’s a little of both! Then you add the fact that its got sensation play on the edges as well as conducts electricity. The Candy Pains do the same thing, but they’re deep tissue instead of what you think of a cane as giving a really sharp, stingy sensation. So I love seeing people’s reactions when they think it’sgoing to be the most viscous thing to hit their skin and then they try it and realize wow, I actually enjoy that and it wasn’t nearly as vicious as I thought. Obviously how the Top uses it will determine how vicious it can be.

anniebear: It sounds like a lot of fun. I imagine you had to maybe enlist the help of your submissive to try out some of these new toys before you started selling them.

SirBerus: Yes, she definitely got to try them out. Luckily,with people at her BDSM 101 class along with a few other people, I got to hand them off and get opinions from multiple different s-types and bottoms to get their opinion on them, along with Jenn’s. That’s really where I realized everyone feels it differently. Where she thought it was thuddy, someone else thought it was stingy. That personally made me smile because no one is going to say the same thing. This is just the beginning and I really truly hope people like all of the toys. There are a few more toys in the works that are soon to be rolled out to the public. I’m hoping that people see these and see it the same way that I do. That it’s a multiple use toy that is quite unique and they enjoy it for what it is and love using it.

Update: Demonic Toys has released two new toys since this interview was taken – the Devil’s Tongue and Lillith’s Lollipop. Check them out on DemonicToy’s profile on Fetlife!

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