Dexx Interviews Mistress Tara Indiana

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Dexx speaks with Tara on her presidential campaign, her platform, dildos for democracy, and how she can whip America into shape!

Dexx: As a renowned Dominatrix, what lead you to your decision to run for president?

Mistress Tara Indiana: Well, I feel like I have more leadership and management experience than Donald Trump and I have less skeletons in my closet than Hillary Clinton. I thought why not?

So, I gather you’ve dominated more than 10,000 men over the course of twenty five years as a Dominatrix?


In what ways do you think that this has prepared you for the demands of the Oval Office?

Its not just that I’ve dominated men, I’ve also been a leader of women. I’ve had dungeons in New York, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. I’ve had to supervise over eighty dominant women in an all female environment so that gave me really strong leadership skills. Also being a dominatrix you have to learn how to read people, you have to be a good negotiator and have to be able to get to the bottom of things and get at the truth. So that’s another thing that I think will help me to be a good president.

You seem to have taken a particularly strong stance against Donald Trump in the election, what is it about him that you think in particular needs someone to defeat him in the election?

I don’t even know where to begin. He’s completely unqualified, he doesn’t have the temperament, he’s thin skinned, easily distracted, has no ability to focus and he’s also got a really tiny penis and that’s why he’s building all these tall buildings, putting his name on them, all the bullying is just a way of compensating for the fact that he has a tiny tiny penis. One of the things that’s interesting, being in the adult business for as many years as I have been, I’ve clearly seen a lot of penises and not just penises that have been in my sessions but penises that have been in other peoples’ sessions. One of the things that I’ve noticed, the guys that are the most particular about the way a mistress looks or are the most critical or bottom manipulative or fussy and picky also have tiny penises. I mean really! You can call it. Whenever a guy calls and he’s very very particular its because he’s compensating for something. And men have been ruling the world for the last 6000 years, you guys had your shot at it and we’ve seen what you can do and I think its time now for a woman to be in charge.

I suppose we also have a historic situation with Hillary Clinton being nominated as the first female nominee of a major political party to be president, but you don’t think that she would be suitable as the first female president?

Well I think she’s very competent and has a lot of experience but we don’t really know what her positions are on anything which is true of most politicians, and certainly she’s better qualified than Donald Trump. But the bottom line for me, and a lot of people don’t know this, but when Hillary was the first lady she went to Amnesty International and she wanted them to make a claim in their platform that all prostitution was like slavery. They didn’t do it because that’s absurd, slavery and prostitution have as much to do with each other as being forced to work in a factory against your will or working in a factory and getting paid a wage and having insurance. So she’s very anti-adult and I cant work for someone who wants to put me in jail.

You would not only be the first female president but also the first dominatrix leader of any nation. What would the first 100 days of President Indiana look like?

The first thing I’d want to do would be to legalize polyandry which is marriage to multiple men. I think this is going to help us with environmental problems because we have diminishing resources, we’ve really screwed the pooch on the planet and we have to better use the resources we have. So a family that consists of a woman with several men would be a better way to use those resources. Even when you think about colleges and barely anyone can afford to send their kids to college but if you have four or five people bringing money into the family you’re looking at probably a quarter of a million dollars. I cant imagine what it would be ten years from now.

It sounds like climate change and education are a couple of your priority areas?

Yes we also need more affordable housing, health care, we need to tackle the problem of mental illness once and for all. The government closed up all the hospitals. That’s why we have the problem we have. It’s also an issue that’s very important to me. I live in downtown LA and just walking around here every day its disgraceful. Hundreds of people here are living in tents. A good deal of them suffer from mental illness because there is no long term care. And the short-term care is limited. As a matter of fact in Los Angeles for example a hospital like UCLA just has nine beds and its just not enough beds to deal with that problem. I think Donald Trump represents that also because he is clearly deranged. We have to look at mental health in a different way. Just the fact that someone like Donald Trump could get to where he is is extremely problematic. Someone who is as mentally disturbed as he is should not have made it as far as he did and he’s not going to be president. The damage that he has done to us on the world stage is tremendous and even though he’s not going to win, I don’t know what the long-term ramifications are in terms of our position in the world.

How do you think you would fair on the debate stage up against Trump and Clinton?

(Laughs) Well I do have a pretty sharp tongue so I think I’ll probably fare pretty well. Actually my first debate is coming up on September 3rd. There’s a performance artist named Jeffrey Vallance who’s very well know and he’s also running for president. His claim to fame is he has Pat Nixon’s endorsement from 1981 or something like that. I’ll be debating him at Coagula Curitorial. Bob Flannigan’s wife Sheree Rose will be moderating. Its her 75th birthday they’re having this 24 hour performance piece and part of it will be the debate. We have sent invitations to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but I don’t know if they got them but we’d be happy to have them join us.

How’s your fundraising going for your campaign?

That’s been a little trickier. So far its self financing just like Donald Trump and I can tell you that even on the level that I’m running its expensive. The filing and the paperwork. If you’re readers want to make a donation that would be much appreciated. I made an Indigogo as well as Dildos for Democracy. Dildos for Democracy is getting together with a group of other dominatrixes and its two fold. Part of it is where we do a small penis humiliation to Donald Trump on twitter and just try to constantly go at him and the other part is I set Donald Trump up an Amazon Wishlist which only has tiny tiny dildos on it. Another way that people can help the campaign is to go to his wishlist and purchase a dildo. It’s going to be shipped right to him at Trump Towers. Our goal is to ship Donald Trump a thousand tiny dildos.

That’s quite a goal.

I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my career if I didn’t have goals. I’ve always had lofty goals. My new lofty goal is a thousand tiny dildos.

Is there a target length or girth for the size of these dildo that you’d like people to be sending?

They have to be under three inches. It has to be a reminder to him of how tiny and insignificant his penis is. Here’s the problem, he was after Obama forever about his birth certificate. He got up during a debate and told America he was well hung so now he’s got to answer to the American people, he’s got to prove it. He’s the one that made it a public thing. As a public person, he’s a politician, this is something that he said on the floor of the Republican Debate so now he’s got to prove it which means he’s got to show us a dick pic which is sort of like his turn to show us his long form dick pic, that’s what I want to see.

Well I suppose he wouldn’t be the first politician to be sending dick pics out on the internet.

No he would not be the first and I’m sure he will not be the last.

Did you have something to do with the erecting of the statues with the Donald Trump with a micropenis?

I wish I had. I was just turned onto that recently and I must get in touch with whoever is doing that because it’s the greatest thing that has ever happened. And the cross promotional opportunities are fantastic. Its funny, I’ve been trying to get a toy company to sponsor me but they’re all worried that Donald trump is going to sue them.

Have you selected a vice presidential running mate for your campaign?

Well I’m considering a number of people. Snow Mercy, she’s a dominatrix here in Los Angeles. She’s a scientist and a chemist so for global warming it’d be good to have a scientist on my team. I’m also considering Mistress Genevieve. She’s in New Orleans and she’s come out with a pretty strong endorsement for me. I’ve known her for many years. I think she would be a great running mate. Mistress Delilah I’m considering. Porn star Brittany Andrew and I’m thinking about Wanda Sykes stand up comedian. She helped me with the black vote. Obviously Elizabeth Warren would be amazing and maybe George Takei. So I’d say that’s the short list.

Yes, it sounds like you’ve got some pretty strong contenders to choose from. In the course of your long career as a dominatrix would you say Donald Trump shares any aspects in common with the men that come to you to be dominated?

Well if I was gonna guess, I would peg him as a shit eater, he seems like that type.

(Laughs) You’ve brought up the issue of his micropenis a couple of times, so what do you think the correlation is between penis size and leadership capability causes it to be a disqualifying attribute for him?

Well the other famous leader who had a micro penis is Adolf Hitler. The problem with men that have micro penises and I’m not talking about men with a regular small penis, I’m talking about the micro penis. It reeks of men so insecure that they’re constantly trying to prove themselves in these machismo kind of ways and so men with these little tiny penises are much more war like aggressive, more in a negative way so maybe I just need to inspect their penises before they run for office. Part of my platform is I don’t think that middle aged white men should be able to hold office unless they get permission from a mistress because white men have been in charge for a really long time and its just enough. They’ve been the cause of all racism, all genocide, all this stuff, its all middle aged, older white men.

What do you think the political issues are that are facing the BDSM community as whole at the moment?

Well that’s the second half of my campaign. An important thing in my campaign that I’m trying to bring attention to is the discrimination of people in the BDSM and kink community. People lose their jobs, marriages are broken up, people lose custody of their children when they’re outed. I believe very strongly that any sexual orientation including gay or straight cant be put in a box like that but even if you don’t believe or think that’s true, its absolutely arcane that someone would lose custody of their children because they’re into S & M or that someone would lose their job because of what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom. So one of the really important things is I guess we have to add another letter onto the LGBTQ. I don’t know if that letter is going to be K for kink or B for BDSM but we need the same protections as that community has. It’s important.

Here’s another thing that happens to us; when someone in the BDSM community dies, sometimes you don’t even know. That’s one thing you learn as a dominatrix over many years is sometimes the guy doesn’t come back because he’s dead. And sometimes it’s a close friend and you’re not invited to the funeral, sometimes you don’t know what the cause of death is. Very often the family finds out about that when the person dies and all of their stuff is just thrown out and their friends are not invited to be a part of it. It’s happened to me more times then I would really care to talk abut to be honest.

It’s definitely a sad case. Do you think that generally society has been moving towards being more accepting in recent years?

Yes and no. I mean obviously we’ve made a lot of progress and that has its pros and cons. Obviously Fifty Shades of Gray came out, I tried to think of that as “ok anything that makes us more socially acceptable is good.” But I was walking in Hollywood and I saw the poster for the movie, I remember right before it came out because I actually protested when the movie came out. I saw the poster for the movie and I thought of a close friend of mine, a professional Domina, I can’t say who. Her parents kidnapped one of her children, took them over state line and then sued her for custody and won while she was battling stage four breast cancer. She never saw that child again. I remember looking at that movie poster and thinking how much money this woman is making who has nothing to do with S and M. Who didn’t even bother doing any research and I think of this as corrupting our culture. Its sort of the way for gay people, its sort of fashionable for this but there are certain parties and events we’re not invited to. So we’ve made progress but we have a really long way to go. It started with Madonna and Nine Inch Nails and those kind of bands and that was different because those kind of people are into S and M but when its like Rhianna or Fifty Shades of Gray, those types, they don’t care what happens to us, they’re just profiting from our clothing and our style and our culture

Faux S and M.

Yes, but they’re not there when people get arrested or get fired, they’re not in our corner so I don’t think it’s right for them to profit, especially the woman from Fifty Shades of Gray, the profit she made and gave nothing, nothing back to the community is frankly disgusting.

And aside from rights for the BDSM community would you say that your campaign is also rooted in women’s rights?

Absolutely, I mean I founded a new party, the Women’s Supremacy party. It is definitely about getting more women in leadership roles. I’ll tell you an interesting story because I mentor and teach a few women how to dominate men and one of the things I try to teach is how to dominate in an emotionally healthy way and so we talk about what is a healthy Femdom relationship. I always ask because I discovered that the three roles a woman is playing when she’s dominating a man in an emotionally healthy way. I ask the person what are the three archetypical roles that dominatrixes fall into. What’s interesting is they always guess the first two. Which is mother and teacher. But they almost never guess the third one, which is leader. Its true! You’re leading men and women. And women don’t get that because we’re not conditioned or taught as women that that’s one of the things that we can do is be leaders. So that’s important to me that women see other women in leadership positions and the camaraderie that can be achieved in leadership positions.

And so in terms of I suppose promoting the concept of female supremacy, does that then necessarily mean that you also believe in male submission generally?

Well if the question is do I think all the men should be slaves, as much fun as that would be the most important thing for me in my personal life, the slave should serve loyally and with enthusiasm I mean that’s what makes it a gift really. I guess slave is really not the best word to describe the relationship. I guess it can be in the context that it is unpaid labor but its very important that the slave is willing and submitting and surrendering and the not fun kind of slavery is like that. So no I don’t expect all men to be slaves but what I do want is I want men to feel more comfortable in their submission. We live in a culture that really shames men for being submissive so a lot of men or most men are still not out because of the stigma and it’s a farce because I think it takes only a tremendous amount of strength and courage to submit. And I think you really have to be comfortable in your manhood. Actually I believe it actually takes a real man to be a slave. I don’t see it as coming from a place of weakness, I see it coming from strength and I would like to open up the world to that possibility for men to be able to be more out. A lot of it is just chivalry. I think its kind of old fashioned in a way. With courting you, proving your worthiness I think that’s actually very romantic and old fashioned in many ways. Now you got me going! (Laughs) I’m passionate about that.

(Laughs)We sure don’t mind. So you founded the Den of Iniquity some time ago in New York and other cities so tell me about the Den of Iniquity, that’s a private dungeon is it?

Yes, it’s the only dungeon as far as I know of that’s founded on the basic principals of female supremacy. So all of our mistresses that have worked with me over the years sort of come into that culture, its in their DNA. At the height of its success we were in New York and Los Angeles. Now we’re just in Los Angles, focusing on teaching and my political aspirations. This is something that I’ve always wanted to so.

Presumably you do private sessions and classes at the Den, do you have any crossover with other aspects of the kink community outside of Femdom/male sub?

Yes, I actually enjoy playing with another male Dom and a female submissive. What’s important to me is that when a man is dominant it also comes from a place of worshipping women. And what I’ve noticed from dominant men that are a dominant man as opposed to an asshole is that its sort of adoration or worship of the damsel in distress and it comes from a place of caretaking so as long as the dominant comes from that place and is fulfilling the woman’s fantasy than I’m all for it

In your BDSM lifestyle do you have any particular specialty in terms of play or activities you like to do?

Well I like it all. There’s really nothing I don’t enjoy but for me my dominance comes from a place of control. So I decide when, where, and whom. I mean sure there are certain things like my go to things; I love fisting, caning, heavy medical but the most important thing for me is the slave and obedience training that’s what it has to be about and all the other activities or fetishes are sort of in the context of classic slave and obedience training

I’m interested to hear more about small penis humiliation in a scene. How does that work?

To be honest with you I’m going to be very frank, its actually not my thing. Its not something I was particularly into or that I specialize in, certainly I can do it and I will do it for my country!

So for anyone who is a new male submissive just coming into the scene or just starting to realize their interests, do you have any advice for them?

If you’re doing a session obviously do your research and see someone who is experienced and don’t make your decision just based on the way that they look. For lifestyle, I think the mistakes that a lot of submissive men make and continue to make throughout their lives is you’re competing against a lot of different guys especially if it’s a quality mistress so you need to stand out from the crowd. The way that you do that, very often when a submissive approaches me on Fetlife they say oh mistress you can do whatever you want to me and will go through all of this stuff and that’s basically a dick pic. You’re basically offering me sex. Its not that I don’t enjoy it but I don’t necessary have that for you yet. You have to show me and prove to me. What you want to think about is how to liberate the mistress from the mundane. What can you do to make her life easier or to enhance her life. Look at your skillset. It cold be that you’re a lawyer or you have good cleaning skills or computer skills. Something that you can do to be helpful or to be of service and that’s what you want to present first. Another thing you can do is put together a resume. Really, a submissive resume and that can include certainly kink but maybe skills that the mistress may find useful. I think if you come at it from that standpoint, your chances for meeting someone and getting collared by a quality mistress is much higher.

You can read more about Mistress Tara Indiana and follow her campaign in her commercial and on her website.


  1. you can’t make this stuff up

  2. A little more than a decade ago, right before the mid-term elections, I hosted a show, “BaadMaster’s Dungeon,” on ksexradio. I started a run for the Presidency with the slogan, “Why re-elect a Mad Bastard, vote for BaadMaster!” Amazingly, I lost. Hard to believe.

    And just like the year I “ran,” the establishment candidates were clearly worse than either of us!

    Best of luck. You have my vote!

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