Club Awakening-Oct 5!!!

New to kink? Not new but want to brush up on skills or just enjoy a play party with fresh energy? CLUB AWAKENING is what you’re looking for!

Club Awakening is a party that was designed for newbies in the BDSM scene. It’s been a monthly party since March 2016 at Sanctuary LAX. This party includes 4 set tasting booths plus one surprise booth each month. The set booths are hands on play (spanking, face slapping, etc), crops/canes/paddles, flogging, and rope. You can either feel what these things feel like as a bottom or learn how to do these things as a Top – or both! We even have several volunteer practice bottoms to lend a helping hand (aka butt) so you can practice even without a play partner. Other volunteers float the venue to answer questions and help point you in the right direction. Don’t miss the “Newbie Orientation” after party announcements!


There are also 2-3 vendors and a midnight raffle – with multiple prizes to win! We provide a coat and bag check for a nominal fee as well as a fun photo booth where you can get pics taken of you and your friends to commemorate the night!

You can get DISCOUNTED pre-sale tickets or pay at the door! (see below for links)

About the venue:

Sanctuary Studios LAX is proud to have been named “Best Dungeon in Los Angeles” by TimeOut Magazine – February 2016

Sanctuary LAX is a Los Angeles dungeon located within close proximity to LAX. It features a state of the art, air-conditioned facility completely rebuilt from the ground up under the direction of Mistress Cyan. Formerly known as Passive Arts, Sanctuary Studios LAX is the largest Dungeon in Los Angeles with more than 7000 sq ft. and a 1500 sq. ft. main room. The location features many rooms (both large and more intimate), high ceilings, and a large variety of dungeon furniture. It is complete with an outdoor smoking patio and a stage in the main room with plenty of seating.

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  1. this event is bomb!

  2. so educational too!

  3. Isaac Kalder says:

    I am not really into BDSM but am more just slightly Kinky a little bit. I am mostly Vanilla though. I am like 90% Vanilla, and only 10% Kink. I’m not into any of the booths you mentioned even for a newbie. I don’t like spanking, face slapping, etc), crops/canes/paddles, flogging, and rope. I don’t like pain, or b=Breath Play in any way, shape, or form. Those are both HARD limits for me that I will never ever break.

    Does that mean that BDSM isn’t for me? Can it be possible to be a little Kinky, and have a few fetishes, but not be considered BDSM? Since Kinks, and fetishes can exist outside of BDSM, and since I said I’m only 10% Kink, and 90% Vanilla, then should I be searching within the BDSM community, or do you think I should be searching within the Vanilla community? Do you think maybe the Vanilla life style is more where I belong instead of the BDSM life style?

    ALL I like is light sensation play. I have a couple of fetishes. #1. Being bound, and having a female hold her hand over my mouth while I struggle to speak, and #. 2 Being LIGHTLY tickle tortured. Not TRUE torture, but where it’s more fun like when a BF, and GF tickle each other but just in a slightly kinky way.

    Can I have any of those fetishes indulged at the Club, or would the Club not really be for me? Now, I know that I am technically supposed to be testing my hard limits, and trying to over come, and break them, and explore the unknown, and try new things, but I don’t actually want to, nor do I ever have any interest in doing so.

    I don’t plan on changing my Vanilla to Kinky ratio. Is it okay if I am content with staying exactly as I am for the rest of my life, and just seeking out what I already know I like, and enjoy, and not caring about the millions of things I am missing out on so long as me, and my future partner are both happy, and fulfilled with what we do, no matter how limited, bland, boring, and mediocre that seems to the BDSM community, or anyone else for that matter?

  4. I might actually have an opening in my schedule!

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