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I had the pleasure of speaking with photographer Kate Michaels of Darkroom Photography about what makes her tick, learning the tricks of the trade form a landscape photographer, and why her style makes her a cut above. -anniebear

Photo by Kate Michaels

Photo by Kate Michaels

Kate Michaels: “I got into the Dallas community about a year and a half ago. They are a very tight knit and close community so a lot of them are my friends and supporters.

I like the black and white edginess. I do have color photos obviously. The fact that I’m a female photographer, I’m young, and I’m totally open minded so as long as everyone is consenting then they can do whatever they want to do as long as everything is consensual. I think people are really comfortable with me.

I would love to do suspension photography. Unfortunately I do not know how to do it but I think its very pretty. I have a couple friends who have made a study out of it. I get the psychology of BDSM as a whole and what that openness feels like. And to have yourself totally open to somebody is a completely surreal experience and I don’t think most vanilla couples ever feel that. I hadn’t felt that before.

I’ve always known I had an eye for it. I had a friend of mine that was a landscape photographer and I asked him to teach me about cameras and he did and I took it and ran with it. I did my first actual boudoir shoot in August of 2015 with myself using a tripod and remote.

I would love to do more hardcore BDSM shoots with couples in addition to parties and singles. Those things really interest me.”

Photographer: Kate Michaels

See more of her work atwww.DarkroomPhotographyOnline.com.

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Kate Michaels founded Darkroom Photography in 2015 after years of searching for a specific experience. Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Kate had always kept an eye on boudoir photography as an art form, but was less then moved by cookie-cutter “shopping mall” boudoir photography. Kate wanted to be the photographer that would allow couples who had been married decades, to live out the fantasy of becoming models in the erotic images seen online. Additionally, the Lifestyle and BDSM communities needed a confidential way to capture their brand of erotica in a classy and non-judgmental setting. In 2015, Darkroom Photography was formed to serve a specific need; to allow clients to live out their fantasies, to empower, and to provide a boudoir experience that is unique, edgy, and erotic.


  1. nice

  2. Denali Princess says:

    I worked with Kate several months ago. She made me feel comfortable and totally at ease the entire time and the photos were off the chart AMAZING! So sexy, erotic, and edgy….I love them. Going to have her do some photos with my guy next!

  3. Great shots! Kate should have no trouble finding willing models.

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