Video: Bound

Bound from Matt Rose

I was personally touched by the narrative on this video. I believe the speaker perfectly articulates what submission is to a lot of people. Perhaps you can relate to him as well. -anniebear


  1. hannah kit says:

    i really liked what he had to say. it is very freeing to be a submissive! don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You choose to allow this to happen.

  2. aquarius2 says:

    What great timing. I noticed my girl had put sensory depravation on her list of things to try. As a Daddy I give my little girl an escape from her Divorce for a few hours and it is very therapeutic for her. Seems like I have homework to do.

  3. I feel that sense of giving away control and wanting to. Wanting someone you respect to use you; that is the erotic feeling of it.

  4. David Saunders says:

    The first gentle, honest and earnest American voice I’ve heard in months. A tone of voice to match his soul, restrained, tight and correct. What a shame that it takes the freedom of surrender of one’s will to share its power by so few to manifest itself. The production, the poignant stills and that narrative. Truly haunting and at such a point in American Colonial Life.

  5. wow…great piece. please submit this to film festival.

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