Product Spotlight: The Versatility of Bondage Cuffs

Wrist cuffs by Masterbind

Wrist cuffs by Masterbind

Not enough can be said about bondage involving leather cuffs and straps. Bondage cuffs are often one of the first things a newbie gravitates toward when they’re just starting out (after fuzzy handcuffs of course ;). I think this is due to not only the versatility but also the immediate headspace that the wearing of cuffs and collars brings to the submissive or bottom. If you’re able to get creative with your bondage, you can wow your submissive and not break the bank by having to buy a hundred other toys at the same time.

This week we’d like to introduce you to “The Master,” the mastermind behind Masterbind (see what I did there?). If you’re looking to graduate from those Velcro cuff starter sets, this is the place to start and end. Master makes by hand each and every order per specified measurements. This means you can customize your cuffs to fit your specific submissive. Just looking for a catchall set to play with more than one person? The Master can advise you on the best sizing option or make an adjustable set. The best part about Masterbind, he doesn’t use stitching on any of his products. This means you can pull, push, and hang and they won’t give or rip. The Master says, “I build them to be extremely durable with the best leather around and solid hardware, these are meant for a lifetime of heavy use.” If you’re anything like my partner Dexx, this is a definite plus!

I’ve seen and experienced personally a number of creative methods for the use of bondage cuffs, check it out:

Strap up your submissive in a pair of sturdy leather cuffs, link them together in front (or back if you’re extra “evil) and lead them around like that for the night. Don’t unhook them even if they go to use the restroom. Pass them off to a trusted friend to “watch” for a few minutes. Put a pair on their ankles and link those together to limit mobility. From personal experience, it’s extra humiliating to have to shuffle around all night long getting caned for being too slow. Ahhhh the memories!

Cuffs with a leather connector from Masterbound

Cuffs with a leather connector from Masterbound

Make sure they can’t get away
When you’re ready for some fun play time, you can hook your slave up to any old hardpoint around with the use of carabineers or connectors. Usually dungeon furniture and St. Andrews crosses come equipped with these for easy attachment. Do you have a squirmy slave? All you need is a sturdy pole or column, place their back to it, and link their wrists behind them. No getting out of that.

Forget neckties and handcuffs
Cuffs are great in the bedroom. Loop a piece of chain or rope around a bed post or headboard through the cuffs links and your submissive is good to go…or not go anywhere rather. If your bed doesn’t have anywhere to hooks cuff, get creative and put your submissive on the floor hooking them to the bed leg.

Wacky ways to trap your submissive
Lay your submissive on their back and link the ankle cuffs to the wrist cuffs using a hogtie connector. This exposes some sensitive areas allowing easy access. If you have a hard point up above, you can even tie then to that, creating extra discomfort and exposure. There is also the traditional hogtie laying them on their stomach and reaching the arms back to connect the wrists to the ankles. I advise that this is not for the faint of heart and requires some amount of flexibility so use caution!

Don't know how to use rope? Get a hogtie connector and save yourself the hassle. Photo from Masterbind.

Don’t know how to use rope? Get a hogtie connector and save yourself the hassle. Photo from Masterbind.

I hope this gave you some devious ideas to pull from for your next scene. We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Masterbind cuffs and accessories are available online via his store.


  1. Donald says:

    What I love about leather cuffs. No matter how hard you or your “victim” struggle, the cuffs never tighten up and cut into the skin. But one must still be mindful of circulation and nerve issues.

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