Event Review: Auckland Fetish Ball

It was more than we could have ever expected! Dexx and I found out there was an Auckland, New Zealand Fetish Ball and we just had to check it out while visiting the city. We’d attended a few other events in Auckland last year and knew there was a thriving Kiwi kink scene. This event, now in its 16th year proved to be as much fun and in some cases even better than the extremely active and saturated scene we’re used to in Los Angeles.

The theme for the ball was Cosplay. I donned my sexy wolf costume and Dexx was appropriately dressed as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. The venue was The Winchester, which turned out to be the perfect space for such a party. We arrived and made our way up the steps of the building. Considering what I knew about Auckland, it being a more conservative city generally, I was not sure what the costume participation would be. We were some of the first people to arrive. After being greeted and checking our coats with some super friendly people, we made our way into the main space. It was a large room, sexily lit in red. There were tables, couches, and even some giant bean bag chairs to lounge upon. The DJ was playing and there was a main stage where performances would be held later in the evening. So far, everyone seemed to be embracing the theme and was in all manner of costumes. We grabbed drinks at the bar and made our way around the room. Dexx is much more outgoing than myself and quickly introduced us to a few people. Unknowingly, the first person we met, Nocturness was to be one of the performers later in the evening.She was super friendly and had some incredible contacts on that changes her eyes to look quite intense. After a chat we went to look a the play space. The room was well equipped with many pieces of play equipment. There was a dungeon monitor and a “kitty” having a quick spanking. We were unsure how many people would be playing that evening.

The party filled up quickly after that. Many of the costumes were incredible with many types of kink and orientation represented: leather, latex, cross dresser, trans, lace, and of course Cosplay were in force! I have an affinity for going out as twins with some of my girlfriends and was able to snap a photo (with permission) of a cute set in attendance. We were very impressed. While it was obvious there were people in power exchanges with there partners, there was a far less sense of protocol as in the Los Angeles parties we attend. People were still very respectful, but the atmosphere was less chilly since you didn’t have to walk over egg shells to decipher who was in what dynamic follow which protocols. I also really appreciated the meshing of every type of dynamic. Gay leather mixed with hetero Dom/mes and everything in between. Because the scene is so large in Los Angeles, for better or worse, the parties are more fragmented with each group sticking to its own and rarely coming together. There was also some actual, honest to goodness dancing which dexx and myself appreciated and participated in. Next, We scouted out some seats for the show. We noticed a couple not in costumes next to us. We of course try not to judge folks but you could tell they were a bit “out of place,” Dexx was intrigued. He introduced himself and found that they were in fact friends of the venue’s owner and this was their first kinky event. Despite being a bit out of their element, they were really enjoying the festivities, people, and costumes.

"Twins" at the Auckland Fetish Ball (photo taken with permission)

“Twins” at the Auckland Fetish Ball (photo taken with permission)

The MC Miss Mole took the stage to get things started. Larger than life, she was dressed in an assortment of feathers in black and white. She gave a hilarious introduction for each act and was clearly a favorite among the crowd. The first act was our recent acquaintance Nocturness. She had changed into some impressive ram horns and was scantily clad. She danced with candles and wax, dripping them down her body. The room was silent and at attention. There was a collection of folks seated around the stage to enjoy the view. At the conclusion she received a rousing round of applause and cheers from the crowd.

Following Nocturness, the mood got considerably more serious as a procession of people made there way to the stage holding candles. As I watched what unfolded I knew immediately what was about to happen: a hook suspension, live and in person! I’ve been actively going out in the lifestyle for over two years now and never have I seen a hook suspension in person. Of course I knew the hows and whys and video but seeing it in person was another experience entirely. I’m admittedly a bit squeamish and disliked needles so I must say it was difficult for me to watch. The rest of crowd however could not take their eyes off of the stage. It was a beautiful connection between the person doing the suspension and the bottom. She took great care in communicating and had several assistants with her to help. The bottom was suspended about 7-9 inches off of the table they were working off of. The audience gave full weight to the happenings on stage by remaining respectfully silent. I myself had to keep looking away. I do give major respect to those involved int hat scene as it was very intense and beautiful in its own way.

The stunning Nocturness

The stunning Nocturness

After the seriousness of the suspension, Dexx lead me back to the play room. There were several more scenes going on at this point and the room was getting full. A few people were trying spanking for the first time, which was incredibly fun. We found out the dungeon equipment had been lent out by a local professional dominatrix, Mistress Dior and we of course had to meet her! She was so friendly and wearing and incredible costume, pictured. She was very popular at the party, showing the ropes to some impact play and more! It was after that that Dexx decided it was time for some spanking of my own. We found ourselves a spot and he took the liberty of spanking me very thoroughly in the crowded room. My face was very hot with embarrassment for all of the people watching us but I loved it!

Mistress Dior and anniebear at the Auckland Fetish Ball

Mistress Dior and anniebear at the Auckland Fetish Ball

We wrapped up the evening by having a rest in the main room and talking with the organizers of the ball. They are a very friendly couple and mentioned they brought the Fetish Ball from Chirstchurch and it’s been a huge success. Dexx and myself had a wonderful time and a big thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome!

anniebear is a submissive living with her partner Dexx in Los Angeles. She enjoys writing, modeling for friends, animal rescue, and teaching herself how to cook. You can catch her on Fetlife or Facebook.


  1. hell yea auckland!!! i think the fact that its a smaller community definitely makes it a stronger community!

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