Review: Locking / buckling wrist cuffs

red cuffs stockroom

Dexx says:

Stockroom was kind enough to send us these leather cuffs to review, so we thought it would be rude not to strap anniebear into them and give her a good spanking. I can confirm that she was held firmly in place and despite some considerable moaning and squirming, she was quite unable to escape… mission accomplished.

These cuffs are part of the standard line of bondage accessories produced by Stockroom, hence the fairly plain sounding product name. They come in a range of colors, including black, pink, and red. We got the red ones, which look quite distinctive and never fail to attract a compliment when being used at a play party or dungeon.

The cuffs have a 2 inch wide main body which fit around the wrists, and then taper to thinner sections at either end. What this achieves is that the thin part can be tucked through and wrapped around the entire wrist. When compared with more traditional style cuffs, you get a much more comfortable and snug fit, and they are also especially robust and secure. Short of some heavy duty fabric shears, there’s no escaping these guys until the top says so!

The buckle features a loop, which allows you to attach padlocks to keep them properly locked if desired. There is also a sturdy D-ring, which is handy for attaching the cuffs to bed posts, dungeon furniture, or each other.

It took a couple of goes to fully understand how to loop them through to close them properly. But overall, these cuffs are sturdy, soft and reliable and I can see then becoming a regular feature of my toy box.

red cuffs ladder

anniebear says:

I love the helplessness of bondage – it intensifies the power exchange of D/s play and helps me get into a great headspace. If you haven’t had a good spanking while helpless and bound, you haven’t lived.

Leather cuffs like these are great for fast and practical bondage. They may not have the same sensual art as rope bondage, but they get the job done.

There are enough size options that you should be able to get them closed nice and snug, but with enough room so that they are comfortable and don’t inhibit blood flow etc. I had them attached to a loft ladder pulling my wrists high and wide, and they are wide enough that I was comfortable in this position for at least 15 minutes. They aren’t suspension cuffs, so I wouldn’t want them taking my body weight, but fine for holding the weight of my arms.

I love the striking red that these ones came in. They come in some other colors too – I wouldn’t mind trying out the pink ones some time. There are also matching ankle cuffs which I bet would go great with a spreader bar – looking forward to testing those out another time. You can get this this exact pair from Stockroom. Make sure to come back and let us know what you think!


  1. the demo photos are great, haha. cool write up.

  2. lockable cuffs are best we think

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