Review: Spanker Machine

Our lives will forever be changed. Tired of getting into fights with your Dom/me for lack of spankings and attention? Fear not, there is a machine that can do the job for you! Before you start rolling your eyes, you NEED to check the Spanker Machine invention out.

This is not a one size fits all type of spanking machine. You can change out the spanking implements with pretty much whatever you want be it a wooden spoon, thin cane, paddle, and more! The machine also has different settings and strengths so you can please even the most timid of subs. I was especially impressed with the “delayed” spanking mode which pauses between spanks or it can lightly press on the spot it just spanked. The machine can be mounted to almost any surface for portable spanking power wherever you go.

I could see this machine as having numerous uses besides pleasing a lonely submissive. Perhaps your dominant is injured or sick but still wants to engage in play or punish you. They can easily set you up for a good spanking. Is your dominant traveling all month? You won’t get out of practice with daily spankings from the spanking machine that you film for your dominants pleasure!

If you can’t get a Spanker Machine delivered to your house, the demo videos are still hilarious to check out. I’d really like to meet the genius behind this gadget. He and Kink Weekly founder Dexx seem to have some devious qualities in common. Happy spanking!

anniebear is a submissive living in Los Angeles. She enjoys writing, modeling for friends, animal rescue, and teaching herself how to cook. You can catch her on Fetlife or Facebook.


  1. With a spanking machine and a fuck doll and you can go to Ralphs and they can scene without you!

  2. Where can I go to find a dominant safe person..?

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