The Truth About O-Here At Last!

First, my thanks to those who have continued to inquire about and wait patiently for my long-promised novel to appear. Most of the delay was occasioned by technical problems setting up the website to sell it and transact the purchases.

I’m happy to report that those hurdles have been cleared.  You can now by a full PDF copy of The Truth About O at for $23.99, not a bad price for a 900-page saga, all taken from true life episodes documenting the rise and fall of one of the oldest, most legendary Sociétés D’O in Europe.  You can check out the beginning of the first chapter at the site free of charge.

For those who didn’t have the opportunity to read the previous excerpts that ran in earlier issues of Kink Weekly this book tells the story of “The League,” once among the most active O-based communities on the continent as experienced through the diaries, emails and interviews assembled by the men and women at the nucleus of the group’s dramatic history.

Centered around a castle outside Vienna, The League provided an environment in which men and women could act out the life of dominance and devotion depicted in Pauline Reage’s taboo-shattering novel, Story of O. Like similar groups in other European countries, The League put its own unique spin on Reage’s narrative, creating what it called “The Philosophy,” a set of rules and rituals by which both the masters and their “Os” (as they preferred to be called) could live out their conceptions of life at Reage’s Chateau d’Roissy.

An extraordinary group of women and men – many of them prominent citizens in daily life – took the tale to new levels of intensity, described in their own words through reams of correspondence.

As we get to know Sabrina, Fabienne, Lila, Federico and Alexander better and better through their own words we cannot deny both our similarities to them and our differences from them. They present us with an amazing and often disturbing funhouse mirror of our own ideas and practices as we pursue our paths through the looking glass of BDSM.

The result challenges all our received ideas about what a life profoundly dedicated to a kind of sexual feudalism, under which ownership and responsibility are inextricably bound, might be like. By turns powerfully erotic, unpredictably humorous and ultimately suspenseful, Truth About O takes readers down the path of what the community called “The Dark Lust,” a powerful desire for ever more intense and extreme D/s experiences.

Much of the journey will shock American sensibilities, as we learn about the stark differences between what we think of as consensual sex play and what The League’s members viewed as a demanding dedication to a set of ideas about sex, loyalty and courage. It is a journey that takes us outside our comfort zone of elegant parties and sensual exploration to extremes where the line is blurred between the pursuit of mutual pleasure and the irresistible need for ever-more-risky adventure.

If ever a book could be described as “not for the faint-hearted,” this is surely it. That all those who lived to tell of the ecstatic highs and harrowing lows of life at and around The Castle share with us their most intimate experiences of The Dark Lust is a strange gift unlike any other saga of sexual exploration we’re likely to encounter It manifests the power to change the way we think about who we are and what we do by admitting us to an alternate universe resembling our own and yet shockingly different in so many ways.

Ultimately, it is both an arousing and sometimes amusing collection of shared experiences at the edge of what we consider “edge play” and a harrowing, cautionary, true story of what can happen when exotic fantasy clashes with the harshness of real life at its most cruel and corrupt.

Our eloquent, insightful narrators leave us with more questions than answers – as much as we can ask of any non-fiction book that addresses the deepest contradictions of human nature.

There is beauty here, and also peril. If you choose to join The League for a few hundred pages, be prepared for the BDSM ride of a lifetime.

A Brief Introduction to Life in the League

What was it like to be an O under the ownership of The League’s masters and Mentors? One of the many gifts passed on by those who had the experience is this document, given to all women entering the community for the first time. It is a tantalizing taste of “The Philosophy” under which masters and Os alike chose to live their lives.


The Rules of the O

The Os are to treat the gentlemen in The Castle with respect.

The O ‘s are to address the gentlemen with “Sie,” the formal address for “you, ” unless given permission to do otherwise.

The O is to lower her eyes while in the presence of the gentlemen in The Castle.

The O always sits at the feet of her master, unless it is otherwise permitted.

The Os never participate in the masters’ conversation unless instructed. Among themselves they keep essential communications to a minimum and convey them in whispers.

Every O in The Castle is always available to every gentleman for unrestricted sexual use. Outside of The Castle, their master or their Mentor decides whether and by whom the O may be used.  Under no circumstances does the O make this decision for herself. The Os shall serve the men in The Castle with drinks, food, or other amenities unless already carrying out a master’s prior orders.
The Os in The Castle wear either the simple, white dress of the novice or remain completely naked. Shoes or any other clothing are permitted only at the discretions of the gentlemen.

For les soirées the dress rule is extended to require the wearing of the regulated O garments. Shoes and stockings are permitted only with approval of the master or the Mentor.

Outside The Castle, the O wears clothing the master or the Mentor deems appropriate.

Articles of clothing which are never allowed:

Any type of undergarments: slips, bras, panties or anything else that covers her intimate parts. Stockings, pants, skirts or dresses of hems below the knee line are also prohibited.

Os are to avoid any clothing that hinders rapid access to the breasts, the genitals or the ass.

The O shall never cross her legs and should always hold her thighs a hand’s breadth apart. Her lips should remain slightly parted at all times.

The O shall always wear a collar and/or The Ring of the O inside The Castle confines as well as in public at all times, except if the master or the Mentor specifically allows otherwise. If a gentleman outside of The Castle recognizes the significance of The Ring of O, he has the right to use the O as he pleases. If she is alone at the moment, meaning if she is without her master or her Mentor, the O is to immediately contact her master or Mentor. The master or Mentor has the right to ask by whom, how much, in what way, where, and how long the O is to be used. The maximum period allowed for such use is twelve hours, unless otherwise negotiated between the men.

Staying at Windhof Castle

Os who spend more than twenty-four hours at Windhof Castle without their Masters are required to be sexually available to any master or any Mentor at any given time. The use of the Os for service and/or any other work on the estate or in The Castle must be ordered by their master and approved by the appropriate Mentor.

The freedom of movement of the Os is generally restricted to the east wing. Entering the west wing is permitted only with express permission and during soirées.

The O shall perform all work assigned at Windhof Castle without any objection, whether outdoors, in the kitchen or in the office. The O shall wear the dress of the novice only if complete nakedness would be inconvenient. Shoes may be worn only if expressly ordered. This rule applies to the entire estate in all weather and during all seasons.

Herr Herrmann is in charge of the delegation of the Os rooms. These rooms may never be locked. Every O must be accessible and ready at any time of the day.

The duration and schedule of activities during the stay at Windhof Castle are the decisions the Mentors and the master of the O.


In principle, the master or Mentor should never need to punish an initiated O. If this becomes necessary due to failure on the part of the O, the following basic rules will apply:

  • The whip shall be the primary punishment.

For this, the O is chained between the two wooden posts of the inner courtyard of The Castle. She shall always be completely naked, no matter what time of day, what season, or what the weather is like.

Other means of punishment:

Crops and similar tools may be employed for the bastinado.

A stay in the basement dungeon.

Sexual use by one or more of the workers or servants of The Castle.

Naked marching or being part of a work crew on The Castle grounds.

If the above-mentioned list of punishments is not considered sufficient, a gentleman or Mentor may consult the Mentors’ council, which will examine the offense, listen to both the side of the O as well as that of the gentleman and will then determine an appropriate punishment.

All of the above-mentioned measures can, of course, be demanded regardless of the need for punishment.  The masters, Mentors, gentlemen and guests may employ such techniques entirely for their own pleasure. Disobedience is always met with punishment but punishment may also be inflicted when no offense has been committed.


The goal of the initiation of an O is for her to learn to follow the rules of Windhof Castle and that apply to the philosophy of the O. The gentlemen, as well as the Mentors, but above all, the Os must honor these rules to the best of their abilities, be of sound mind and of legal age to participate in such activities or have such things done to them.

The goal of the initiation of an O is to formally give her over to her master fully and willingly. By wearing the ring, the O surrenders complete control to her Master.

The purpose of The League is to satisfy erotic desires in accord with the Philosophy of O. All measures, actions and events happen under the mutual understanding of all participants, and all must abide by the requirements of Windhof Castle.

About the Author

For over forty years Ernest Greene has been one of the most prominent figures in the BDSM scene as a writer, an activist, a filmmaker and a participant. During that time he has witnessed and contributed to the evolution of a once small and isolated sub-culture to a thriving and vital part of the larger society’s erotic life.

Greene is a longtime member of the Los Angeles BDSM community, joining Threshold when it was still an affiliate of The Society of Janus. He served six terms as Threshold coordinator between 1989 and 1995. He continued to do orientations for new members thereafter and has participated in numerous outreaches to academic groups as well as presenting at national BDSM events including Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, Colorado and GWNN in Austin, Texas.

Since 1985, Greene has concentrated his efforts mainly in adult entertainment and adult sex education, serving as Executive Editor of the best-selling fetish magazine Hustler’s Taboo since 1999. Greene founded the also founded the highly successful all-artwork spin-off Taboo Illustrated, now in its 72nd issue.

As well, Greene, has participated in the production of adult video for three decades as a performer, writer, director and producer. His body of work comprises over five hundred titles, including AVN award winners Strictly for Pleasure, Mask of Innocence, Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women and Jenna Loves Pain. With his wife, Nina Hartley, he has served as producer and director of the Nina Hartley’s Guide series of adult sex education programs for video market leader Adam&Eve Pictures. The series has sold over three quarters of a million videos to date and now comprises forty titles. His own erotic features for Adam&Eve, O – The Power of Submission, Surrender of O and The Truth About O have thus far seen sales nearing 100,000 units, making them among the biggest selling X-rated feature titles in recent years.

Most recently, Greene authored a new novel, Master of O (Daedalus Publishing), reinventing the BDSM classic Story of O set in modern Los Angeles and told from the master’s point of view. Available in a variety of formats, including a deluxe illustrated version, from and, it has been highly praised for its insightful reinterpretation of Pauline Reage’s groundbreaking work of erotic fiction.

It was through contacts inspired by his own novel that Greene came to know the Austrian group modeled on Reage’s Chateau de Roissy, thus obtaining the remarkable non-fiction record of its rise and fall as depicted in The Truth About O, a dark and fascinating series of personal accounts from those who participated directly in that organization’s revelatory and often shocking history.


  1. princesspuddles says:

    So intriguing to say the least!

    • Ernest Greene says:

      Glad you find it so. I can fairly promise that the deeper you get into it the more intriguing it becomes. What I learned from the research that went into it really changed my perspective on our whole world, not just as it exists here but as it has long existed in other places. I’m pleased to share what I’ve learned with readers, who I’m certain will find the information as mind-blowing as I did.

  2. Love the history of it all

    • Ernest Greene says:

      Indeed, it is a far richer, deeper and more complex history than I could have imagined. And it’s still going on today! As it turned out, Pauline Reage’s novel just scratches the surface. There’s a whole lot more going on underneath and has been for at least three generations. Think you’ll find the rest as amazing as I did when the people currently involved in the world of O opened up to me so generously.

  3. It’s an interesting read…and I appreciate the information, regarding their protocol, and the differences between what we have available here in the States, and the BDSM attitudes vs Old World protocol of Europe. I was anxious to read this since you first brought it to KW’s attention. Thanks for your efforts!

    • Ernest Greene says:

      Thanks for your comment and for having patience while we got the book in order. Glad you find it an interesting read. The farther in you go, the more gripping the story becomes, as it was for us when we were researching it. The beginning is very much about the contrasts between BDSM as we know it here and as it exists closer to its historical roots. But the more we read and heard and the more time we spent with the key personalities in the narrative, the more we realized that this story was about more than just differing kink styles. Without giving up too many spoilers, there turned out to be a reason why the Austrian group disbanded and the harrowing circumstances under which they did so. I’ve made reference before to a kind of sexual feudalism over there that has very ancient roots. Those who accept obedience to their masters do so more absolutely than the majority of their counterparts here. However, it goes both ways. In exchange for their submission, the women in the O societies expect to be cared for and protected. The Masters are also held to strict standards. When they wonderful fantasy world this group had constructed over a period of years came into conflict with the worst dangers of the real world, the ensuing struggle exacted a huge price in physical suffering, personal risk and ultimately tremendous sacrifice. That the outcome wasn’t worse is little short of miraculous but the daring, adventurous and fascinating erotic paradise in which the members of The League had always felt safe was unable to recover. “The Truth About O” is revelatory exploration of an alternative approach to the BDSM lifestyle but also a cautionary tale about the possible costs of following our deepest desires into dangerous, uncharted territory. Finally, it’s also a tribute to the endurance, courage and heroism of a most unlikely group of people, who had originally gotten together in pursuit of their pleasures but ultimately discovered that their commitments to each other as human beings were more binding than the strongest rope ever woven.

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