Navigating Negotiations With Chronic Pain or Illness

I write from my own experiences and from the submissive perspective.  I realize there are many s-type identifiers (slave/sub/bottom/brat, etc.) and many D-Type identifiers (Master/Dom/Top/etc.). However, for the sake of simplicity for this article, I will use sub and Dom going forward. The same is true of gender identifiers that correspond with s-types and D-Types. However, … [Read more...]

Good Pain vs Bad Pain

Disclaimer (from blushangel): “I write about my personal experiences. I am not a medical professional. One should consult with their doctor before pursuing any kind of alternative or traditional treatment for chronic pain.” The first time I was flogged was only about a month after I entered the public community.  I loved it instantly!! It was a sensation unlike any I … [Read more...]