Subculture Allure: Chapter 6 The Hunt, part 1

We pulled up to a cabin, a nice size, that I will come to find out had five bedrooms. Master parked the car, walked over to the passenger side of the car and open the doors for cupcake and I. She sat up front, which I didn’t mind, as the large backset allowed me to rest on our two hour drive up. Master kissed each one of us on the forehead. The cabin was set back from the … [Read more...]

Subculture Allure: Chapter 5; Baseball for Rookies

Sherry, Master’s head slave, had her own room in the house. Cupcake and I shared a room, however, this weekend I had the room all to myself as Cupcake was out of town on business. I was nude, cozy in my bed and sleeping sweetly when I awoke to being jumped on top off with a blind and a gag shoved in my mouth. I tried to move, I couldn’t. I tried to scream, but it was muffled … [Read more...]

Subculture Allure: Chapter 4: Silence is Golden

“Where do you think you’re going little girl?” A man said while I walked past. I ignored him. I looked straight ahead walking past him in the dimly lit hallway. He began to follow. I hurried my steps. I was wearing a thong, purple pasties, and purple patent leather heels to match. My hair was loosely curled. I wore Master’s favorite lipstick shade; red. “I haven’t seen … [Read more...]

Subculture Allure: Chapter 3: Cupcake’s Pleasure

“Master, your bow, leathers, and equipment are ready, all that is left to procure are the ‘arrows’ you would like to use.” Cupcake said while entering Master’s room completely naked aside from collar and a small string bells on her left ankle.  She kneeled at the foot of his bed and put her head down.  Master looked up from his book. “Come to me my love.” Master said while … [Read more...]

Subculture Allure: A Guest Arrives

He walked into the room. Master greeted him while Cupcake took his coat and Sherry offered him a Bourbon on a silver tray. We were made to kneel in nadu, the common slave position. We were naked with the exception of Master’s collar, bells on our left ankle and slender leather cuffs we are always made to wear. Kneeling with our head down, palms face up on our thighs, our brands … [Read more...]