Chastity Belts

Rather than just title this article “Chastity,” I thought a title with a little more grabbing power would be “Chastity Belts.” Additionally, little is written about chastity belts, as opposed to cock cages. I am here to correct this! What is Chastity? First, let’s examine the appeal of all forms of chastity. Usually it is about control.  Speaking as a Dom, the hottest thing … [Read more...]

Chastity for Everyone! Part Two

Read part one here. Let’s start with a BDSM riddle: “A Master asks his slave to spank him. Does this change the D/s dynamic?” The answer, at least to this observer, is that it likely won’t. Although the slave might not have signed on to be a pain-giver, he/she will probably grin and “just do it.” In this brave new world of gender – and even play – fluidity, it is … [Read more...]

Chastity for Everyone! Part One

In this brave new Internet world of changing orientations, our old pre-conceptions of what is Dom/me and sub must be re-examined. Lately, with the popular “dominance” of Pro Dommes in our social media, we must take a look at the reasons for their ascendance. And, as with so many social trends, it is fueled in large measure by sex. Yes, we know that sex per-se is often not … [Read more...]